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Sookie and Bill ?

Do we have a little Anna and Stephen shopping time here ?

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Graham Shiels Gets "True" With SOS

Graham ( Liam ) Shiels talks a little about being Liam, on of the Monroe rouge vampires in Season One of True Blood with SoapOpera source.

True Blood has garnered a lot of attention since its first season began. Why do you think it was a huge hit for HBO? What makes this vampire series stand out above the other original programming on HBO?

As for the success of TB I think it's just plain different. Alan Ball has impeccable taste and the show mixes in a lot of humor into the world of a blood-thirsty, human-killing vampire. So it's like no other vampire story ever told. I also think that's where he differs from the books, by Charlaine Harris, because though there is humor in the books, there's a LOT more in the TV show. Trying to tell the story by portraying these vampires as having real social conflict and feelings about fitting in is different--not just a horror/gore movie about vampires sucking people's necks and speaking in bad generic eastern European accents.

True Blood pushed the envelope with the nudity and the language. Every episode there was somebody having sex. Liam’s sex scenes showed full backside nakedness. Was that something that was difficult for you to do? I mean some actors are not open to showing a lot of skin and True Blood is a series that shows a lot of skin every episode.

I was very nervous when we shot that. As, I'm sure, my co-star was, too. Had it not been Alan Ball, Oscar award-winning writer, and HBO, I never would have done it. And it was just my butt. It wasn't full frontal. I'd never (never say never, Graham) do full frontal. I've done it onstage, though, in a Shakespeare play. But I knew in this case it served the story and that it would be handled with great taste seeing as it's Alan Ball. Blood taste.

There was even an episode that you were in bed with Sookie’s brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) during one his love scenes with a girl who had had sex with Liam. Was it uncomfortable for the two of you doing that scene together?

Working with Ryan was not uncomfortable at all b/c we both knew this was a fun "bit," so to speak. It was very fun to shoot. Ryan had this great idea he should be holding my foot and that's how he notices it's me and not the girl--and in retrospect, I think we should have gone the whole way and he could have been sucking my toes, too!

Was there a memorable event, moment, scene, episode from True Blood that maybe was intense or funny that didn’t make it on screen?

There was a funny moment in ep #7 when we're coming into Merlott's to get Bill. Ana/Sookie is chewing out Andrew/Malcolm. When we were rehearsing I laughed like I was enjoying that she was taking Malcolm down a peg and then Andrew gave me an evil glare, like, "shut-up." That whole exchange cracked everyone up. But it couldn't make it into the cut b/c it really wasn't what was written in terms of the intensity of the conflict. But it was very real--and so, funny.

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** good excuse to use another of Michelle Dawson's excellent TB fan art

Have a pink spandex kind of Christmas ...

Court at True Blood Art Blog shared her little pink spandex Christmas drawing of Eric with us for Christmas
Thanks , Court !

The gift that keeps on giving ..? ( 2)

Who sent these flowers to Sookie and when ?

True Blood Crossword Puzzle

True Blood Crossword's a little something to do today with your feet up.

Click on image to left and and it will open in another screen and you should be able to print from there.

If not shoot me and email and I'll send it to you as an attachment !
Enjoy !

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`True' bite; Paquin prays her new HBO supernatural series will be noticed

By AMY AMATANGELO The Boston Herald September 14, 2008 Sunday

Anna Paquin knows that some viewers won't enjoy her new series ``True Blood'' (tonight at 9 on HBO). That's OK.

``We definitely don't pull any punches as far as what shows up onscreen.
It's pretty out there,'' Paquin said.

``It's my favorite kind of work to do, where either someone is going to love it or they'll hate it. I don't really mind which people go for. The worst thing is apathy. We all really believe in what we're doing. It's a very larger-than-life world. We are doing a pretty odd show and, to me, that's really exciting. Because what's the point of doing something unless its going to affect people strongly in some way?''

In the series based on the novels by Charlaine Harris, Paquin stars as Sookie Stackhouse, a Louisiana waitress who falls for 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

It's a part the actress, best known for playing the mutant Rogue in the ``X-Men'' films, never thought she would get.

``I looked at the script and I was like, `Oh, it's the perky blond waitress cheerleader type gal. They're never going to cast me in a million years.'
For no other reason than there were like 15 blond girls and I was the only brunette at the audition. People often, in my experience, do not have the imagination and the trust that something like coloring won't be a big deal.''

She credits executive producer Alan Ball (``Six Feet Under'') for the opportunity.

``He took a leap of faith, and I love and respect him for taking that chance. It's been a really amazing thing for me. (Sookie is) so lovely to play because she is just so complex.''

To become Sookie, Paquin worked with a vocal coach to hone her accent and visits a hair colorist every 10 days.

``It's really (just) add some hair dye, fake tan and some tiny outfits, and it kind of was done for me. I almost felt like it was too easy. Sookie couldn't be more different than everything about me, but that's kind of what you always hope for. The opportunity to really, really, really do something different.''

When she was only 11, Paquin won an Academy Award for her performance in the movie ``The Piano'' and continued acting through her adolescence. Then the daughter of two educators took a year off from the business to attend Columbia University.

``I was completely open to do something else with my life,'' she said. ``It was really refreshing to be completely out of the loop on the business front for a year and see if something else caught my interest - and nothing did particularly. But to not know whether there was something else out there, that's not how I wanted to start my adult life. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just because acting was all I knew.''

USA Today Television 2008 - Best of Part II

USA Today posted its choices for the Best TV Shows of 2008 and listed True Blood in the Top Ten. (see the post from last night )
They also were the "odd trend of the year" for have a " love with the living " theme.

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard( for Generation Kill ) were both listed in the Top Ten Performers ( male ) category.

Anna Paquin was listed as Top Ten Performers ( women ).

Alex (Eric) Skarsgard was also recognized as being part of the Best Miniseries for Generation Kill !

(Stephen Moyer, finally! Great )