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True Blood's cast members and Charlaine Harris to attend fan event in Australia

Saturday the 25th September in Sydney
Sunday the 26th September in Melbourne
Charlaine Harris, Sam Trammell, John Billingsley, Kristen Bauer and others will be appearing on Saturday 25th September in Sydney from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday the 26th September in Melbourne from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

The event features the guests live on stage for a few stories, anecdotes as well as Question and Answers. There will also be a variety of events throughout the day, such as auctions, raffles and trivia. There will also be merchandise as well as rare collectables available to purchase from the dealers. You will also have the chance to meet the guests and acquire autographs and professional photographs.

Joe Manganiello on Werewolf 101

The type of stranger approaching Joe Manganiello on the street has changed recently, from devotees of the CW's One Tree Hill (an apparently fanatical and legion population), on which he played bartender Owen for two seasons, to rabid True Blood fans eager to get close to Manganiello's latest character, the werewolf Alcide Herveaux.

During a visit to New York, Manganiello found time to talk to us about the thrill of being cast on his favorite show, and his tips for playing a werewolf, which include ab work and connecting with your inner child.

MCKENNEY: Tell us a little about your audition process for True Blood.

MANGANIELLO: My first audition was for a different werewolf role–it was me, ten inches away from the casting director, growling in her face. It felt great. They called me back in and said they wanted me to read again, but this time for the part of Alcide. Since I was a fan of the series and had already read all the books, I knew this was a bigger role, and was totally overwhelmed when I got it.

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More on True Blood comic books !

True Blood Exorcises Environmentalism's Dark Side

Fans of True Blood have come a long way with the characters of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

What started out as a simple love story of girl meets vampire, girl dates vampire, girl uses annoying psychic powers to foil serial killer, has veered toward melodramatic epic.

But this season is different. Writer/director Alan Ball is creating a show with actual thematic depth. Other writers on this site have touched on themes of domestic violence and animal abuse, and the episodes have also as well dipped into familial loyalty, drug abuse, mental illness, and the arch-theme of them all: the moral character of love itself.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when one of the pivotal characters this season started a monologue about environmental degradation, but I did in fact rewind my DVR three times to make sure. There it was: Russell Edgington, the suave and sophisticated 3,000-year-old gay vampire, getting all hot and bothered about pollution.

For a moment my loyalty shifted away from the psychic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse to this urbane tyrant. Then my heart sank. Oh. Yeah. He's a Nazi. I asked myself: What is Alan Ball trying to say about environmentalism, and what does that say about me?

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"I certainly have to read the Sookie books " Michael Hinman of Rabid Doll

Dallas says you certainly do...

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer on Playing Pam

kristin-bauer-main.jpgFor the perfect example of someone who can do a lot with just a little, just check out True Blood’s scene stealer Kristin Bauer. As Pam, the stylish second-in-command vampire to Bon Temps big shot Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), it often falls to Bauer to swan into a scene, casually toss off the episode’s best lines, and leave a lasting impression in just a few minutes. She talked to Movieline about how she does it.
Pam is such a huge fan favorite. Are you aware of how much people like her?
You know, I’ve been hearing that, but there’s really no way for the actor to have a good feeling for that. Right now, I’m in my house doing my to-do list because we’re leaving the country for a month, I’m answering emails, I went and got groceries today…somehow, there’s no way for that [fan attention] to get into your cells! It’s so nice to hear, and it’s definitely a product of how amazing the show’s creators are, and the wardrobe. It’s a big collaboration to create such a great character, so it doesn’t feel like I’m walking around like, “Aren’t I wonderful?

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The Most Insane Moments From This Season of True Blood

Soo great.....

When you begin with vampires, werewolves, sex, and bloodsucking, it can be hard to outdo yourself. But with each episode, this season of True Blood has become ever-more hyperbolically demented. Alan Ball's vampire soap opera has always been grimy and kitschy and shamelessly lusty, but in season three, Ball and his writers seem determined to outdo their own previous high scores for insanity (see: Prohibition-era Bill and Lorena making dirty vampire love in the same bed as their still-bleeding victim). So without further ado, we salute their shamelessness with a list of season three's top ten goriest, raunchiest, most willfully bananas moments (so far). Tell us what we missed in the comments!

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Alan Ball’s next literary adaptation “All Signs of Death,”

Now that he’s brought Charlaine Harris’ Bon Temps to television screens worldwide, Alan Ball has turned his eye to another literary adaptation. He’s producing and directing a pilot for a series called “All Signs of Death,” based on Charlie Huston’s thriller The Mysterious Art of Erasing All Signs of Death (which got a 2009 Edgar nod for Best Novel).

The book is about an LA slacker who cleans crime scenes for a living—and then becomes entangled in the underworld himself.

“The show is about contemporary Los Angeles, but not the glamorous LA, it’s about the dirty underbelly of LA,” Ball said in an interview with Deadline Hollywood. “We’re going to try to go against the grain, away from the overlit, stylized noir for a more frantic, contemporary, naturalistic style.”

Ball discovered the book through Charlaine Harris, who included it in a boxed selection of her favorite reads. He and Huston became friends, so when Huston decided to pitch the book as a TV series, he ran the idea by Ball—who snapped it up. Will it be the next “True Blood”? We’ll find out.

Video: More with Joe " Alcide" Manganiello with additional spoiler scenes

More discussions with Joe " Alcide" Manganiello and I pretty sure some additional scenes from Episode 8 !

Top 10 things you want to see in the last 5 episodes of True Blood Season 3?

Top Ten from ..What would be your top 10 things you want to see in the last 5 episodes of True Blood Season 3 ??? Sound off and I'll make a great post out of it for the weekend! There might even be a prize ;-)

We Richmond.comers love the HBO series "True Blood." Here are the Top 10 things we’d like to see happen this season on 'True Blood.' (Warning: spoiler alerts; probably.)
Kill Off Tara
Sorry! But how much bad luck can one girl get? First her alcoholic mother convinces her she’s possessed, then she falls in love with a zombie, then she turns into a zombie herself, then her zombie boyfriend dies and now she’s kidnapped by a vampire. It’s just too much to take. Plus, really didn’t need that visual of her chomping on that vampire’s neck. Bleck.
And Speaking of that Vampire
Franklin needs to go right behind Tara. What’s with those teeth? We get it; he’s a vampire, but is it just us or are those teeth just wrong on him.

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Anna Paquin to be a guest on the George Lopez Tonight program


Anna Paquin will be a guest on the George Lopez Tonight program on Tuesday, August 10.
The show airs on TBS weeknights at 11pm.

True Blood Crossword : S3E04 "9 Crimes"

Thanks Kristie !

9 Crimes                                                            

Blood on the Tracks

How do you incinerate a vampire at sunrise, and twist a head 180 degrees? These and more otherworldly challenges are met head on by directors on the gothic TV series True Blood.
By Steve Pond
On a movie lot tucked away in a nondescript area of West Hollywood, the director of True Blood huddles with actor Alexander Skarsgård on the soundstage where a vampire bar called Fangtasia sits. At the same time, on an adjoining stage, the director of True Blood walks through a basement set with his production designer and AD, trying to decide if a set of shackles should hang from an overhead pipe or be secured to pillars. No, True Blood hasn’t found the secret to putting a director in two places at once. Instead, this is simply business as usual on the lot that’s home to the HBO series about vampires, shape-shifters and other assorted denizens of the night who make their homes in a fictional little Louisiana town called Bon Temps.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: White blank page

White blank page

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