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Ep. 33: Postmortem - Jerry's Dead

True Blood Music Episode 3.09 "Everything Is Broken”

“How To Become Clairvoyant” by Robbie Robertson

“Tricked Out” by Disposable Youth
“Be My Queen” courtesy of Bosshouse Music
“Heart of Steel” by Galactic

“So Far, So Good” by Jim Bianco
“Holding On Too Tight” by Brit Savage
“Faith” by Alejandro Escovedo

“Heaven Knows” by James Combs & Joey Peters
“Dead and Gone” by Los Infernos
“Everything Is Broken” by Bob Dylan

True Blood Inside the Episode – Everything is Broken Episode 3.09

The Vampires Of: Ginjer Buchanan

Ace/Roc Editor-in-Chief Ginjer Buchanan knows vampires. She’s edited some of the most famous vampire writers: Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton, P.N. Elrod and many more. So Buzzy Multimedia couldn’t resist asking about her take on everybody’s favorite supernatural creature.

Buzzy: You’ve said that a good vampire story always sells. Why is that so?
Ginjer Buchanan: I think there is a perennial fascination with vampires. I think the nature of that fascination has changed as the nature of vampire fiction has changed. You can trace it from Dracula-and I know that Bram Stoker didn’t invent vampires-where the attraction was the forbidden sexuality, to Anne Rice, where the vampire actually became the angst-ridden bad boy hero, to the current instance in paranormal, where the vampire is very much that, and the love object but no longer a matter of forbidden sexuality in quite the same way. We don’t live in Victorian times, anymore. I think that’s the real reason for it. He is…the vampire is-and it’s almost always a he, although in some vampire fiction it’s the other way around-the guy in the black leather jacket, to a certain extent. If he’s not outright bad-which I don’t think he is much anymore; that’s a trope of horror fiction-he’s certainly ambiguous or tortured or angst-ridden or fill in the blank, and those are stories that have appeal to readers. So the trick is to find a new and interesting way to talk about the relationship between the normal, as it were, and the paranormal.

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True Blood Is Making Me Want To Be a Vegan

I love HBO's True Blood, the sexy, often hilarious (the battle-hardened and still swanky Lafayette deserves a spin-off) drama based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the serialized novels by Charlaine Harris, set in rural Louisiana. Every Sunday my friends come over, and I cook dinner, usually something southern or French, to be festive. Just as we're about to bite into our chicken pot pies, there's a blood bath on screen, one character ripping into a neck or crushing in a skull and getting bodily goo everywhere. Eating meat and watching True Blood doesn't always sit well, so in the spirit of the conscientious Bill Compton, our Sunday's have gone vegan, and no one is complaining. It's actually quite delicious and easy to cook, that after enough trials, you start to notice your taste for meat waning.

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The Happy Herbivore makes Veggie Biscuit Pot Pie from Andrea Chalupa on Vimeo.

True Blood: Everything Is Broken, Even The Vamps

Team Talk Blood member Jef from the Houston Press wows us with this week's column.

Great line They fall in love with us, and they hunger for the culture we produce. It's a sad, sad sack of an unlife and every one of them can bite our crank.

Before it all went poopy, there was that magical first season of Heroes where we all watched enthralled as the fate of the world was decided by a handful of superhumans against one monstrously powerful threat. And we do so now on True Blood.
Vampire politics and Eric's (Alexander Skarsgaard) quest for vengeance against the three-millennium-old king of Mississippi and now Louisiana, Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) has resulted in an all-out war on the movement for vampires to be accepted as full citizens of the United States. Believing that the American Vampire League sponsored Eric's murder of Edgington's lover of seven hundred years, Edgington storms a newscast and murders an anchorman live on the air in order to derail the mainstream movement and begin his ultimate quest for subjugation of humanity.
Gothtopia has two points to make.
One, that Alan Ball has made it clear in this season that a lot of vampires are at least bisexual. A lot. Especially the old and powerful ones.

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True Blood: What did they say ? Episode 3.09 "Everything is Broken" subtitles

True Blood - 03x09 - Everything is Broken.720psubtitles                                                            

'True Blood' 3.10 Preview: I Smell a Rat

Guns and stakes are out, more bodies will be found in the next "" episode. The preview of "I Smell a Rat" reveals that Sookie is in the middle of two vampires, Bill and Eric, who would like to convince her that they are not after her special ability.

A reluctant Bill warns Sookie about the dangers she will face. Jesus is intrigued by the mysterious qualities of V. Sam's recent fit of rage triggers dark memories. Eric takes precautions and fulfills a wish.

Arlene turns to Holly for help with a pressing problem; Jason deals with the unexpected, both with Tara and Crystal; Jessica is torn between Tommy and Hoyt. After communing with Talbot, Russell promises to extract vengeance on his enemies.

There are three episodes left before season 3 wraps up. If Alan Ball goes with the pattern, the fourth season which order has been placed, will debut in June next year.

Thinking of writing and publishing a vampire book? helps you out..

Here at we have a lot of first time authors contact us to either review or feature their book (something we are always happy to do), and with them I have learned a few dos and don’ts – which brings you today’s post. Here are a few pointers that may help you guys out with your publishing dreams.
1. E-Books: E-books are incredibly popular nowadays, especially with self-publishing authors. I understand that printing books is expensive, but, not everyone owns an e-book reader and few people enjoy reading an entire book off of their computer. Only having a PDF file is going to make it VERY hard to find someone to review your book. Personally, I refuse to read them. Yes, I want to review your book, but there’s no way I’m going to sit at my computer for hours to do so. So keep this in mind when you’re getting ready to publish your novel.

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Vampire books ro read : The Radleys

Meet the Radleys. Initially they seem like your typical middle-class British family. Peter Radley is the local doctor. His wife Helen is a stay-at-home mum who belongs to a book group. Their adolescent son, Rowan, spends hours brooding in his room. Daughter Clara, also a teenager, is a vegan who worries about the plight of the polar bears. Occasionally the neighbours wonder why they keep their curtains closed, even on the sunniest of days, but life is peaceful until something terrible happens and threatens to expose the secret that Peter and Helen have hidden, even from their children.

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The 10 Most Disturbing ‘True Blood’ Sex Scenes

#1 Bill and Lorena in the 1920s

In the 1920s Bill and his maker, Lorena, found a rich couple, murdered them, drank their blood, then made love on the blood-soaked sheets with the fresh corpses right beside them. It was a scene so horrific and explicit that, like the bloody sheets, my memory is forever stained.   
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Wall Street Journal thinks maybe Sookie is a mermaid :‘True Blood’ Season 3, Episode 9: ‘Everything is Broken’

Oh,  it's a joke ! They are trying to figure out the Bill Fairy scene:

Early on in this week’s ‘True Blood,’ Sookie admonishes Bill that normal couples don’t stumble upon dead bodies in their houses. Normal couples sit on the sofa and watch TV, Bill retorts. In its own way, “Everything is Broken” wrestles with the constraints of normalcy in a hyper-real setting.
True Blood continues to try our patience — Must we get hit over the head every single time Jason has a line? But after last week’s amped up senselessness, this episode was more quietly paced, and mixed in a few human moments against some camp vamp escapades.
Sookie and Bill: The sensuous blood-and-water sequence that opens the episode reminds us of ‘Silkwood’ meets ‘Red Shoe Diaries’. Cue the ‘Psycho’ reference: Bill’s hand reaching for Sookie’s neck startles her, and blood swirls down the drain. They find a dead were body, and Bill goes for a tarp.
They bicker over what’s normal for them. Keeping a file on your girlfriend? Not cool, Sooks says. But I just wanted to protect you. I’m not a thing to be protected, she says, finally sounding like season one Sookie.

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'True Blood': Finally, a 24-hour news channel I'd watch

LA Times likes the newscast too

I think it's now official. I would vote for Russell Edgington for president.
Sure, he'd probably place me under the subjugation of a race of vampire overlords, but, man, he's one charismatic dude, and he sure knows a way to make his point in a memorable fashion. Indeed, the last scene of this episode was one of the best the show has ever done, and that was almost all due to Denis O'Hare's performance as Russell. Sure, the speech he was handed was well-written, and the moment as conceived was such a brutally shocking one, but O'Hare had to make all of this come together, and he reminded me of just why he's become the most fascinating "True Blood" villain to date. This was the kind of shocking TV moment people will be talking about for years to come, and everyone involved carried it off with absolute aplomb.
American Vampire League spokeswoman Nan Flanagan is in her limo, driving on her way to the airport to head for Oregon to try and drum up support for a vampire rights bill. She's been in Bon Temps to try to suss out why, exactly, Eric killed Talbot and try to bring him back under the sway of the Authority. After she finally lays the problem of what to do with Russell at Eric's feet and tries to wash her hands of the whole mess, it seemingly becomes obvious that Russell is going to make Nan the next target of his campaign of terror, after killing the Magister a few weeks ago. It certainly helps that she's in the midst of a romantic moment with a lovely young lady, all the more unlikely to be ready should Russell somehow invade the limousine. Above her, the TV babbles on about the rights amendment and how Oregon is the latest battleground, the anchor distilling the story as much for the people of the world of "True Blood" as for the viewers at home.

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Go ask Andy ? On True Blood last night who was the newscaster that Russell killed on air ?

We were talking last night on Talk Blood radio about the newscaster that was "de-spined"  on air by Russell Edgington. I did remember the casting call but did not recognize the actor but the guys from Camp Blood sure did ( Brian and Andy )

This is the email they sent ..
I quickly looked up the actor in question.

His name is John Burke, and he's credited in TWO episodes as Jerry
  - Everything Is Broken <>
  - I Got a Right to Sing the Blues <>

His credit list includes numerous appearances on other TV shows a
newscaster! LOL

Brian and I know him best from an amazing show called "America's Pshychic
Challenge" that was on Lifetime network:

Too bad that Anderson Cooper didn't do it. ;)

Here was the casting call
Casting call:
[FAMOUS NEWSCASTER] Male, 40s – 50s. Seen on TV, “the most famous newscaster we can get”. 1 speech, 1 scene.

True Blood star, Stephen Moyer bares all

The wild and otherworldly antics on True Blood are fraught with life and death, and undead scenarios amid an often-naked cast are just another day at the office for principal actors Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

One might consider, with all that excitement, their off-screen relationship, presumably devoid of blood-drinking, vampire killing or supernatural sex, would seem comparably dull.

Not necessarily so. If you ask Moyer, 40, who appreciates the everyday minutia of life with his betrothed, even the milestone many men fear - meeting one's future mother-in-law - was approached with enthusiasm.

"It was late last year," he said. "I flew to Wellington to meet her mum for the first time. Without Anna."

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: I Want A New Drug

I Want A New Drug