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Jace Everett talks new album, 'True Blood'

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While you may think that’s Chris Isaak’s unmistakable voice crooning the rockabilly-tinged theme song for HBO’s hit vampire drama True Blood, it’s not. That would be Jace Everett, the bluesy singer-songwriter behind Bad Things. The song’s been such a hit since True Blood debuted last year that Everett, 37, has become the No. 1 indie Americana artist on MySpace, with more than 4 million total streams of his songs. Between True Blood’s second season starting earlier this month and Everett releasing his third album, Red Revelations, on Tuesday, it’s been a busy time for a man who counts Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Tom Waits, U2 and Roger Miller on his short list of heroes. Our Stephanie Ostroff interviewed Everett yesterday so click read more to find out about the up-and-coming singer, and check out this video of him performing Bad Things on The Tonight Show.

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9th Annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress

9th Annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress
June 26 - 28, 2009
Skalitude Retreat Center ~ Twisp ~ Methow Valley ~ North Cascades ~ WA

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is an event that attracts about 250 people held in the north central Cascades in Washington State. Our mission is to increase communication and co-creation between humans and nature.

"The Fairy Congress is not a New Age forum event. It’s about Doing, Joining, Sharing, looking to the future. In a collapsing world economy, Fairy Congress gives us an idea of another way of living, another way of thinking. Some of it comes from ancestral wisdom, some from new human visions of departing from the greed of commercial modernism. Fairy Congress is an Idealist event, a Visionary event, and an event buoyant with hope and friendship."
- RJ Stewart, author of 41 books on Celtic, Magical, and Faery traditions

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True Blood behind the scenes: Marcia de Rousse as Dr Ludwig in Episode 3

We meet Dr Ludwig in Living Dead in Dallas,,,

Pam came in then, with the doctor. If I had hoped Eric meant a regular doctor, like a stethoscope and tongue depressor kind of person, I was once again doomed to disappointment. This doctor was a dwarf, who hardly had to bend over to look me in the eyes.Bill hovered, vibrating with tension, while the small woman examined my wounds. She was wearing a pair of white pants and a tunic, just like doctors at the hospital; well, just like doctors used to, before they started wearing that green color, or blue, or whatever crazy print came their way. Her face was full of her nose, and her skin was olive. Her hair was golden brown and coarse, incredibly thick and wavy. She wore it clipped fairly short. She put me in mind of a
hobbit. Maybe shewas a hobbit. My understanding of reality had taken several raps to the head in the past few months.
"What kind of doctor are you?" I asked, though it took some time for me to collect myself enough."The healing kind," she said in a surprisingly deep voice. "You have been poisoned."...
Again, a sense of movement in the room. Dr. Ludwig bent forward and began licking my back. I
"She's the doctor, Sookie," Bill said. "She will heal you this way."

IMDb for Marcia de Rousse
Gender: Female
Height: 4 feet 4 in
Weight: 80
Age Range: 40 - 90
Physique: Slim
Hair Color: Blond(e)
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Voice Type: Alto
Unique Traits: Little Person

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Marcia at 8:20

Buffy / True Blood role Playing Games

A Buffy the Vampire Season 8, True Blood, & Angel Season 5 Role Playing Game

Hundreds, maybe thousands of girls made the choice. Through the power of the scythe, they were instilled with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. Only one problem: vampires have "come out of the coffin" and made their presence known to the world. Killing them is now punishable by law, whether you're human or vampire. So, what do these thousands of girls with vampire slaying skills do now?

Many of them, especially the charismatic, powerful leader, Buffy Summers, is seen as a terrorist to the government. Vampires have made their presence known, but who or what are slayers? VTV, a popular TV network, featuring Harmony's popular reality show "Harmony Bites" makes slayers out to be the bad guys (more accurately, girls). So, not only is the government after the Slayers, but vampires are, too, only in a more private capacity. But, there are some vampires, especially vampire sheriffs, like Eric Northman, who want to use people with certain slayer "skills" to take care of vampire-related problems. Therefore, slayers can still use their skills in a bounty hunting capacity, once again ingraining their terrorist label.

On the other side of the country, an evil law firm in Los Angeles, of which clueless Angel and his friends are working for and think they're in charge of, helped orchestrate the new vampire laws in order to keep half of its clientele safe. Angel, being a vampire himself, signed the forms to help pass it along, not understanding the repercussions for Slayers, thus building an even bigger gap between Angel, his friends, and the Scoobies.

Meanwhile, in Bon Temps, Louisiana, a young telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse meets her first vampire, Bill, after saving him from Drainers (people who sell the highly addictive vampire blood on the black market). Both Bill and Sookie are intrigued by one another, but must deal with the small town persecution, especially from Sookie's coworkers, her boss, Sam, her brother, Jason, and her best friend, Tara.

However, a dark power is rising in the south. A new Hellmouth is born in the heart of Louisiana; New Orleans. Hearing this news, Buffy and her friends head there to keep an eye on things, and mostly, to stay out of the public eye. What better way to hide than in, what they think, is the middle of nowhere? Little do they know, Louisiana has become a hub for vampire activity. The scars still visible on her neck, Buffy is immediately labeled a "fangbanger," but at least no one knows that she's the Slayer. Or so she thinks.

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True Blood Epsiode 3 "Scratches " sneak video

This is what we've been waiting for since we saw it at the Paley in April...

True Blood - Latest from Kristin

Lily in Santa Monica, Calif.: When does Evan Rachel Wood show up as the queen on True Blood?
We have to wait a bit to see Evan Rachel Wood as True Blood's 400-year-old lesbian vampire queen Sophie-Anne. She's slated to appear in episodes 11 and 12 on Aug. 30 and Sept. 6, respectively, and sources tell us, "She may appear in future episodes next season."

Stacy in Cheshire, Conn.: What happens with Lafayette on True Blood?
This Sunday, Sookie (Anna Paquin) discovers that Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) has been keeping Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in his basement and freaks out on him. Naturally. In exchange for Lafayette's release, Sookie agrees to head to Dallas to find some missing vampires. She doesn't end up going alone: Bill and Jessica accompany her.

Brad in Memphis, Tenn.: What else can you tell us about the new supernatural creature that appears on True Blood this season?
We can tell you that the creature appears in the June 28 episode and brutally attacks Sookie (Anna Paquin). It's got a bull head, a half animal, half human body, gnarly claws and is poisonous like a Komodo dragon. And it almost kills Sookie. But Eric and Bill (Stephen Moyer) team to help make her as good as new. Oh, and we soon find out the murdered voodoo lady from the first episode of the season was a victim of this same creature.

Source: E!Online

True Blood Episode 3 "Scratches" photos *spoilers*

"True Blood: The Complete First Season" DVD has sold an astonishing 1 million copies

By Maxine Shen

THE "True Blood: The Complete First Season" DVD has sold an astonishing 1 million copies, proving that HBO really does have a hit show on its hands.

In the four weeks since its release, the five-disc box set has netted $35 million in total sales according to

This puts it in the No. 1 spot for TV DVD sales for the week of June 14. Coming in at a distant second is the fourth season DVD of "Weeds," with 334,000 copies moved after two weeks of sales. Interest in "True Blood," which stars Anna Paquin as a mind-reading waitress in love with a vampire (played by real-life love Stephen Moyer), is at an all-time high now.

Even with the last game of the NBA Finals as timeslot competition, last Sunday's episode of the sex- and blood-filled series reached 3.4 million viewers, representing a drop of only 300,000 from its second season premiere airing on June 14.

The average 3.7 million people who tuned in to the "True Blood" season premiere at 9 p.m. - coupled with an additional 1.4 million viewers for the 11 p.m. encore - made it the most-watched original airing of an HBO show since the 2007 series finale of "The Sopranos."

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True Blood BloodCopy: Fellowship of the Sun

Eric Northman some of our favorite book outfits ...

Just thought you needed some fun ;-)

Navy Blue Silk Boxers

Bk3 Club Dead

The next thing I knew, I was awake. I was tucked in the bed, lying on my back, my formerly beautiful dress removed. I was still wearing my beige lace underwear, which was good.
Eric was in the bed with
me, which was not. He was really making a habit of this. He was lying on his side, his arm draped over me, one leg thrown over mine. His hair was tangled with my hair, and the strands were almost indistinguishable, the color was so similar. I contemplated that for a while, in a sort of misty, drifting state.
Eric was having downtime. He was in that absolutely immobile state into which vampires retreat when they have nothing else to do. It refreshes them, I think, reduces the wear and tear of the world that ceaselessly passes them by, year after year, full of war and famine and inventions that they must learn how to master, changing mores and conventions and styles that they must adopt in order to fit in. I pulled down the covers to check out my side. I was still in pain, but it was greatly reduced. There was a large circle of scar tissue on the site of the wound. It was hot and shiny and red and somehow glossy.
"It's much better," Eric said, and I gasped. I hadn't felt him rouse from his suspended animation.
Eric was wearing silk boxers. I would have figured him for a Jockey man.
"Thank you, Eric." I didn't care for how shaky I sounded, but an obligation is an obligation.
"For what?" His hand gently stroked my stomach.
"For standing by me in the club. For coming here with me. For not leaving me alone with all these people."
"How grateful are you?" he whispered, his mouth hovering over mine. His eyes were very alert now, and his gaze was boring into mine.
"That kind of ruins it, when you say something like that," I said, trying to keep my voice gentle. "You shouldn't want me to have sex with you just because I owe you."
"I don't really care why you have sex with me, as long as you do it," he said, equally gently. His mouth was on mine then.

Red bikini underwear
Bk 4 dead to the World

With not a hint of a leer or any other indication that he was enjoying this development, Eric shimmied out of the jeans. I tossed them onto the back porch to wash in the morning, trying not to gape at my guest, who was now clad in underwear that was definitely over-the-top, a bright red bikini style whose stretchy quality was definitely being tested. Okay, another big surprise. I'd seen Eric's underwear only once before-which was once more than I ought to have-and he'd been a silk boxers guy. Did men change styles like that?
Without preening, and without comment, the vampire rewrapped his white body in the afghan. Hmmm. I was now convinced he wasn't himself, as no other evidence could have convinced me. Eric was way over six feet of pure magnificence (if a marble white magnificence), and he well knew it.

Black Silk Pajama bottoms
Bk 7 All Together Dead
I slapped him harder than I've ever hit anyone in my life. I screamed, "Get up!" until my voice would hardly work. Finally Eric stirred and managed to sit up. He was wearing black silk pajama bottoms, thank God, and I spied the ceremonial black cloak tossed over his coffin. He hadn't returned it to Quinn, which was huge luck. I arranged it over him and fastened it at the neck. I pulled the hood over his face. "Cover your head!" I yelled, and I
heard a burst of noise above my head: shattering glass, followed by shrieks.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Kiss the Girl from Little Mermaid

Kiss the Girl from Little Mermaid ( not kidding )