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True Blood: Bill's Top Pick-Up Lines to Score with Sookie

1. ) Sookie, what are you?
Bill is not quite sure if Sookie is human.
2. ) Sookie, I am not human!
Bill is certain that he is not human.
3. ) Sookie, I am vampire!
Bill is a vampire and sucks blood but he’d prefer to be human.
4. ) Sookie, drink my blood to heal!
Bill can save people with his blood, but he only wants to save Sookie.
5. ) Sookie, may I call on you?
Bill is an old-school gentleman who asks to call on a lady but never booty calls on them.
6. ) Sookie, stay in the car!
Bill wants Sookie to be safe by remaining inside a vehicle.
7. ) Sookie, stay in the house!
Bill wants Sookie to be safe by remaining inside a building.
8. ) Sookie, stay away from Eric!
Bill doesn’t want Sookie to be near another Vampire. Especially one who is 1000 years old, outrageously sexy and as charismatic as Eric. {yummy}
9. ) Sookie, will you marry me?
Bill believes in monogamy and wants Sookie to bathe in it with him for all time. If she agrees to this bond, with coffin dodger Bill, they will continue having tons of sex which includes a lot of suckage.
10. ) Sookie is Mine!
Bill says this when Sookie is within earshot. Sookie loves it. Only Bill can drink from Sookie’s smooth skinned neck. And hey, that’s romantic! Isn’t it?

Will True Blood's Sookie ever become a vampire? Charlaine Harris has the answer.

True Blood is a dominant presence at Comic-Con, and while author Charlaine Harris has little to do with the HBO series, she has plenty to say about its characters. Today she revealed what's next for Sookie. Harris is the bestselling author who created Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compton, and Viking hottie Eric Northman in her Southern Vampire mysteries. For the first time at Comic-Con, Harris was honored with her own panel to answer audience questions-largely about the show-and tease the next book in her series

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The Sookie Stackhouse Companion: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Exclusive: Marshall Altman Spills True Blood Secrets!

The third season of True Blood has been filled with excitement, plot twists (not to mention head twists), and a slew of exciting new characters. Among them is Sam's brother Tommy (Marshall Altman), a troubled teen shapeshifter with a dark past. We were lucky enough to sit down with Altman, who dished on "smokin' hot vampires" and revealed the sad secret behind Tommy's scars. Stay tuned for the full interview, but here's a sneak peek!

Syndication may suck the life out of 'True Blood'

Oh, “True Blood,” it looks like syndication wants to do bad things to you.

HBO hopes to sell the sexy, gore-filled series for $800,000 an episode, but it knows full well that the show, which centers on vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings, requires considerable editing before it can go to basic cable. (Since non-premium channels rely on advertisers to make money, they need to conform to more stringent guidelines when it comes to what can be shown.)

Both humans and supernatural beings engage in some pretty kinky sex on the show, but “True Blood” isn’t just soft porn. Each week, Oscar-winner Alan Ball's series strips away more than just clothing.

At its core, the Bon Temps, La.-based series takes on small-minded people mired in prejudice and examines what it means to be human. The complexity of relationships between humans and nonhumans opens up the possibilities of what it means to love someone.

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CNN talks to Alan Ball about the new True Blood comics

CNN's K.J. Matthews talks to "True Blood" creator Alan Ball and gets a sneak peek at the new comic book.

Talk Blood : True Blood Season 3.05 "Trouble" podcast !

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True Blood Season 3.05 "Trouble"

I was joined tonight by our Talk Blood team members, Brian Juergens and Andy Swist of the vlog Blood Work at Camp Blood.  and Jefwithonef, columnist from the Houston Press.

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Deafula - "Dracula in Sign Language" 1975

DEAFULA (1975)

The first nationally-distributed feature-length film presented entirely in American Sign Language, Deafula occupies a unique position as one of the rarest vampire movies of all time.
The story focuses on Steve Adams, a young theology student who just happens to turn into a vampire (complete with a flowing cape, pointy ears, a giant nose, and big pointy teeth) from time to time, but has no memory of doing so after the fact. After a chat with a friend who is investigating the bloodless corpses turning up around town, Adams begins to have flashbacks to his childhood - including one scene in which his bloodlust causes him to rip out the throat of his puppy. Having previously believed he had just been an unusually anemic youngster and the son of a simple minister, these memories prompt Adams to investigate his past; he finds that he is actually the son of no less than Count Dracula himself.

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They're Back! BBC's hit series " Being Human " season 2 premieres Saturday night

They're Back!
Vampires, and werewolves, and ghosts, oh my! The new season premieres July 24th at 10/9c right after the Doctor Who season finale.


Being Human, featuring three roommates who happen to be a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf, was almost lost in the pop-culture furor around fellow supernatural series Twilight and True Blood. What sets this BBC America series apart is that it's as true to life as a series of its kind can be.

Being Human: Season One (suggested retail price $34.98) was released on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday. The first episode plops you right into the characters' lives, with little enough exposition that you're forced to pay attention. George the werewolf and Mitchell the vampire, who work together at a hospital, move into a new flat haunted by Annie. She's happy they can see her. They're a little worried because there's the dark side staring at them.

That's just the surface, though. Look a little deeper, and you'll find yourself deeply involved with Aidan Turner's smoldering yet subtle performance as the vampire, Russell Tovey's twitchy werewolf and Lenora Crichlow's ghost, whose emotions and insecurities are always rising to the surface.


Chelsea Lately last night with Anna Paquin

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Tell Me Something I don't Know : Steve Newlin

Tell Me Something I don't Know : Steve Newlin