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Charlaine Harris-Writing Is All She Ever Wanted To Do

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Feb 16, 2009

Bestselling author Charlaine Harris talks to Suite101 about growing up in Mississippi and creating Sookie Stackhouse.

You've been a published author for over twenty-five years. What do you think are the important things that keep the drive to write alive inside of you?
I’m really terrible at anything else, and I love working. A lot of my identity is tied up in my being a writer. It’s all I ever wanted to do, and the fact that I get to write (and am finally successful at it) still seems amazing to me.

Read this nice interview here :

Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk Radio: Fanfic with Malanna and Jesiryu (Episode 11)

Tonight we talk fanfic ( fan fiction). This is Part 2 of our fanfic discussion and author interviews.

I will be joined, as usual by my fanfic guide and co-host Jesiryu and tonight we will be talking to the wonderful Malanna.

Malanna writes Sookie /Eric fanfic and you can find it both on the HBO True Blood wiki and on

Join us for this fascinat8ing discussion.

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Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea Part II: The Bible

"Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea " , that's a very familiar exclamation to readers of the Sookie Stackhouse books and I have been exploring churches, religion, the Bible and prayer in the Sookie books.

Sookie is most definitely a Christian believer and regularly attends the Glen Cragie Methodist church in Bon Temps. She frequently talks of her faith, the Bible, prayer and attending church.

You will notice that Gran's favorite saying from the Bible "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," is given multiple explanations in the book.

This quote is Mathew 6:34 and in the the America King James version it reads:

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.

The New International Standard Bible 2008 translation is:
So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Some of the Bible references I have found mentioned in the books are:


"Judge not, that ye be not judged," I told him, hoping I didn't sound as furious as my clenched stomach told me I was. It felt wrong to quote the Bible when you were in a towering rage.

Other than that, we were hunky-dory. "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," I told myself. That had been Gran's favorite Bible quotation. When I was about nine, I'd asked her to explain that to me, and she'd said, "Don't go looking for trouble; it's already looking for you." Bearing that in mind, I cleared my mental decks.

Bk 4
I blinked, wondering if that wasn't exactly what Christianity taught. But I am no theologian or Bible scholar, and I would have to leave the judgment on my action to God, who was also no theologian.

Bk 5
Salome, Like in the Bible ?

Bk 6
My Gran's favorite saying from the Bible was, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."She had explained that that meant that you don't worry about tomorrow, or about things you can't change. I tried to practice that philosophy, though most days it was hard. Today it was easy.

Bk 7
The vampire Jodi was pretty formidable she put me in mind of Jaelin the Bible. Jael, a determined woman of Israel, put a tent peg through the head of Sisera, an enemy captain, if I was remembering correctly. Sisera had been asleep when Jael did the deed,

Bk 8
I’d learned in American History what Abraham Lincoln, quoting the Bible, had to say about houses divided.

What ones have i missed ?

Sookie has an OSM !

What's an OSM you say ?

Well, this is how Sookie explains it in book 8 -I bet you have them too!

“How gratifying to hear you say so,” said an accented voice. This was definitely an Oh, shit! moment. (An OSM, as I called them to myself .) A gorgeous man stepped out from the trees, and I blinked as I took him in.

True Blood Season 2 starts when ?

Thanks to True2blood for pointing to this on the True Blood Season 2 listing for IMDb

" shows that Season 2 air date is May 3, 2009. . I just wonder how accurate this date is."
Here's the link!

Has anyone seen anything official from HBO that confirms this air date ??? Thanks

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True Blood wins ACE Eddie Award


True Blood: "Strange Love"
Michael Ruscio, A.C.E. & Andy Keir

Awards Presented February 15, 2009 at the Beverly Hilton

True Blood behind the scenes : Merlotte's Bar and Grill

The Perspective magazine article talks about how they just 'found' Merlotte's on the Warner's Brother lot in an area called the jungle ...

Here's what it looks like when you see it on the back lot tour ..

True Blood's Louisiana Roots from Art Director's Perspective Magazine

Very cool True Blood layout in 'Perspective magazine, the journal of the art directors guild & scenic, title and graphic artists' from the February and March 2009 edition.

Here is a little pdf of the pages from that article, you can read the entire issue and past issues here

2009 Feb Mar 1 True Blood

True Blood music video of the day

Alexander Skarsgård - A Tribute to the Hand in the Pocket ( how could I not post this one -ha)