Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yes, that's True Blood's Tara "Ginger Buck in that GEICO commercial!

Lafayette Reynolds cigar aficionado

In True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 Lafayatte share a cigar with Tommy Mickens and he also shares his choices for a "good cigar"

They smoke a Macanudo Ascot, both brands cost about $20 bucks for a tin if 10 cogars but there are Ascot Gold's which run $100 for a tin of ten.
Lafayette says his favorite brand is Schimmelpenninck  Panatella

Macanudo use to be the #1 selling cigar in the United States.  However, over the last few years, a lot of Macanudo smokers have switched to more popular cigar makers like Rocky Patel and to better value brands like our Corona Dominican Selection cigars. Macanudo cigars are hand made in the Dominican Republic withcarefully chosen filler tobaccos from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, the binder is from Mexico and the cafe wrapper is a twice aged Connecticut shade-grown leaf or a sun ripened Maduro. This blend creates a smooth, mellow taste that is consistent year after year

Schimmelpenninck Duet Panatellas, Cigarillos and Media cigars were created for those who enjoy a mild taste. Machine-made in the Netherlands from dry-cured imported tobaccos, Schimmelpenninck cigars are named for a famous governer of Holland, Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck. These cigars mostly feature Sumatra sandleaf wrappers and a java binder, combined with filler tobaccos from Brazil and Indonesia.

NOLA book signing events : Dracula and history explored in round of new books

** Love Bites is written by Adrienne Barbeau, Yes that, Adrienne ! The actress you know from many movies and asBea Arthur's daughter, Carol, in the hit series "Maude".

** Dacre Stoker is the  great-grandnephew of Bram Stocker the original " Dracula" author.

Love Bites: Vampyres of Hollywood II, Vol. 2
By Adrienne Barbeau
St. Martin's, $24.99w
Screen scream queen (and, yes, erstwhile "Maude" co-star) Barbeau's second biting satire skewers Hollywood and vamp lit with a tale of a 450-year-old vampire/horror film legend/cutthroat producer who falls for a Beverly Hills detective. The cast includes a bunch of relentlessly job-seeking undead friends, slithering "weregators" and exceedingly strange paparazzi. Barbeau signs the book Nov. 1, 5:30-7 p.m., Garden District Book Shop.

Dracula the Un-Dead
By Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt
Penguin, $15
Providing a transfusion of fresh blood to the saga, this new paperback version of the "authoritative sequel" to Bram Stoker's classic, by his great-great-nephew, tracks Stoker's work in 1912 to adapt "Dracula" for the stage -- only its "characters" keep dying gruesomely all over London. Could it be that the count survived and is now seeking revenge? Or is there another, far more hideous force at work? Stoker signs the book Saturday, 1-3 p.m., Garden District Book Shop.

EyeCon welcomes the stars of ‘True Blood’ to Orlando this weekend !

Orlando’s EyeCon returns with special appearances by True Blood stars Joe Manganiello, Sam Trammell, Allan Hyde and Kristin Bauer.
EyeCon has traditionally been known as one of the best conventions for celebrity interaction. Events include celebrity question and answer sessions, celebrity autograph sessions, celebrity photo opportunities, a Friday night kick-off party, Saturday night celebrity banquet, Saturday night Fangbangers Ball, vampire panels, and more.

The festivities will all take place from November 5th-7th at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center. All EyeCon attendees will receive a discounted rate of $90 at the hotel.

Tickets are still available for EyeCon and prices range from $35- $275. For more information visit

Chiller's 24-hour 'Buffy' marathon: Change your Sunday plans!

/Buffy-Sarah-Spike-vampireIn case you like waking up really early on Sunday mornings and were looking for something to do that involves vampires instead of football, this news is for you: Chiller announced via press release that they will be running a 24-hour marathon of the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer this Sunday, starting at the bright hour of 6 a.m. EST. Remember, vampires never sleep, so 6 a.m. is fine for them, but for us mortals, be sure to set your DVR to catch this marathon of amazingness. (Public Service Announcement: On Sunday the clocks fall back, so change your clock and enjoy the extra hour that may make an early morning Buffy marathon a bit more enjoyable.)
The marathon kicks off Buffy‘s daily run on Chiller — which begins Monday — and yes, the series will run in order, which is great for newbies and Buffy enthusiasts alike. I, for one, have been catching episodes of Buffy on LOGO, but I’d also really enjoy starting from the very beginning, if only to remind myself why the series was the most memorable show of my teenage years.

Ryan Kwanten's latest movie: Western Meets Horror NYT

Western meets horror in the Australian high country in “Red Hill,” a galloping revenge tale that uses young blood to unearth old sins.

When Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten of “True Blood”) arrives in the one-horse town of Red Hill as its newest police officer, he faces a doozy of a first day. A storm is brewing, a horse has been viciously disemboweled, and Jimmy Conway (Tom E. Lewis), an Aboriginal killer, has just escaped from a nearby maximum-security prison. None of which is good news for Shane, whose pregnant wife’s blood pressure is already dangerously unstable.
As Conway, ferociously scarred within and without, heads toward town to settle old scores, the tension between Shane’s liberal values and the trigger-happy style of his colleagues tightens. Like the best westerns, “Red Hill” is a stripped-down morality tale; like the best horror movies, its true monsters remain cloaked until the final reel.

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Trailer for ICE starring Stephen Moyer

The Vampire Diaries - 2.09 - "Katerina" Extended Promo

The Bloody Indulgent, A Sexy Vampire Musical Is Coming

Former Backstreet Boy and Frank Zappa's daughter to star...
Veteran stage director Ken Roht is making his debut as a writer-director with The Bloody Indulgent, A Sexy Vampire Musical

Ex-Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson will star as a vampire with a substance-abuse problem with an arch-enemy strip-club owner (played by Brian Gaskill). Diva Zappa, youngest daughter of Frank Zappa, will play a dancer. Producer Kenneth Hughes says it will be out in Summer of 2011.

Check it out

The CW unveils 'Vampire Diaries' marathon Monday, December 13 and Friday, December 17

The CW has announced a week-long marathon showing of the second season of The Vampire Diaries.

The cast of The Vampire DiariesThe network plans to dedicate its entire primetime schedule to the supernatural drama between Monday, December 13 and Friday, December 17, showing two episodes a night at 8/7c.

The marathon will begin with the season two premiere 'The Return', before rebroadcasting the rest of the season so far to allow fans to catch up and new viewers to jump on board.

The Vampire Diaries, starring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, is The CW's most-watched and highest-rated series among adults in the 18-34 demographic this season.

The show continues on Thursdays at 8/7c.

I-LOVE-TRUE-BLOOD A Gallery of True Blood Fan Art


Since we have now reached 100 members it's time to think about our 1st contest. It will be a "winter/holidays" themed True Blood/SVM Fan Art contest.

All forms of True Blood/SVM fan art are welcome as long as it has a "winter/holiday" theme. Winter holidays that will be accepted for a theme are: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years. *You can also do a winter season themed True Blood fan art.*
Examples would be: Thanksgiving at Merlotte's, Eric as Santa, New Years at Fangtasia, Hanukkah with Sookie, Christmas at Casa Compton, Sam building a snow collie, Alcide as a winter wolf, Lafayette ice skating, Sookie dressed in a certain red jacket...etc. I'm sure you get the idea.

The contest entries will be accepted from November 5th, 2010 through January 5th, 2011.

You can enter as much fan art as you like and I have made a special folder for the entries. You do not have to be a member to enter but it would be cool if you were. All members, contributors, and admins are eligible to submit art except for myself (Riogirl9909), although I've made a pic as an example piece only. It is now posted in the contest folder.

You will be able to vote in the comment section of the I-LOVE-TRUE-BLOOD BLOG. There will be a special Blog dedicated to the contest and voting. In the comment section of the blog please write the title and artist of your favorite 3 submissions. Voting begins December 15, 2010 and ends January 15th 2011. Only members, contributors and admins will get 3 votes each to vote on the fan art pieces they most fancy.

"Dark Shadows" will be Johnny Depp's next movie

By Borys Kit
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Johnny Depp's next movie will likely reunite him with director Tim Burton for a big-screen incarnation of the gothic vampire TV soap opera "Dark Shadows."
The duo's collaboration has been more than three years in the making -- Depp was obsessed with the series as a child -- but Warner Bros. has now set an April start. Depp will portray Barnabas Collins, a vampire living in a Maine manor who is searching for his lost love.
Now that Depp has made his decision, the other projects he was flirting with will have to find new actors, unless of course they can be wrapped up by April. For example, Depp's name has been mentioned in connection with Kathryn Bigelow's "Triple Frontier" as well as with Universal's "Snow White and the Huntsman."
Depp and Burton last worked together on "Alice in Wonderland," one of the year's biggest hits. Depp returns to theaters on December 12 with "The Tourist."

True Blood Music Video of the Day: The Chain - Eric/Sookie/Bill

The Chain - Eric/Sookie/Bill (True Blood)