Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vampires Friendship, Thicker Than Blood

Published: July 23, 2009

Vampire stories are almost always about dangerous love and forbidden lust, which is probably why every new generation of teenagers wants a taste.

"Being Human," a BBC America series with Aidan Turner, starts on Saturday.

Even before the hit movie “Twilight,” “True Blood” on HBO offered a Southern gothic version of the torment of suppressed desires. There are a slew of other iterations in books, movies and on television, including “The Vampire Diaries,” a CW series scheduled for the fall about a bloodsucking high school hottie who falls for a classmate and struggles to keep his fangs to himself.

The vampire story is as classic as the western, a genre whose pleasures, as the critic Robert Warshow once put it, lie in the minor variations. “Twilight” and “True Blood” and their many imitations offer similar celebrations of swoony love with a pallid stranger.

The tweak to “Twilight” is bourgeois respectability: the hero and his middle-class family in Forks, Wash., have forsaken their inhuman appetites and only occasionally feast on small animals — the vampire equivalent of turning vegetarian. In “True Blood” vampires who can safely feed on a synthetic blood are a militant minority demanding passage of a Vampire Rights Amendment.

“Being Human,” a new series on BBC America that begins on Saturday, offers the Dracula myth in a different chord: it’s structured less as a love story than as a buddy film.

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Tru Blood and Gold Ball October 30! Special Guest Author Charlaine Harris !

SuzyQ called in Sunday night and told us all about this event LISTEN HERE

This is the Official MySpace page for Les Temps des Vampires. The Grand Ball we present is a Gathering of all the Vampire Children of the world! Our Ball is held in New Orleans every year on the Friday close to Halloween. We have a theme every year based on the works of great authors of Vampire Literature and all of our guests are encouraged to become the character of their choosing. All types of costumes are welcome and elegant evening attire is also acceptable.


It is that time of year when things really begin picking up and plans for Halloween weekend kick into high gear. Costumes are being made, lenses and fangs are on order, rooms are being reserved, and flights are being arranged. We are quickly approaching the time of our gathering! We are truly excited this year to be bringing you a party that blends two very different vampire worlds in an amazing and beautiful venue such as Republic New Orleans! The president and staff of Les Temps des Vampires/ARVLFC have worked night and day over these last few months to make this Halloween weekend one of great fun, high spirits, and unexpected thrills; we know that you will love your time with us!

The weekend begins on the evening of Thursday, October 29th with the Wine Tasting event, which this year includes a sampling of Absinthe. The Wine Tasting has for years been the introduction to the weekend and is a great way to meet up with friends in a relaxed setting before all of the activities get underway. Special guest Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, will be joining us that evening for fun and beverages. Tickets for the Wine Tasting are sold separately from the Les Temps des Vampires Ball and we will post information for their easy purchase as soon as they are made available.

On Friday, October 30th Les Temps des Vampires and the ARVLFC present the TRU BLOOD AND GOLD BALL at Republic New Orleans! Charlaine Harris will join us again that night as a special guest as will Gabrielle Faust, author of 'Eternal Vigilance'. The theme for this year's Ball is a blending of the world of the Vampire Chronicles as well as that of Sookie Stackhouse. The options for costumes and characters are now truly endless and we expect you all to show your creativity! Have fun with it! The night's entertainment includes music from Marc Gunn, the Kinky Tuscaderos, and Saints of Ruin. There will be more fun activities announced for the evening as we get closer to the party. Tickets are not yet on sale but when they do go on sale next month ARVLFC members in good standing will have first dibs at purchasing them at the member discount. Tickets left over after member sales will then be made available to the public at full price. For membership information please visit and click on the membership icon. The events page is under development at this time, do not attempt to purchase tickets yet.

An after-party for the Ball is currently planned at The Dragon's Den by our friends from Endless Night. Details are coming soon!

On Saturday afternoon Charlaine will have a book signing at the Garden District Bookstore and we encourage all of you to get out there and show your support and appreciation!

On Saturday, Halloween Night, Endless Night XII: An Evening in Versailles will be happening at the House of Blues and the party will start at midnight! Mingle with friends and party til dawn!

More events and activities are in the works so check back with us often to keep in the know!

Visit the ARVLFC Fan Club Website for discussion groups and other information. Click HERE for The OFFICIAL RESURRECTED FAN CLUB WEBSITE and more information

Full Nelsan: Breakout star of HBO’s ‘True Blood’ bares all

Breakout is exactly right ! From Boston Herald

Now that the second season of HBO’s “True Blood” is under way, Nelsan Ellis finally can talk.

Since the first-season finale last November, he had been dodging questions about his character’s fate. The Illinois native plays fan-favorite Lafayette Reynolds on the series, whose ratings have skyrocketed this season.

In the books the series is based on, Lafayette was killed early on and many feared the same fate would befall Ellis’ character.

“I was getting very upset with getting asked that question a million times a day,” Ellis said and then laughed during a recent telephone interview from Los Angeles.

“My father would call me four or five times a week and say, ‘Your Aunt Esther, she wants to know if you’re dying. She just wants to know.’ Or, ‘My friends from work want to know if you’re dying.’ ”

But soon after everyone learned Lafayette lived, a new question arose. Now everyone wants to know if Lafayette, who survived being kidnapped by vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), will be turned into a vampire.

“I personally don’t want to be a vampire,” he said. “I would say Lafayette should be a vampire in the very last season, but up until that point, I don’t think he should be a vampire

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Center of Attention by Jackson Waters

Center of Attention by Jackson Waters LYRICS

Thanks dreamwrtr87 (and thanks to Melissa her sister for suggesting it!)