Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anna Paquin makes : The Top 10 Most DANGEROUS Celebrities To Search

SAN FRANCISCO — If you're looking for Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts or Jessica Biel online, look out!
The movie stars top the latest list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online, according to new research by computer-security software maker McAfee Inc.
It's far from an Oscar, but landing atop McAfee's annual list carries a distinction all its own: It means that criminals believe those celebs are the perfect lures to sucker people into visiting malicious websites.
Clicking onto strange sites is sketchy to begin with. But many people do, and their computers get infected. Once a computer is infected, criminals can steal victims' online banking passwords, e-mail passwords, and do other kinds of nasty deeds.

AP is #1o

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Charlaine Harris book and blog: what's she's reading and what it's like to be a writer these days

Charlaine's blogs this week is as always about what she's reading but she also writes about what it's like being a writer these day. She highly recommends Columbine , it's non- fiction and about exactly what you think it's about and it's really, really good....

Books of the Week:
* Columbine, Dave Cullen
* Married with Zombies, Jesse Petersen
* From Hell With Love, Simon R. Green

These three books couldn’t have provided a greater contrast, obviously. Though I hesitated to revisit the pain and anguish of the event, I’d heard so much about Columbine that I thought I’d try it. Anticipating I wouldn’t finish it, I even bought a used copy. To my surprise, I read it quickly and without a pause. Cullen’s style and his conclusions after an intensive study of all the available material make the pages fly by; it’s both understandable and suspenseful. And if you remember the first conclusions thrown out by the press – that Harris and Klebold were two bullied geeks determined to kill the jocks who’d persecuted them – you’re in for a shock. Frankly, I’m glad my children were out of the awkward-teen phase when I read this book.

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The Vampire Diaries Trailer - Cosmic Love

Just remember all is not lost when True Blood is over ...

You can also read the books

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