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The end of the Vampire’s grip on Hollywood?

A new day dawns and so the vampire creeps, creeps, creeps its way slowly back into the shadowy depths of mythology. Or does it? Has Hollywood had its fill of blood-letting and bloodlust? Do we finally bid farewell to Edward Cullen, Angel, Eli and Bill Compton? Or does the vampire continue to dig its nails into the everlasting flesh of Hollywood, holding it in its eternal embrace.

With Daybreakers just released in the US (doesn’t arrive on NZ shores until March this year), it’s possible we’re about to see a huge decline in vampire related movies/books/tv shows and the like. Obviously True Blood has found its niche and with current trends aside, will probably continue for a few seasons yet, given its popularity. Other than the continuance of the Twilight movies this year (Eclipse releases in New Zealand in July), it seems the vampire may have had its time in the limelight. Perhaps Hollywood really has had its fill of vampires. Let’s take a quick recap over the last few years and look at just how popular the vampire has been in the entertainment medium:

  1. Twilight (books and movies) – based on the books by Stephanie Meyer. Made vampires look hip again and even trendy caus’ they mention google :P
  2. Let the Right One In (movie based on the novel) – back to more traditional roots, you can’t deny the understated creepiness and allure of Eli, the 12 year old vampire that befriends a lonely boy on a swing. Just awesome.
  3. True Blood – bringing the vampire wayyy down south made this TV show with its raunchy and sexy appeal something to really sink your teeth into. Also based on books and starring New Zealand starlet Anna Paquin in the lead role
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True Blod ast SAG award

Don’t Panic, True Blood Fans: Jason Stackhouse’s Abs Will Run Free in Season Three Read more: Don’t Panic, True Blood Fans: Jason Stackhouse’s Abs Wi

We met Ryan Kwanten on the red carpet for last night's PGA awards, where True Blood would lose to Mad Men for Best TV Drama Series. Well, if you can't wrest the big awards from Mad Men, you might as well do what that suit-and-tie-bound show can never do for your next season: Ramp up the male shirtlessness. As the dumb-yet-lovable Jason Stackhouse, Kwanten spent the majority of True Blood's first season half-naked: The women he slept with kept getting killed, so he was constantly shot pre-, post-, or mid-coitus. But last year, Jason found God, and piousness always comes with a shirt. “Jason was relatively tame in terms of the skin exposure last season," Kwanten told us. "Joining a religious cult will do that to you. But he is going to get back to his gallivanting ways in season three [which premieres in June] until he finds love. So I’ve had to spend some more time in the gym.”

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'True Blood' star: 'Lot of people getting naked this season'

By Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
True Blood fans will be happy to hear that "a lot of people will be getting naked this season," Todd Lowe (chef Terry Bellefleur) told E!'s Marc Malkin at the SAG Awards Saturday night.

One of the folks who'll be stripping down for Season 3, airing on HBO in June, is vampire hottie Alexander Skarsgard, says True Blood's Carrie Preston, who plays waitress Arlene Fowler. (Skarsgard is shown here on the SAG red carpet with True Blood co-stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin.)

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Howl by Florence and the Machine

Howl by Florence and the Machine

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