Monday, December 28, 2009

True Blood HBO Schedule for January 2010 and Season 1 Marathon !

HBO will air all of season 1 this week, beginning tonight through December 31, at 7:00 pm c. Check here for complete listings. They are playing three episodes each night also here is the January schedule in pdf.


UK True Blood Convention Friday 6th - Sunday 8th of August 2010

Bitten is a 3-day unofficial convention to celebrate the new HBO television series "True Blood" based on the best-selling novel series 'The Southern Vampire Mysteries' by Charlaine Harris. This event will be held from Friday 6th - Sunday 8th of August 2010. This unofficial convention aims to bring together fans of the series and books to enjoy various events over the weekend. There will be activities each day from the usual guest talks and photograph sessions to quizzes and late night parties - for more information on these, check out our events section. This event will take place in The Park Inn, Northampton for more information on this venue and room rates see our venue page. Registration will begin at 2pm and the Opening Ceremony will be at 7pm on the Friday evening!

True Blood' hunk on landing Alcide

Now that you’ve had time to adjust to the idea of Joe Manganiello in the role of Alcide on True Blood, it’s time to get to know the man behind the monster. In Part 1 of an exclusive two-part Q&A, the One Tree Hill hunk opens up about the phone call that changed his life, the childhood incident that foreshadowed his casting, and the punishing “werewolf workout” that will turn him into a half-human heartthrob.

How did you find out that you won the role?
I had three meetings with Alan Ball. [After the last one], I got a call from my agent and manager. And whenever you get a call from your agent and manager, you have a pretty good idea that something good is about to happen.

What was your reaction when they told you?
I’m not afraid to admit that I started crying. I was just so excited. It’s a dream come true. When I was a little kid, the nun at my elementary school said if you pray for something hard enough, it’ll happen. And I would pray every day with all of my heart that God would turn me into a werewolf. And when it didn’t happen, I kind of thought, “You know what? Maybe this stuff doesn’t work. Maybe I’m getting gypped.” So here it is 25 years later and my prayers got answered and I’m going to be a werewolf.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Corrupt by Depeche Mode ( new version)

Corrupt by Depeche Mode ( new version)
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