Friday, March 11, 2011

Nelsan Ellis on Season 4

Nelsan Ellis, who plays Bon Temps' sauciest short-order cook, tells us that fans aren't shy about asking him personal questions, "How are you like Lafayette? Are you gay? Do you wear makeup? Are you that sassy? Are you that tough?" He also tells us that the truth is, "I'm just a country boy, and to be a part of something so magnificent and big [as True Blood] is weird for me."

Paquin wants normal boy for Sookie

Anna Paquin has joked she hopes her character Sookie Stackhouse won't end up with a vampire or a werewolf like Bill, Eric or Alcide on True Blood.
"None of them," she laughed, speaking before attending a special Q&A with fans in LA.
Standing next to husband Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton on the show, she teased she wants Sookie to find "a nice normal boy, who's not a superhero!"
Fans queued for hours to hear the cast of the hit fantasy show talk at this year's PaleyFest in Beverly Hills.
"I still constantly feel lucky to be a full-time employed actor," Anna admitted.
"I think that in itself is kind of an amazing achievement to be able to say that your full-time career is in any creative arts, let alone a show that has kept people interested for coming on four seasons and hopefully more."
Filming for Season 4 is currently under way. Anna revealed she's loved watching Sookie grow and change as a character.
"I think that's what is really exciting about doing a series," she explained. "You do get more than two and half hours in the life of that character to evolve with them.
"From Season 1, if you just think about where everyone was when we first encountered them until now, everyone has had pretty major life events and changes and it's all very exciting as an actor." 

'True Blood' exec teases 'dark' characters

The executive producer of True Blood has promised that the witches in the fourth season will be "dark".

Speaking to E! Online, Alan Ball explained that the new characters may clash with the vampires.

"I don't think it's a rule that vampires and witches don't get along," he said.

"But there are certain witches who are really dabbling in dark, dark magic, necromancy - powers over the dead. So vampires aren't going to like that."

The fourth season of True Blood will begin on June 12 at 9pm on HBO.