Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who's license plate is this ? - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

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The answer is Eric

from bk 8
“A-hum,” I said, and Eric cursed in a language that probably hadn’t been
spoken out loud in centuries. But even the sheriff of Area Five has to obey
human laws these days, or at least he has to pretend to. Eric pulled over to
the shoulder.
“With a vanity plate like BLDSKR, what do you expect?” I asked, not so
secretly enjoying the moment. I saw the dark shape of the trooper
emerging from the car behind us, walking up with something in his hand—
clipboard, flashlight?

Carrie Preston ( Arlene) on acting in True Blood

true Blood"

Nathan Barr - True Blood Composer

Visit Nathan Barr's myspace page to listen to his beautiful and haunting True Blood themes.

You can hear:
Bill and Sookie's Love Theme
Bills Entrance
Bill and Sookie Come Together

(from his page )
About Nathan Barr
Nathan Barr began studying music in Tokyo, Japan at the age of four. He grew up surrounded by eclectic music ranging from Kabuki Theater, to the sounds of his mother performing on the koto and piano, to his father playing the banjo, guitar, and shakuhachi. His interest in music was further influenced by extensive travels around the world, where he experienced music ranging from Bali's Kecak Orchestras to China's Beijing Opera. During the summer of 1993, he toured Italy and Switzerland with the Julliard Cello Ensemble. Upon graduating from college, he joined the industrial alternative rock group V.A.S.T. (Elektra Records) for a brief stint, playing guitar and electric cello. Looking to explore a career in film music, he moved to Los Angeles in 1996, where he met Academy Award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer, who invited him to join him as his assistant. After just eight months with Hans, Nathan landed his first feature and struck out on his own and has been working constantly ever since. He is currently writing the score for Hostel Part 2 and will be traveling to Prague and London to record and mix the score with an orchestra at the end of March.

A blast from Anna's past

Why More TV Viewers Love to Have the Life Scared Out of Them

By R. Thomas Umstead -- Multichannel News, 12/7/2008

As a young woman walks alone in the damp, dark woods, a hand suddenly comes up from the ground and grabs her ankles. She frantically tries to escape before realizing that the nemesis is actually her vampire love interest, who eventually seals the loving reunion by sinking his fangs into her shoulder.

Romantic, eh? The scene is straight from HBO’s hit drama series True Blood, one of several cable shows that is pushing its own twist on the horror genre to bring in the eyeballs.

HBO's True BloodBesides HBO’s True Blood series — a love story between a strong but vulnerable young woman and a 100-year-old vampire, which has averaged 7 million cumulative weekly viewers during its just-ended freshman run — even general-entertainment networks are finding that hair-raising shows can sell.

AMC posted double-digit viewership increases this year for its annual eight-day October “Fearfest” horror-movie marathon, formerly “Monsterfest.”

VH1 is currently airing Scream Queens, a reality-show competition in which 10 actresses vie for a role in next year’s Saw VI horror flick. And NBC Universal’s Chiller channel is gaining traction with more than 20 million subscribers.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Talking in your sleep by the Romantics

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Talking in your sleep by the Romantics

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A Bit Long in the Tooth

Hollywood found new blood with 'Twilight,' but the vampire metaphor is positively deathless.

By Jennie Yabroff | NEWSWEEK
Published Dec 6, 2008
Midway through the HBO series "True Blood," a man returns home after being sexually humiliated by his vampire-preferring girlfriend. He turns on the TV—a classic vampire movie. He changes the channel—an evangelical chat show about the crusade against vampires. He hits the remote once more—a nature special on vampire bats. Disgusted, he switches off the set, and who can blame him? For creatures that supposedly crave the darkness, vampires seem to be getting more than their fair share of the spotlight.

In addition to "True Blood," which recently ended its first season, the film "Twilight," based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel about a teen vampire and his chaste love for a human girl, topped the box office its first week out and is still going strong. "All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire," by Kerrelyn Sparks, just entered the bestseller list, and the Swedish film "Let the Right One In," about a young vampire girl and the lonely boy who loves her, is a stealth hit among the indie crowd. "South Park" even spoofed the vampire craze in its season ender, in which the kids were initiated into a vampire cult by drinking Clamato.

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