Thursday, August 5, 2010

Charlaine Harris on Skye TV

Episode 3.08 Night on the Sun (32 ) clip : Tommy and Hoyt

**Breaking Spoiler ** True Blood finale episode 12 description "Evil Is Going On”

Episode #36:  “Evil Is Going On” (season finale)
Debut:  SUNDAY, SEPT. 12 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) grapples with his conscience while plotting his perfect revenge against Russell (Denis O’Hare).  Fed up with being “vampire crack,” Sookie (Anna Paquin) considers a new life without Bill (Stephen Moyer) – or any other vampire.  Tara (Rutina Wesley) discovers some surprising news about Sam (Sam Trammell), whose rage resurfaces upon learning of Tommy’s (Marshall Allan) latest transgression.  Jason (Ryan Kwanten) finds a new calling after warning Crystal’s (Lindsay Pulsipher) family about an impending drug raid.  Plagued by visions, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) turns to Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) for help, and learns his boyfriend has more to offer than companionship.  Hoyt (Jim Parrack) hopes for a future with Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), spurning Maxine’s (Dale Raoul) pleas to wed Summer (Melissa Rauch).
Written by Alan Ball; directed by Anthony Hemingway

TRUE BLOOD was created by Alan Ball; based on the Skokie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris; executive producers, Alan Ball and Gregg Fienberg; co-executive producers, Brian Buckner, Nancy Oliver and Alexander Woo; supervising producer, Raelle Tucker; producer, Mark McNair; associate producer, Christina

Death's Excellent Vacaction by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner

 ***Includes a new Sookie story ( road trip with Pam called "Two Blondes")

Toni Kelner and I had a great chat about the exciting new anthology of (lucky!) thirteen deliciously dark tales, all by different authors. In Death's Excellent Vacation, editors Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner bring together a stellar collection of tour guides who offer vacations that are frightening, funny, and touching for the fanged, the furry, the demonic, and the grotesque. Learn why it really can be an endless summer-for immortals.
So of course we want to know about the new book, Death's Excellent Vacation. What's it about and why do you love it?
Death's Excellent Vacation is our take on the beach book.  We asked our contributors to write about supernatural creatures on vacation--that was our whole pitch--and Charlaine and I were just amazed at how many different takes on that simple theme people came up with.  I love how each story is both wonderful and wildly different from the others.

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** Charlaines' next anthology tentatively titled Home Improvement: Undead Edition.

Video: Episode 3.08 – Night on the Sun: Sneak Peek

True Blood Recipes: Summer's "picked in the church yard" strawberry preserves

4 cups strawberries, washed and capped.
1 cup water
4 cups sugar
Sterilized Jars, lids, and rings ( makes 2-3 pints)

-Wash jars in hot water with detergent and rinse well, or wash in the dishwasher.  Place clean jars in boiling water to cover and boil for 10 minutes.  Keep hot while you prepare the Preserves.

-Prepare the lids and rings according to manufacturers recommendations.

-Combine water and sugar.  Cook until it reaches soft ball stage or 235 degrees F on the candy thermometer.

-Add the strawberries and cook over high heat for 15 minutes.  Skim off foam while cooking.

-Put into sterilized jars, leaving approximately ¼ inch of headspace (air). Wipe rim and threads with a damp paper towel to remove any sticky sugar residue and seal lids.  Tighten lids, but do not over-tighten. Turn the jars upside down to cool.  Put partially filled jars into fridge immediately.

-Inspect the jars to be sure they sealed.  As they are cooling you may hear them “pop”.  This is a good sound- it means the vacuum has pulled the lid down.  Any jars that do not seal should be put in the fridge to use first. 

-Make biscuits cause you know you want some!!!

Summer's " I want you to taste my biscuits" recipe can be found here

"I like you, Hoyt. I wanna be your girlfriend, and I really want you to taste my biscuits."

Denis O'Hare Interview-True Blood's King of Mississippi

Way back in January I spoke to Denis O'Hare at the premiere of Edge of Darkness and he told me in our exclusive interview that his character on True Blood Season 3 wasn't necessarily evil. Well, if you've been watching the show you know that's not exactly the truth. O'Hare, a veteran of stage and screen, is enjoying his time as a powerful vampire king on True Blood and absolutely loves the writing.

"They have a lot of philosophy in it and there's also a lot of heart. There's a scene we did in episode 10 that was so heartbreaking I literally could not get the lines out. I had to keep stopping because it was such a beautiful sequence of lines - beautiful, beautiful stuff."

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The Vampire Diaries Trailer Season 2 - Extended Preview

Can't stand the thought of true Blood coming to an end in September ? Look what starts the next week!

Puppets and vampires collide on 'Transylvania Television'

You love puppets. You love vampires. You love the Internet.
Today I started watching episodes of Transylvania Television, a web series about a group of furry monsters who are trying to run a TV station.
Characters include a vampire named Le Shoc, a yeti named Furry J. Ackermonster and a slow fella named Dwayne Frankenstein. You could call it Sesame Street-esque, although characters are prone to saying things like, "Mmm, babies are delicious!"

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Zombies and Vampires Team Up for, in Retrospect, Inevitable TV Show

It's all right to punch yourself in the arm for not thinking of this one first. NBC has just purchased a spec script for the incredibly high-concept Zombies vs. Vampires, about a cop vampire dealing with "zombie crime" in a world where zombie-ness can be controlled through medication. With this series, NBC is really hedging its bets, ensuring it will neither miss out on the vampire craze nor be left looking hopelessly out-of-date when the vampire craze ends and the zombie craze begins in earnest. Illustrating this idea's vitality, we already have questions: Can vampires eat zombies? Or is their blood too rotten?

True Blood - Season 3 - Truebies & Newbies: Jessica & Debbie

True Blood Music Video of the Day: I Heard It Through The Grapevine

I Heard It Through The Grapevine : Eric, Bill & Sookie True Blood
From: EricTheSheriff