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True Blood Epsidoe 9 I Will Rise Up' Playlist

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"I Will Rise Up"
Episode # 9, original air date: Sunday, 08/16/2009
101. "Bill & Sookie's Love Theme" by Nathan Barr (Scene: Bill & Sookie talk about Eric.)
102. "Take Me Home" (instrumental version) by Nathan Barr & Lisbeth Scott (Scene: Jason & Sookie talk about Gran.)
103. "Whiskey's Gone" by Zac Brown Band (Scene: Arlene is flipping out at Merlotte's, Lafayette sees Tara bruised up.)
104. "Lucky Few" by Los Infernos (Scene: Things are getting crazy at Merlotte's, Lafayette questions Tara and Eggs about her bruises.
105. "Devil Woman" by Marty Robbins (Scene: Maryann visits the Bon Temps local jail.)
106. "Right Or Wrong" by Wanda Jackson (Scene: Jessica meets Hoyt's mothers.)
107. "You're Gonna Miss Me" by 13th Floor Elevators (Scene: Lafayette and Lettie Mae come for Tara.)
108. "Deadcat Rumble" by Zombie Ghost Train (Scene: Things are getting really kooky at Merlotte's.)
109. "I Will Rise Up" by Lyle Lovett (Scene: End Credits)

True Blood Blood Copy: The Newlin's Paradise lost and found (and good riddance)


Please please please tell me you saw the recent segment on TBBN where the AVL’s Nan Flanagan effectively skewered the wonder twins, Steve and Sarah Newlin. While the act of blatant terrorism they committed (reported on in find detail on the American Vampire League’s website) is far from a laughing matter and frankly, should result in no less than full criminal charges, the not so subtle hints of acrimony between the Newlins provided great theater to all who eagerly await their house of hateful cards to come crashing down.

‘You need to read you some St. Paul, missy?’ ‘I hate your hair?’ This wasn’t an interview room. It was a playground.

I have no idea what may have caused the lovebirds’ rift. The Newlins are such spiritually enlightened and cheerful people, bound by love (and a mutual hatred of the undead)- what could possibly tear them apart? I tried to get answers from the source. Unfortunately, both Mr. and Mrs. Newlin were unavailable to speak with a vampire reporter, but the person who answered the phone was kind enough to remind me I’d burn in Hell as a creature of Satan.

Fortunately, any threats of eternal damnation seem slight compared to the hell on earth these two are about to face. And while it’s not polite to glow in the misfortune of others, in this case I’m all too happy to make an exception.

Pre -Order Nathan Barr's brilliant True Blood SoundTrack

Finally ! God, Nathan Barr's new web page is great- great new videos, soundtracks etc !

Did you know that was Nathan playing the piano in Episode 6 ! His True Blood soundtrack CD goes on sale September 8th- you can pre-order ( link below)

Track list:
1. Take Me Home Vocal by Lisbeth Scott (2:33)
2. Hairclip (1:45)
3. Bill’s Lament (1:07)
4. Gran’s Story (1:51)
5. Bill’s Entrance (1:28)
6. First Taste (1:22)
7. Tara In The Pool (1:23)
8. Tripping (1:42)
9. Tara And Mother (1:06)
10. Grieve to Grave to Groove (3:15)
11. The Tribunal (2:32)
12. Amy’s Goodbye (2:12)
13. Bill And Sookie Together (2:24)
14. Priapism (2:15)
15. More Than You Can Imagine (1:43)
16. The Cabin (5:22)
17. The Funeral (2:36)
18. Sancto Erico Vocals by Lisbeth Scott & Nathan Barr (1:39)
19. Bill And Sookie’s Reunion (1:23)
20. Jason And Amy (2:17)
21. Love Theme Piano by Lisbeth Scott (2:57)

An exclusive music video for “Take Me Home” filmed August 17th and will be debuted the 1st of September on both Nathan’s website

watch video on the site

But this now !

thats Nathan Barr the first 6 seconds

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True Blood Goes to the movie: 'The Express' starring Nelsan Ellis

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This biopic focuses on the relationship of Ernie Davis (1939-1963), a gifted African-American athlete, and his coach from 1958 to 1962 at Syracuse University, Ben Schwartzwalder (1909-1993). Schwartzwalder recruits Davis with the help of All-American running back, Jim Brown. The civil rights movement is gaining steam; Davis experiences prejudice on campus, in town, and on the field, sometimes from teammates. How he handles it and how he challenges Schwartzwalder to stand up for his players provide a counterpoint to several great seasons that lead first to a national championship and then to the Heismann Trophy. Written by {}


Rob Brown ... Ernie Davis

Dennis Quaid ... Ben Schwartzwalder

Darrin Dewitt Henson ... Jim Brown

Omar Benson Miller ... Jack Buckley Nelsan Ellis ... Will Davis, Jr.

Charles S. Dutton ... Willie 'Pops' Davis

Justin Martin ... Young Ernie Davis

Justin Jones ... Young Will


From IF magazine ..

RUE BLOOD has lots of sex, lots of blood and lots of characters, but Rutina Wesley’s Tara Thornton is in no danger of getting lost in the crowd. One of the few Bon Temps residents with no supernatural aspects, Tara (best friend of telepathic heroine Sookie Stackhouse, portrayed by Anna Paquin) is nevertheless one of the most complex characters on the show, desperate for affection yet quick to push people away, open to new experiences yet wisely wary, she’s a captivating conundrum, and Wesley plays the hell out of her.

The actress makes time to talk to us during an after-party for the Television Critics Association Awards, where TRUE BLOOD has just won for Outstanding New Program.

iF MAGAZINE: Has Tara changed from what you expected her to be when you got the part?

RUTINA WESLEY: Just for the better. I always thought she was a hard flower, this hard case on the outside with this delicate inside, but they’ve just made her so much more complex, they’ve given her so many layers, I’ve gotten to play so many different emotions. I mean, that’s an actor’s dream. This role is like a Hamlet for me. I think it’s been some of my best work that I’ve done so far, and it’s really nice that I’ve been able to be part of this ensemble, this family. Adina Porter [who plays Tara’s mother] – amazing. Her and Michelle Forbes are two of the most grounded actresses that I’ve ever worked with. They always have my back. Adina – I can’t say anything more to you than ‘phenomenal.’ I love her, I love working with her – she brings out the best in me, I always have to be on top of my game with the both of them. So she’s amazing.

iF: Is it hard to modulate just how open or shut down Tara is at any given moment?

WESLEY: Yeah, it’s a very delicate balance, because I don’t want her to ever be too angry. I want to make sure that she stays soft and real and honest in every situation, so I always play with varying emotions. I just try to keep her real, and the writers give me dialogue that helps me do that.

True Blood Tastings & VIP Party with Nelsan Ellis

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True Blood the vamp look with Beautybyte

How could you not like this ? False eye lashes, lip gloss and a Anne Rice book review

True Blood Video Music of the Day : Dice by Finley Quaye

Dice by Finley Quaye LYRICS

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