Friday, May 14, 2010

Talk Blood Radio Returns ! Dead in the Family Show

Join us live Sunday night (after the final episode of The Pacific) for our discussion of the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead in the Family.
I will be joined by my lovely co-host @SookieBonTemps and other special guests for the discussion-- but we want to hear from you !

Call-in Number: (646) 929-0825- 9pm central Sunday May 16th

Charlaine Harris Book Tour In MS in July

An Evening with Charlaine Harris in MS ( maybe she's looking for Bill ;0)

Monday July 12, 2010-7:00 PM until 8:00 PM

Join Tunica County native and author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, the basis for the hit HBO series True Blood. Funded by the Elizabeth Entrikin Cooke Foundation. Book signing sponsored by the Friends of the Hernando Library. Sale books provided by Square Books of Oxford, MS.
Location: Hernando Public Library

WOOOOHOOOO! I was just thinking to myself, the other day, about how I never get to go to any book signing or meet and greets with my fav authors because they don't come to Memphis.

It's good that Ms Harris is from Mississippi and she doesn't forget her peeps. Even though I live in Memphis, TN, Mississippi is right down the road from me. I shop more in Mississippi than I do in Tennessee. Sales taxes in TN is 9.25% and tax in MS is 7%.

Hernando, MS is probably 15 minutes away so that'll be an easy trip to make. Hopefully, i'll get to take pixs with her and post them here.

Now, I've gotta buy the book to get signed. Dammit, why did I have to buy the ebook?

For her current schedule, click HERE

True Blood: season two ends tonight, and it's been worth every crazy bite

From Guardian UK

It's the final episode of True Blood's second season tonight for those who are following it on FX – and it's been a rollicking ride. Everything was bigger, better and bolder than the first series, and explaining it to an outsider suddenly became a near-impossible task: "So there's a mythological creature, the townsfolk are having orgies and dancing a lot, and there's a shape-shifter, who is hanging out with an alcoholic ex-detective who keeps seeing a pig." It makes sense when you watch it, of course, but that's the pleasure of True Blood – its gleeful lack of concern for understatement, propriety and doing things by halves.

This sheer insanity is part of what has made season two a whole lot better than the first, bar a few pacing hiccups towards the end of the run. Shifting the focus away from the romance between Sookie and Bill was a smart move, because their will-they-won't-they-oh-they-did storyline ran out of steam fairly early in series one, and there's only so much bloodied bodice-ripping any viewer can take. Giving bad-boy vampire Eric more screen time, and cutting his Kurt Cobain locks into a sharper, male model 'do, was a masterstroke – as was using Bill's sort-of daughter Jessica for more than just comic relief. Moving some of the action away from Bon Temps, to Dallas and to the Fellowship of the Sun's training camp, also livened things up a treat. Suddenly it wasn't just a vampire show, it was a comedy, drama and satire, too.

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"Sookie Stackhouse" Author Charlaine Harris Seattle King5 TV

Club Dead (TV Tie-In): A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

If you have not yet read the book True Blood Season 3 is based on BUY IT TODAY!

Many longtime Sookie book readers believe " Club Dead" it is the best book of the series.

Club Dead (TV Tie-In): A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) Waitress in a bar, telepath Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire boyfriend Bill appear to be continuing their romance nicely. Bill is working on a special project that attracts the interest of major league vampires (although this project turns out to be, from my perspective, kind of small potatoes–not seemingly worth the trouble that it triggers). Bill disappears. Bill’s boss Eric sends her off to Jackson (Mississippi) where she teams with a werewolf, Alcide.

With her telepathic ability, Sookie is to go to Club Dead (a vampire bar, needless to say) with Alcide (who is to protect her). Murder follows her first efforts to find out if any of the humans at the bar know anything about Bill’s whereabouts.

In time, she locates Bill, imprisoned and being tortured in the home of the head of Mississippi’s vampire community. Sookie finds him, “stakes” a female vampire who had once been Bill’s lover. Indeed, he returned to her, betraying Sookie, and found–ultimately–that she had been a lure to get Bill into the clutches of boss Russell Edgington, the king of Mississippi. Sookie conceives of an almost unbelievable plan to rescue Bill (the idea stretches one’s credulity!). There are some other plot twists and turns (again, some quite improbable–such as the rescue of the dim vampire, Bubba).

As the book ends, we wonder what the future holds for Bill and Sookie and what her next adventure will be. The book moves quickly, is quite readable. The reader ends up caring for Sookie. The plots and events in this book leave one wondering how readers will suspend their disbelief over unlikely events–but it works!

7 Shocking Moments on 'The Vampire Diaries' Season Finale

The Vampire Diaries has given us one hell of a season, which has managed to tap on various mysteries--from Katherine, the never-ending tension between the Salvatore brothers, the colorful history of Mystic Falls, vampire slayers, and witches to Elena's birth parents. But at the end of the day (or better yet at the end of this season), it all boils down to the Tomb vampires versus the Founding families. And Founder's Day might as well serve as the perfect battleground for this centuries-old war.

The people behind The Vampire Diaries really did live up to its promise to deliver an ending that will leave viewers breathless so I've decided to rundown the most shocking moments on tonight's finale.

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Alexander Skarsgard Gets Animated

"True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgård has gained American heartthrob status as the show's thousand-year-old Viking vampire Alex, but even if the role is clearly make-believe, the Nordic charm is all his. Son of famed actor Stellan Skarsgård, the Stockholm-born thespian has a long and storied career in his homeland, from becoming a child actor to being named the sexiest man in Sweden circa 1999. Not to be confused with his upcoming part in Lars von Trier's highly anticipated sci-fi flick "Melancholia," Skarsgård the younger's latest project is director Tarik Saleh's highly stylized, animated sci-fi flick "Metropia."

Set in a dystopian world of the not-far-off future where the world's resources are running out and the metro system connects all of Europe, "Metropia" concerns a newly paranoid Swedish everyman Roger (voiced by Vincent Gallo) as he begins to hear a voice in his head that isn't his own. In fact, it's Stefan's (enter Skarsgård), a company man who begins to have second thoughts about his government gig monitoring citizens and their inner thoughts. While on the set of "True Blood," now shooting its third season, Skarsgård called me to talk Glögg parties, filthy cartoons, and his real-life stint as an anti-terrorist marine.

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Jace Everett's west coast US tour includes a True Blood event at Alex's "Fangtasia" Bar in Long Beach

Here is the complete list of Jace Everett’s Californian Tour:

Wednesday, Oct. 28th – SAN FRANCISCO – HOTEL UTAH
Friday, Oct. 30th – LOS ANGELES – HOTEL CAFE
Saturday, Oct. 31st – SAN DIEGO – PRIVATE EVENT
Sunday, Nov. 1st – LONG BEACH – ALEX’S BAR – True Blood-inspired Costumes suggested –

True Blood Music Video of the Day: True Blood (Jace Everett) vs Depeche Mode - Bad Things vs Personal Jesus

True Blood (Jace Everett) vs Depeche Mode - Bad Things vs Personal Jesus
Thanks, djchexrated