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'True Blood' Saturdays: Let's talk about spoilers

Read the books - read the books ! This is the LA Times ? Wow do they ( or their readers) not read the press interviews with the True Blood actors,  directors and Ball ? Everyone of them has talked about weres, Sookie's powers , upcoming amnesia , witches, panthers and fairies. I think someone needs to stop the True Blood folks from spilling the beans --I don't think you should stop folks that have been reading and loving these books for TEN FREAKING YEARS FROM TALKING ABOUT THEM!!!!

It's probably time for us to have a chat about spoilers here at the Show Tracker "True Blood" blog.
I know that the series is based on a series of very popular books. I know that many, many of you who are into the TV series have read the books. And I know that it can be very hard to sit there and watch the series string out big revelations from the books when you already know what's going to happen. But I'm going to ask one thing of you: Please, please don't spoil the experience for the rest of us.
I haven't read the books "True Blood" is based on. The show could reveal tomorrow that Eric is actually a man-eating plant of one variation or another, and I wouldn't bat an eye because I'd have no idea that this revelation was made in Book 7 or whatever. Now, honestly, if you spoil me, I won't be terribly upset. I don't have a huge aversion to spoilers, and I'm just going to shrug it off. But many, MANY of your fellow readers and comments section dwellers don't want to know what's coming up, even though you do. It's easier to avoid spoilers for books that have been out for years than it is for popular movies or TV shows, sad as that may sound. So when you say with all certainty just what Sookie Stackhouse is in the books and that she's likely the same thing in the show, well, it kills a little bit of the fun for a lot of people.

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What Is Sookie Stackhouse? A Look at the Evidence in ‘True Blood’

Tara for Culture mob does a nice break down of "Sookie facts " from True Blood and then deduces what she is based on the books !

The Facts (disclosed thus far in the series—no spoiler alert if you’re caught up):

    What is the light emitting from Sookie's hand?
  • Sookie has telepathic abilities.
  • Sookie can’t read the minds of vampires.
  • She can read the minds of some other supernatural creatures such as shifters and weres.
  • Bill and others seem to have been investigating Sookie’s lineage.
  • Vampires take a special interest in Sookie and seem to have an attraction to her.
  • When seriously threatened, Sookie can emit a light from her hand; this seems to stop those intending to harm her.
  • When unconscious and in the hospital in the most recent episode, Sookie had an ethereal dream or vision in which she met one Claudine.
  • Jason revealed that Sookie was born at home and had never been to the hospital prior to

    her most recent emergency.
  • Maryann Forrester was intrigued by Sookie’s nature, indicating that Sookie has an ability considered rare, even among supernatural beings.
  • After feeding on Sookie, Bill receives few negative effects from sun exposure. While he took a lot of blood, this may be an indication that her blood is somehow heartier than that of other humans.
  • The hospital was unable to determine Sookie’s blood type indicating that she ‘has no blood type.’
  • Sophie, Louisiana’s queen, has taken a special interest in Hadley—revealed to be Sookie’s cousin.
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True Blood: An afternoon with sexy vampires

LOS ANGELES – AT 6’4”, Alexander Skarsgard is tall even by Hollywood standards. Anna Paquin doesn’t mind that she has gap teeth. Stephen Moyer is a lot better-looking in person.
These first impressions of the stars of HBO’s “True Blood” in a recent interview gave way to more lasting observations as our conversations, done separately, progressed.
Anna’s character, Sookie Stackhouse, is fortunate to have two charming, articulate men in her life. We know, of course, that she is engaged to Bill Compton (Stephen). While posing for photos, there was easy camaraderie among the trio who play sexy vampires in the TV series.

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True Blood Spoiler : Holly Cleary , witches and the Jesus connection !!!

* We meet Holly first at the beginning of bk 2 right when Lafayette's body is discovered in Andy's car in Merlotte's parking lot.

** I would note that Holly's grandmother once lived in the Renard Parish Nursing Home !!!  This ties her to the TB character we now know as Jesus ( who is Lafayette's Mom's nurse in the nursing home) - so we can assume that they know each other and confirms that he may also be a witch.
*** I wonder if Summer might be the Dainielle character and be HS friends with Holly and Hoyt ?

Living Dead in Dallas

Danielle Gray and Holly Cleary, the two waitresses on the morning shift, came through the back door laughing. Both divorced women in their mid-twenties, Danielle and Holly were lifelong friends who seemed to be quite happy working their jobs as long as they were together. Holly had a five-year-old son who was at kindergarten, and Danielle had a seven-year-old daughter and a boy too young for school,who stayed with Danielle's mother while Danielle was at Merlotte's. I would never be any closer to the two women—who, after all, were around my age—because they were careful to be sufficient unto themselves.

Holly had short blond hair that hung around her face like wilted daisy petals, and the prettiest skin I'd ever seen. "

"Andy let a black queer sleep in his car?" This was Holly, who was the blunt straightforward one.

Then on to book 4 when Jason has disappeared,  it's Tara who helps Sookie find a witch and her first visit with and discussion with Holly "Dead to the World" pg 50

You don't know any witches, do you?" I asked, trying to change the subject before
Tara could read my misgivings."Holly can explain it better than I can," Tara said.
"Holly. The Holly who works with me?"

Holly Cleary lived. I thought I remembered her complaining about the closet size in her apartment, and that meant the Kingfisher Arms.
When I got to the U-shaped building on the southern approach to Bon Temps, I checked the mailboxes to discover Holly's apartment number. She was on the ground floor, in number 4. Holly had a five-year-old son, Cody. Holly and her best friend, Danielle Gray, had both gotten married right out of high school, and both had been divorced within five years. Danielle's mom was a great help to Danielle, but Holly was not so lucky. Her long-divorced parents had both moved away, and her grandmother had died in the Alzheimer's wing of the Renard Parish nursing home. Holly had dated Detective Andy Bellefleur for a few months, but nothing had come of it. Rumor had it that old Caroline Bellefleur, Andy's grandmother, had thought Holly wasn't "good" enough for Andy. I had no opinion on that.
Neither Holly nor Andy was on my shortlist of favorite people, though I definitely felt cooler toward Andy. When Holly answered her door, I realized all of a sudden how much she'd changed over the past few weeks. For years, her hair had been dyed a dandelion yellow. Now it was matte black and spiked. Her ears had four piercings apiece. And I noticed her hipbones pushing at the thin denim of her aged jeans

"You're a witch?" I said, embarrassed at using such a dramatic word.
"I'm more of a Wiccan."
"Would you mind explaining the difference?" I met her eyes briefly, and then decided to focus on the dried flowers in the basket on top of the television. Holly thought I could read her mind only if I was looking into her eyes. (Like physical touching, eye contact does make the reading easier, but it certainly isn't necessary.)
"You draw from a power that most people never tap into. Being a witch isn't being wicked, or at least it isn't supposed to be. If you're a Wiccan, you follow a religion, a pagan religion. We follow the ways of the Mother, and we have our own calendar of holy days. You can be both a Wiccan and a witch; or more one, or more the other. It's very individualized. I practice a little witchcraft, but I'm more interested in the Wiccan life. We believe that your actions are okay if you don't hurt anyone else."
Oddly, my first feeling was one of embarrassment, when I heard Holly tell me that she was a
non-Christian. I'd never met anyone who didn't at least pretend to be a Christian or who didn't give lip service to the basic Christian precepts. I was pretty sure there was a synagogue in Shreveport, but I'd never even met a Jew, to the best of my knowledge. I was certainly on a learning curve.
"I understand. Do you know lots of witches?"
"I know a few." Holly nodded repeatedly, still avoiding my eyes.
I spotted an old computer on the rickety table in the corner. "Do you have, like, a chat room online, or a bulletin board, or something?" "Oh, sure."

So let's look at what we learn from TB Sunday night and examine more about Holly later.

Fresh 'Blood' Meet the new addition to Merlotte's main menu

Lauren Bowles would love to talk about her debut tomorrow night on "True Blood."
But she can't -- at least not in detail. HBO is that serious about clamping down on its hottest show since "The Sopranos."
"It's no joke. For the first time [in my career] I signed a confidentiality agreement," Bowles says. "I can't even confirm I have the job."
Bowles, the half-sister of "Seinfeld" and "Old Christine" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, can say that she plays Holly Cleary, the new waitress at Merlotte's, the bar & grill which employs series protagonist Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) on the supernaturally flavored series (in which vampires and humans mix freely in the Louisiana town of Bon Temps).

Lauren Bowles  makes her "True Blood" debut tomorrow night as waitress Holly Cleary. sharing a laugh with her half-sister, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
Holly, a single mother of two, befriends fellow waitress Arlene (Carrie Preston) and "has some interesting abilities that will develop as the show goes on," Bowles says coyly. "She's sort of warm-hearted but very grounded."
Holly will appear in this season's final four episodes (the season finale airs Sept. 12) -- and will return for "True Blood's" fourth season, which begins filming later this fall.

BLOODlust: S:3 Ep:7 Review

Alex and Antonia have some fun with Ep 7

Kristin " Pam" and Charlaine red carpet interview

The cast of 'True Blood' showed up for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con and they were mobbed by fans wherever they went. On the red carpet at the EW/Syfy part, Kristin Bauer ('Pam') and Charlaine Harris talked about the popular TV show.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Wolf Like Me

Wolf Like Me - Alcide and Sookie (True Blood)