Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eric & Sookie - I See You - True Blood

Are you ready ???

Charlaine Harris craves darker thread in both reading life and writing life.

I’d been reading traditional mysteries, commonly called “cozies,” for many years (and I’d been writing them for a few years too), when I noticed something curious; though I enjoyed them immensely and they had a place in my reading life (still do), I craved an occasionally darker thread in both my reading life and in my writing life.

What element was I missing?

Something that couldn’t be fixed. Something that couldn’t be remedied.

I had always been afraid to steer my protagonist into waters that might suck her down. I was terrified of giving her a life experience that would leave her permanently altered.

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Charlaine Harris reports she is working hard on Sookie book #12 and deciding the title- what do you think the title should be ??

Please post your suggestion in comments - remember the title must have the word "Dead" in it ...

Some notes on CH's Facebook page ..

I'm writing hard on Sookie 12, and my editor and I are talking about the title. In answer to the many queries, the Sookie series is my only active series now.

"True Blood" is wonderful, and I enjoy wondering what will happen next. A page-by-page adaptation would be boring for everyone. My input into the show consists of having signed a contract with the very best person to bring my world to life on the screen. At the same time, if you don't enjoy the show, it's no personal problem with me. There are people who watch "True Blood" who may never read the books.

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20 Things We Learned From ''You Smell Like Dinner''

Ol' Dallas has been doing " Things I learned from True Blood " for YEARS ! Guess Wetpaint likes like idea too ..

We’ve learned all kinds of life lessons from watching True Blood — for example, never chop off all your hair in a fit of post-break up rage. Actually, we learned that lesson from Britney Spears ....

Soak up some valuable words of wisdom with 20 things we learned from True Blood Season 4, Episode 2: "You Smell Like Dinner"!

1. Don’t invite your ex-girlfriend over while you’re in the middle of pounding your secretary.
2. If two hotties tie you to a bed and get naked, don’t assume you’re about to have a threesome.
3. Pinky rings are a officially a fashion do.
4. Inbred children’s saliva makes a great natural antiseptic.
5. If someone starts chanting to you in Latin and fireballs erupt in their eyes, run.

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Emmy poll: Will 'True Blood' be nominated for best drama series again?

There was something creepy about "True Blood's" surprise Emmy nomination for best drama series last year. The HBO cult hit reaped no nominations in other top races -– only four bids in the tech races (all lost). That suggests support for "True Blood" may be weak and its top bid may have been a fluke, so Emmy-watchers wonder: Will "True Blood" be back when nominations are unveiled July 14?

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Adam Sandler Checks Into 'Hotel Transylvania' as Over-Protective Vampire Daddy

Adam Sandler has been officially tapped to voice Prince of Darkness, Dracula, in Sony Pictures Animation's 3D film "Hotel Transylvania". Instead of bringing the horror like some familiar vampire-ridden movies, the funnyman will provide a different look at his bloodsucker role in this movie.

The "Just Go with It" actor will be an over-protective father of a teenage girl named Mavis. As one of his efforts to keep her daughter safe, he builds a "lavish, five-stake resort where monsters and their families can live it up, free from meddling humans" and "fabricates tales of elaborate dangers to dissuade her [daughter's] adventurous spirit."

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“True Blood” Blood Work Vlog 4.2: “You’re Covered in Queen”

The boys go punk ! We had a great time talking the other night - listen to the podcast, you can hear the ideas for their vlogs sometimes formulating !!

Thanks to HBO’s releasing the episode a little early and the July 4 holiday, this week’s Blood Work! is up and running. It of course covers the second episode of Season 4 of True Blood, the increasingly elaborate supernatural booty-pop sensation of the summer.
This week Andy and I tackle London, 1982 (with disastrous results), a few ladies in need of a little Witch Slappin’, and of course all the big moments from this week’s sexed-up, blood-spattered romp. Will it be enough to wipe Eric‘s wardrobe from YOUR memory? Watch and see!