Tuesday, June 14, 2011

True Blood Season 4: Will Dallas do a "Talk Blood " radio show this year ? #trueblood

Do you long to hear ? "Good evening from Dallas, Texas- located in Area 6 in the Kingdom of Texas and welcome to Talk Blood"

Wow --here we go we are just 2 weeks from the return of True Blood.

One big question is looming …Will ‘ Talk Blood’ my True Blood radio show/ podcast return for Season 4 ?
First let me say thanks to everyone who has emailed and asked about the show’s return , it’s so nice to know how many folks love the show/podcast/ guests and chat room.

The bad news is that Blogtalk radio is no longer free – it actually now would cost about $100 a month to broadcast the show live on Sunday nights following each True Blood episode. The Blogtalk costs for the season would run about $400 and I am just not willing to do all the work it takes to run the show and personally shoulder the $400 costs.

We have a number of different ways ( or combination of ways) to raise the money. We can just raise the money through donations, I can take and read ads during the show from show sponsors and we could raise money through a raffle for True Blood / Sookie prizes.

For right now,  I would just like to hear from you if you are willing to buy a raffle ticket for prizes ($20), if you would like to be a show sponsor ($50- for ads) or if you would just be willing to throw in a few bucks toward keeping the show going.

Let me know what you think ????
Depending on the response I’ll make a decision and we’ll get busy raising the money needed.

Thanks, Dallas

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