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Dancers in the Dark : Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind.

What'll you do when you get lonely
And nobody's waiting by your side?
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind.

Layla LaRue LeMay talks about her unusual name to Sean in Dancers in the Dark (Charlaine Harris Sookieverse novella from 2004)

" My parents liked the song ? You know it ?"
Sean says " Which version ? The original one by Cream or the slower version by Eric Clapton?

She says " the their wilder years, they thought it was cool to name their daughter after a song "

I was mystified by this exchange as the original version of Layla was NOT BY CREAM. It was written by Eric Clapton and first released in 1970 by his band, Derek and the Dominos from the album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. It was re-released as a single (shorter version) in 1971 and 1972.

Eric Clapton was in Cream but that band dissolved two years before the song was released. This is kind of like asking "was it the song by Eric Clapton or the one by Eric Clapton?"

There is truly a fascinating story behind the song and the love affair between Eric and Pattie Boyd who was married to Beatle, George Harrison , but there is only one song called Layla by Eric Clapton ( recorded multiple times ) and no song called Layla by Cream.

In 1966, George Harrison married Pattie Boyd, a model he met during the filming of A Hard Day's Night. During the late 1960s, Clapton and Harrison became firm friends. However, trouble was brewing for Clapton. Between his tenures in Cream and Blind Faith, in his words, "something else quite unexpected was happening: I was falling in love with Pattie."

The title, "Layla", was inspired by the The Story of Layla by the Persian classical poet Nezami. It is based on the real story of a young man called Qays ibn al-Mulawwah from the northern Arabian Peninsula,in the Umayyad era during the 7th century. When he wrote "Layla", Clapton had been told the story by his friend Ian Dallas who was in the process of converting to Islam. Nezami's tale, about a moon-princess who was married off by her father to someone other than the one who was desperately in love with her, resulting in his madness (Majnun, meaning "madman" in Persian and Arabic), struck a deep chord with Clapton.

Boyd divorced Harrison in 1977 and married Clapton in 1979. Harrison was not bitter about the divorce and attended Clapton's wedding party with Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.

Patti just wrote a best selling book about this time in her life

Boyd, Pattie and Junor, Penny (2007). Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me.. Crown Publishing Group. ISBN-13: 9780739358191.

Her web page is here : (the photos and the scrap book are amazing!)

Here is the 1970 version from Derrick and the Dominoes ( Eric Clapton you will also hear Duane Allman )

This is how it sounded in 1986 by Eric Clapton ( you will hear Phil Collins on drums)

True Blood Behind the scenes : Lisa Fowler (Arlene's daughter ) played by Laura Weber

"You do that, then we'll talk "

Lisa is played by Laura Weber. Here is Laura's Info page

She appears in these three episodes of True Blood Season one. Did I also just see her in a Stouffer's commercial ?

- I Don't Wanna Know (2008) TV episode ..

- The Fourth Man in the Fire (2008) TV episode .

- Sparks Fly Out (2008) TV episode ..

Film :Seq/Kings Cyn National Park

Television :True Blood Recurring HBO

Commercials :AARP ,Ross Department Stores,Marshall Fields Department Stores -

True Blood Season 1 Episode list from IMDb

Nice episode list from IMDb

Season 1, Episode 1: Strange Love

Original Air Date—7 September 2008
In a society where humans and vampires co-exist, Sookie Stackhouse may have found a perfect boyfriend. Sookie is clairvoyant and constantly hears people's thoughts so it makes dating a bit difficult. When vampire Bill Compton walks into the bar where she works as a waitress, she realizes that she can't "hear" what he's thinking. Vampires came out of the coffin two years before when the Japanese invented Tru Blood, a synthetic blood substitute. She rescues Bill when a couple of lowlifes try to steal his blood but she may have a price to pay for interfering. Meanwhile, Sookie's brother s arrested after a local woman is found strangled.

Season 1, Episode 2: The First Taste

Original Air Date—14 September 2008
Mack and Denise Rattray get their revenge on Sookie but Bill steps in to save her. Subsequently, Sookie's senses begin to undergo a transformation. She later learns that the Rattrays are dead and the police immediately suspect Bill. She also begins to wonder just how far vampires will go when a leading opponent of the Vampire Rights Act is killed in an accident. Bill agrees to visit Sookie and her grandmother and Tara and Jason invite themselves for the evening. Jason Stackhouse gets to see the video of his evening with Maudette Pickens. The police release him but his experience doesn't dissuade him from sleeping with every woman who will have him.

Season 1, Episode 3: Mine

Original Air Date—21 September 2008
Bill Compton's allure is diminished somewhat when Sookie visits him in his home and finds that several other rather nasty vampires has also dropped in for a visit. Bill protects her from his one-time friends but she sees a nasty side of vampire life. Dawn Green spends the night with Sookie's brother Jason but she kicks him out after an argument. She is found strangled later that day. Tara walks out on her alcoholic mother and spends the night with her employer, bar owner Sam Merlotte.

Season 1, Episode 4: Escape from Dragon House

Original Air Date—28 September 2008
With the town's second murder in a week, Jason is again the number one suspect, but Tara provides him with an alibi. Knowing that both Maudette and Dawn had frequented the Fangtasia vampire club, Sookie asks Bill to take her there as she tries to find evidence that will clear her brother. Both of the dead girls were well known at the club and Sookie meets Eric, the vampire elder. Sam Merlotte seems to have a few eccentricities of his own. Jason buys vampire blood - an aphrodisiac - from Tara's cousin Lafayette and despite clear instructions to never take more than one or two drop at any one time, downs the entire vial with somewhat painful results.

Season 1, Episode 5: Sparks Fly Out

Original Air Date—5 October 2008
After their encounter with the policeman, Sookie tells Bill that she won't be seeing him anymore. Bill keeps his promise to Sookie's Gran to speak at the monthly meeting of the Descendents of the Glorious Dead. He reminiscences about the Civil War and the Mayor gives him an old photo he found in the archives. He recalls the circumstances of how he became a vampire. Sookie's boss Sam Merlotte asks her out on a date but things don't go as he planned. Sookie is shocked by what she finds when she gets home. Jason gets more vampire blood from Lafayette and takes an interest in Tara after he hears she has a thing for him.

Season 1, Episode 6: Cold Ground

Original Air Date—12 October 2008
With her Gran there latest victim of the serial killer, Sookie has to deal with her emotions. She can't block out the thoughts of others and she knows many of the townspeople blame her association with vampires as the main reason her grandmother is now dead. She has a very clear message for them at the woman's funeral. Despite Sam Merlotte's and Bill's pleading, Sookie insists on staying in the house. She does however decide to spend the night with Bill.

Season 1, Episode 7: Burning House of Love

Original Air Date—19 October 2008
After spending the night with Bill, Sookie is convinced that she has found the man of her dreams. Her fellow workers and the customers at the bar don't quite agree as rumors spread of their relationship. Tara's alcoholic mother is convinced that she needs an exorcism and when Tara refuses to pay, tries to get a loan from the bank. Jason is desperate to get more vampire blood and visits Fangtasia where he meets someone who introduces himself to something altogether different. Sam Merlotte is seen running across the bayou - naked. The patrons at the bar are not too pleased when a group of Bill's one-time vampire friends show up. When they mention that they've bought a house locally, some of the good old boys decide to do something about it.

Season 1, Episode 8: The Fourth Man in the Fire

Original Air Date—26 October 2008
Sookie is thrilled to learn that Bill wasn't in the fire that killed four people. Her enthusiasm doesn't sit well with either the customers or her co-workers at Sam Merlotte's bar. Jason and his new friend Amy Burley are desperate to get more vampire blood. They decide to follow Lafayette to his source, but Amy's actions reveal that she has clearly done this before. Following her exorcism, Tara's mother is a new person - sober and hard working, she has also become an active member of her church. Tara is pleased with the transformation, but is not happy with her own lot in life. Arlene Fowler gets Sookie to baby sit for her but is taken aback when she realizes that Bill will also be spending the evening. Sookie is not pleased when Bill agrees to let the head of the vampire clan borrow her for an evening.

Season 1, Episode 9: Plaisir d'amour

Original Air Date—2 November 2008
After Sookie identifies the man responsible for stealing from Fangtasia, Bill steps in to protect her. In doing so however, he breaks a vampire taboo and must now face the consequences. Knowing he will be away, he asks Sam Merlotte to keep an eye on Sookie. Jason and Amy take their kidnapped vampire, Eddie, to Jason's house and confine him to the basement. They draw his blood and Jason undergoes an odd transformation. With Amy now working at Merlotte's, Jason spends some time just talking to Eddie and they develop a rapport. Tara visits her mother's exorcist but decides she can't afford the $800 cost. With Bill away, Sookie chooses to spend the night at Bill's house but wakes up the next morning with a naked man in her bed.

Season 1, Episode 10: I Don't Wanna Know

Original Air Date—9 November 2008
With Bill away, Sookie sleeps at his house only to wake up with a naked Sam Merlotte sleeping at the foot of the bed. She believes he is the serial killer but he assures her that he isn't and shares his secret with her. He also recalls important events in his life. Arlene and Rene have their engagement party at Sam's bar and Sookie - already freaked out by Sam's revelation - is stalked in the darkened kitchen. Tara decides to undergo the exorcism but later discovers something about the exorcist, Miss Jeanette. Jason decides it's time to do something about Eddie. Bill has to face the music and appears before a court presided over by Magister to learn what will happen to him for killing a fellow vampire. The normal sentence would to spend 5 years is a silver-wrapped coffin but Magister has a better idea.

Season 1, Episode 11: To Love Is to Bury

Original Air Date—16 November 2008
Jason and Amy have to clean up after Eddie's demise but it pushes Jason to the edge and he isn't sure if he wants to continue his relationship with her. Sookie caught a glimpse of something during her encounter with the serial killer and she and Sam travel to a diner in an adjoining county to see if they can get more information. What they learn is that the killer may once have struck there as well. Bill completes Jessica's transformation into a vampire but when he tells her what has happened, he doesn't quite get the reaction he was expecting. Tara is arrested for drunk driving and her mother refuses to bail her out. A stranger, Mary Ann, comes to her rescue. The serial killer strikes again leading the police to arrest Jason.

Season 1, Episode 12: You'll Be the Death of Me

Original Air Date—23 November 2008
The identity of the serial killer is revealed and he sets his sights on Sookie. He chases her to the graveyard near Bill's house and hearing her screams, Bill goes out into the sunlight to rescue her. While in jail, Jason is approached by the Fellowship of the Sun, the anti-vampire church, and he gets religion. Tara still isn't sure she can trust Maryann but she does enjoy living in her luxurious home. She's likes it even more when she meets another temporary resident, nicknamed Eggs. Maryann and Sam Merlotte have a connection.

True Blood Fan Art : Sookie, Waitress And Telepath by lovejam

Sookie, Waitress And Telepath

Thanks to the really talented lovejam

The women in Eric Northman's life

So what do we know about the women in Eric's life?

Pam Ravenscroft

All Together Dead Book 7

After I'd awakened, I discovered being a vampire freed some wild thing in me." "After what he did, you didn't want to kill him?" "No," she said instantly. "I wanted to have sex with him, and I did. We had sex many, many times." She grinned. "The tie between maker and child doesn't have to be sexual, but with us it was. That changed quite soon, actually, as my tastes broadened. I wanted to try everything I'd been denied in my human life." "So you actually liked it, being a vampire? You were glad?" Pam shrugged. "Yes, I've always loved being what I am."

More on how Pam was turned

Dawn Green

Dead Until Dark
Bk1 and True Blood
Eric says in the TV series that "he's tasted her" in Book 1 Eric said . "I have been with this one," coolly, tapping Dawn's picture. "She liked pain."


Dead until Dark Book 1
"Pam, get out of the way," I said, quietly but sharply. Once Pam was distracted from her own blood lust, she evaluated the situation in one glance. She swung open the office door and propelled Belinda through it, stood beside it to usher us out. "Call Ginger," I suggested, and the sense of what I was saying penetrated Pam's fog of desire. "Ginger," she called hoarsely, and the blond girl stumbled from a door down the hall. "Eric wants you," Pam told her. Ginger's face lit up like she had a date with David Duchovny, and she was in the room and rubbing against Eric almost as fast as a vampire could have. As if he'd woken from a spell,Eric looked down at Ginger when she ran her hands up his chest. As he bent to kiss her, Eric looked at me over her head. "I'll see you again," he said, and I pulled Bill out the door as quick as a wink. Bill didn't want to go. It was like trying to tow a log. But once we were out in the hall he seemed to be a little more aware of the need to get out of there, and we hurried from Fangtasia and got into Bill's car.

Sookie Stackhouse

Dead to the World Book 4
The Eric/ Sookie relationship happens during his witch induced amnesia in Book 4. In that book, Eric briefly lives with Sookie and this book includes the absolute favorite Eric/Sookie shower scene.

Here is a description about how Sookie later thinks about her relationship with Eric:
Call me stereotypical. I'd spent the night with a man who'd told me I was beautiful, a man who'd enjoyed me and who'd given me intense pleasure. He had touched me and held me and laughed with me. We weren't in danger of making a baby with our pleasures, because vampires just can't do that. I wasn't being disloyal to anyone (though I'll admit I'd had a few pangs when I thought of Bill), and neither was Eric. I couldn't see the harm.

Are there others?

We assume so, Yes- but we also know he does not demand sexual favors from the Fangtasia staff?

In from Dead to Worse , Book 8 Felicia, the Fangtasia bartender says that Eric does demand not favors from his staff.

"Oh, my friend Indira asked me to come. She said servitude with Eric is not so bad." Felicia shrugged, to show how "not so bad" it was. "He doesn't demand sexual services if the woman is not so inclined, and he asks in return only a few hours in the bar and special chores from time to time." "So he has a reputation as a good boss?" "Oh, yes." Felicia looked almost surprised. "He's no softie, of course." Softie was not a word you could use in the same sentence as Eric .

Comment ? Have I missed anyone ?

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A Bloody Year from HBO ; The Buzz News

From the HBO news blog

Alexander Skarsgard blew audiences away as Sgt. Brad Colbert in 'Generation Kill,' but the role wasn't exactly a 9-to-5 gig. "It was basically like, 'Well, boot camp starts tomorrow so you have to fly to Namibia now,'" he says. "So I didn't even have time to go back home to say goodbye to my mom and my dad and my siblings so it was tough to be away for that long. But it was also good in a way because it's about this platoon and in a way they're very isolated. So I think it helped that us, as actors, lived together and spent 24/7 together for seven months." The actor's part on 'True Blood,' however, isn't nearly as regimented. "It gives me a lot of freedom," he says. "I can do whatever I want because who's going to tell me what a 1,000 year old vampire Viking is like?" (photo: George Pimentel/


True Blood Music Video of the Day: All Night Diner, Modest Mouse

All Night Diner by Modest Mouse LYRICS

Thanks losteyesight