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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Love's A Loaded Gun

Love's A Loaded Gun


Go Ask Dallas : True Blood time line -how much time has elapsed since Season 1 ?

Dear Dallas :

My husband and I were discussing the timeline of the show..wondering how long Sookie and Bill have known each other at this point, and how much time has lapsed between the shows seasons of 1-2-3. I have seen you have done a lot of work already, so I am hoping that this you can answer with minimal research to you. Thanks so much Dallas!

Hey Deb

Yes, I love timelines - see this post from last season when everyone was questioning how long they knew each other before Bill asked her to marry him. I always do an episode by episode time line for every season of True Blood and you can see S1 and S2 ones here:

I also have done the books time line:

To answer your question exactly there were 17 days in season 1, a 2 week skip and 12 days in season 2 -so when season 3 opens on the last day of season 2 it has been 43 days since the night Bill walked into Merlotte's the very first time.

We have another little time marker in Season 3 the Dr. told Arlene that she is 9 weeks (63 days pregnant) so that would date back to her "being with " Rene a few weeks before  Bill and Sookie meet.

I'm working on season 3 !

I love questions - keep em coming! No question is silly!

True Blood Music: Episode S3E04 "9 Crimes"

Song: Bonehead
Artist: Onepointsix
Scene: Eric fantasizes about Sookie

Song: Mamasita
Artist: Daddy P, Spiket & Da Diggler
Scene: Lafayette makes a phone call from his car

Song: Blame It On The Fact That I'm A Man
Artist: The Mears Brothers
Scene: Jason gets fired up

Song: Walk That Midnight Walk
Artist: Production Music, Courtesy of Bosshouse Music
Scene: Background music at Merlotte's

Song: Ten Year High School Reunion
Artist: Kevin Fisher
Scene: Sam trains Jessica at Merlotte's

Song: I'll Cry A River For You
Artist: Bettie Wilson
Scene: Hoyt sees Jessica outside of Merlotte's with someone else

Song: Train Wreck
Artist: Deanna Johnston
Scene: Jason asks Andy to make him a cop

Song: Mozart Concerto for Piano & Orchestra No. 19
Artist: Production Music, Courtesy of Selec tracks
Scene: Background music playing at the Edington Mansion

Song: S.O.S.
Artist: Sennen
Scene: Sookie at Lou Pine's.

Song: Paradise Circus
Artist: Massive Attack
Scene: Bill enters the strip club to find something for Russell and Lorena

Song: Wolf Blood Honey
Artist: The Upsidedown
Scene: Chaos at Lou Pine's. Russell speaks from the stage

Song: Do Not Conceal Thy Radiant Eyes
Artist: Production Music, Courtesy of Extreme Music
Scene: The werewolves listen to Russell and then drink his blood

Song: 9 Crimes (Demo)
Artist: Damien Rice
Scene: Russell, Lorena and Bill feed in the limousine / End Credits.

Gothtopia True Blood: Massive Attack At A Strip Club!

true-blood-season3_510.jpgTeam Talk Blood member Jefwithonef give us his take 

Season 3, Episode 4: "9 Crimes"

When Gothtopia was just a wee bit of a thing in stylish black diapers, one of the phrases you heard thrown around a lot by the Reagan administration was "gateway drug," the theory that using drugs like marijuana leads directly to heavier drugs like heroin. Whether or not this concept is true is something is for more learned people to debate, but there is an underlying statistic certainty in the theory. Namely, that once you begin to break a moral code, you cannot help but continue to do so.
When we left True Blood two weeks ago, Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) had been abducted by the Vampire King of Mississippi, and since then has slowly become more and more involved with the shady dealings of vampire politics. He has broken up with Sookie (Anna Paquin), renounced his allegiance to the queen of Louisiana, had neck-twisty grudge sex with his sire, and procured and drank from victims for the new regime.

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Recap: True Blood, season 3, episode 4 – ’9 Crimes’ from Becca Wilcott

Becca Wilcott is the author of Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion (ECW Press), and will be recapping this season of True Blood on The Ampersand. Find her at and follow her on Twitter @BeccaWilcott.

Recap Season 2 Episode 1  HERE
Recap Season 2 Episode 2  HERE
Recap Season 2 Episode 3  HERE 

Wait. What’s that? Could it be? Is that Fonzie pulling on his powder blue swim trunks? “Frank, I have to jump the shark again? Mrs. C, I’ll need the big breakfast this morning!” Clearly I’m on the other side of the tank, urging Alan Ball et al to land this jump, but I think this could be the season to divide the fans from the fanatics.

I’m going to be short on the recap part of this post, because I have a follow up rant of epic proportions.

The 411:

• Bill breaks up with Sookie over the phone. Better than a sticky note, but pretty painful, just the same. His heart isn’t just dead, it’s cold. Pouring lemon juice over her gaping wound, he shares with Sookie that he’s just had the kind of sex only two vampires can have. I’m beyond grateful that she didn’t reply, “But, I can try harder!”

• Sookie returns to Lou Pine’s were bar in a rocker girl get up that lands somewhere between Joan Jett, Liza Minnelli, and Ellen Fox of The Rotten Tomatoes Show. (Hat tip to True Blood-themed paper doll creator Andy Swist for pointing that one out.) Accompanied by Alcide (who earlier in the episode wore a bathrobe the size of a picnic blanket), we meet Alcide’s ex, Debbie Pelt, about to be initiated into the V-swigging were pack. These two have a real Jack and Diane vibe. Just a couple of kids on the wrong side of the werewoad tracks. But it’s not looking good for Debbie whose pelt is a titch matted, if I can just throw that in. Alcide could do better. Hmm, wonder with whom? [Enter Goldilocks.]

Read more:

True Blood Inside the episode: "9 Crimes"

Welcome to Alcide's apartment

We did finally see Alcide's apartment building, remember we saw them filming at the Trianon Apartments in LA.

Trianon Apartments
(Leland Bryant - 1928)
1750-54 Serrano Avenue Google map

Named after Marie Antoinette’s petite hideaway chateau at Versailles in France - possibly because “Chateau d’Azay-le-Rideau,” the 16th century Burgundian military outpost that actually served as its prototype, would fit awkwardly on the huge sign that tops the structure. Architect Leland Bryant also designed the art deco Sunset Tower, now known as the Argyle Hotel, on the Sunset Strip.

True Blood S3 E4 "9 crimes" subtitles

 What did they say last night ? Now you can see the dialogue line for line...

  • "Sometimes I think that boy's cheese done fell right off his cracker." - Sam's mom
  • "I want to look like I can kick some serious ass. Which I can." - Sookie
  • "Ring Ring, Hooker. Ring Ring." Lafayette
  • "Let's go, RuPaul!" Eric
  • "I know the truth about love. It's a hell I'll never get out of alive." stripper
  • "Oh hell, how am I supposed to deal with this f***ed-upness?" - Lafayette
  • "I'm a vampire, not a f****** idiot." - Jessica 

True Blood: Post Mortem - Season 3 Episode #4 (HBO)

I LOVE THIS !!!!!!

True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 "Trouble" Promo

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Massive Attack's "Psyche"

True Blood - Tara's Story
Thanks, XMorbidKiX
The song is a remix of Massive Attack's "Psyche".