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True Blood: Alexander Skarsgård & Stephen Moyer - Season 3 Finale (Behind the scene)

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'True Blood' star dishes on shocking news scene

The more unhinged he gets ... the more sloppy he's gonna get,' Denis O'Hare says of his character Russell
LOS ANGELES — For "True Blood" junkies, season three has been a major fix thanks to one jaw-dropping scene after another.
Bill Compton's head-turning (literally) between-the-sheets moment with his maker Lorena, and Sheriff Eric Northman's steamy naked staking of Talbot all raised headlines, eyebrows and left viewers slack-jawed, but the scene that made the biggest waves among the "Truebie" community was entirely clothed. That moment was claimed Aug. 15 by Mississippi vampire king Russell Edgington, played in a deliciously complex fashion by the remarkable Denis O'Hare.
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Sookie Book #11 "Dead Reckoning " delivered to publisher by Charlaine Harris !

Editor Ginjer Buchanan at Ace Books received Harris's manuscript for Dead Reckoning, the eleventh Sookie Stackhouse novel.
Korean rights to the ninth and tenth Sookie Stackhouse books (Dead and Gone and Dead in the Family) and the Sookie collection A Touch of Dead sold to Open Books.
Greek rights to the sixth through tenth books in the series (Definitely Dead, All Together Dead, From Dead to Worse, Dead and Gone and Dead in the Family) sold to Fantastikos Kosmos in Greece.
Large print rights to Dead Reckoning sold to Thorndike.

Lafayette bares his true soul

Nelsan Ellis, who plays the ever flamboyant and crowd favourite Lafayette Reynolds, speaks to us about his role, fame and his sexuality 
IT'S hard to pick a favourite among HBO's True Blood characters because quite honestly, they are all just really, re­ally good. Out of all the main characters however, it can't be argued that Lafay­ette Reynolds is the most entertaining.
A charming character, Lafayette is very flamboyant in style, has an abso­lutely toxic but entertaining mouth and hilarious dialogues. To top it all off, he's also got a mysterious past, present and future.
For those who don't know who Lafay­ette is, he is the cook at Merlotte's - his decent day job, apart from being a drug dealer, a V (vampire blood) dealer and a gay prostitute. Simply put, he is any­thing but boring.
Yes, sure, the main character, Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin), her vampire lover Bill Compton (Ste­phen Moyer) and Season 3 entry were­wolf bodyguard Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) are just as hot and deli­cious as Lafayette. But we could almost predict what's going to happen to them, and how the characters will develop.

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Ryan Kwanten and being approached by a panther !

Ryan Kwanten has revealed details of his upcoming storyline in True Blood.

Kwanten told TV Guide that his character Jason will face complications when Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher) makes a big decision that affects their future.
"He's dealing with his simple little life being thrown upside down," Kwanten explained.

The show's executive producer Alan Ball added: "There are a lot of things working against that relationship."Kwanten also revealed that Jason will be approached by a panther, saying: "It's just as vicious, if not more vicious, than a werewolf."

EXCLUSIVE: True Blood's Lauren Bowles Talks Holly Clearly and Season 3 Finale

True Blood has become a phenomenon over the course of three seasons on HBO. The show only has two more episodes left before season three comes to its shocking conclusion on September 12th with Episode 3.12: Evil is Going On. But before that happens, there's quite a bit more story to tell. Much of which centers around new cast addition Lauren Bowles, who plays Holly Clearly, a single mother and burgeoning Wiccan that has recently joined the wait staff at Merlotte's.

Though important to the ongoing storyline that will take us through the season ending climax and into season four, Lauren is contractually shackled and committed to silence on the subject matter of all things True Blood. She can't tell us too much about Holly Clearly and her intentions. But we did get her to reflect on Holly's known relationship with Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack), where her friendship with Arlene Fowler (Carrie Preston) might be headed, and what exactly is happening with season four and its recently announced villain Hallow Stonebrook.

Here is our conversation:

You can't throw a stick in Los Angeles without hitting a waitress that is a practicing Wiccan. Were you aware that there were so many in the area, waiting tables?

Lauren Bowles: I had no clue. I didn't realize it was tied to that profession. However, I do know that Wicca is tied to a bunch of funky new religions that are popping up. I know there is much interest in the Wiccan world. My guess is that there are lots of hostesses, and lots of trainers practicing it.

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Talk Blood True Blood Season 3.09 "Everything is broken" podcast

In case you missed Sunday night's show I was joined by Team Talk Blood members, Andy and Brian from Camp Blood and Meredith Woerner from
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Charlaine Harris new blog posts " Sookie book 11" and some great read recommendations

Bring on the Zombies !

Save up your Amazon or Barnes and Noble coupons, or pay a trip to your independent store, the first week in September when Dust hits the shelves. Joan Frances Turner’s novel is the most original thing I’ve read this year; it’s a zombie novel from the POV of the zombie, and it’s utterly convincing. Jessie, the dead girl, is a former vegan. Now she’s a member of a ragged, rotting gang led by the cruel and twisted Teresa. Jessie is smarter than some of the gang and more ruthless than others, and she’s bitterly conscious of the loathing with which the still-breathing regard her. There’s nothing forgiving or soft in Dust, and it’s completely engrossing.

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True Blood Fan Art : Bill Compton - True Blood by MarkAndrewNeilson

Bill Compton - True Blood by ~MarkAndrewNeilson on deviantART

What makes Charlaine's vampires different ? The Vampires of True Blood *Spoilery Things*

'Bleh with Berry 'blog has a great post on what makes Charlaine's vampires different..

I am interested in vampires in literature and the media. Anyone I know can tell you this about me…It’s one of the quirks that makes me who I am. So, I think that it’s only appropriate that I discuss the vampires of True Blood a little. What makes them tick and what differentiates them from the other “vampires” that exist in fiction today.
1) They exist on synthetic blood that was produced by the Japanese. It wasn’t until I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse Series or watching True Blood on HBO that I had remotely heard of this idea. I honestly think that it’s kind of brilliant. Why? The overarching idea that now vampires can exist without feeding on other living beings is actually a fun issue to tackle within the framework of any narrative.
They can potentially live off of the stuff. However, for the ones that are thousands of years old, will they actually make the change or continue to be the thief in the night? It also brings up a new level of discrimination amongst species (I don’t particularly see the vampire in fiction or folklore as “human” anymore while they still do have human likeness and tendencies). Even though they are more powerful physically and evolutionarily, the people in the books and the show have an immense hatred of the undead.

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True Blood Rolling Stone -more great photos

Another great Rolling Stone photo

Marshall "Tommy" Allman Visits video

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Sweet Dreams

True Blood: Sweet Dreams
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