Monday, November 16, 2009

Sam Trammel on Orlando's Real Radio 104.1

Sam was interviewed by Orlando's Real Radio 104.1 for his EyeCon appearance! Listen to the interview!HERE

Rutina ( Tara) Wesley interview for HBO Hungary

Camp Blood “House of Horrors” 2: Dark Secrets for a Harvest Home!

From Andy and Brian at Camp Blood !

How does the home projects show that puts the "DIE!" in DIY celebrate the autumn harvest? With a body count, of course!

In this episode we show how Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things by turning a Martha Stewart crafting project into something decidedly more deadly: A Human Harvest Slasher Lantern! This cheap and easy project brings four classic villains and their pointy objects of choice into your home in just a few hours and for under $10 a pop. Makes a great gift or new addition to a child's room!

PLUS! In Andy’s Unicorner, Andy shares a tip for a great werewolf-themed party game that's sure to keep your friends entertained during the next Harvest Moon, and previews the new Dexter and Marvel animated online comics. Plus, he unveils a new addition to his True Blood Paper Doll collection!

You can watch the new episode at the Blog by clicking here (full link:

We hope that you enjoy, share with your friends/colleagues/readers, and return for future episodes! We'll be back next week with a truly terrifying Thanksgiving menu that's sure to keep your family screaming for more...

Best wishes,

Buzz and the Camp Staff
We're Here, We're Queer, and We're Going to Eat You.

Vampire Quizzes

Vampire Diaries

Fans MeetUp in New Orleans

Some fans ( and friends of Dallas ) met up recently in New Orleans, here they take the best damn Vampire tour from Jonathan the best tour guide in New Orleans!

If you are in this photo and don't mind being identified please post in the comments!

Thanks -looks like fun fun !

True Blood GQ

Does anyone have scans from the magazine articles ?

Send me them and I'll post them!


Alexander Skarsgard True Blood Interviews from HBO Hungary

Haha don't you think Alex has picked up a little Southern accent in his English from living 5 months in Shreveport ?
It's funny becasue it's a Shreveport accent...( NW Louisiana)
Listen to him say " equal right " at 1;11 ahhahaha love it!

10 Vampires We Love From E! TONIGHT !

New special on E! called '10 Vampires we love!'

It airs Monday 10:30pm/9:30c! The commercial included Edward from twilight, Damon from VD and Bill from True Blood. So set your DVRs!

TES send us here great photos from True Blood EyeCon Orlando

Thanks so much Tes !

here are her photos

The Collected Wit and Wisdom of True Blood's Jason Stackhouse

The lovely Patty from IWANTTOWRITEFORTRUEBLOODBLOG sends us ..

It seems that on every True Blood fan site, blog and wiki, it is always Eric, Eric Eric, Bill, Bill Bill.

Don't you just get a bit tired of it all?

Irrespective of the predictable cries of the "noooo ... we love Eric, Eric Eric, Bill, Bill Bill!", I think it is time to redress the balance or as Jason would say: "What we need is a divergence."

In this post I celebrate that fine, dumb as a box full o' hair, sex-god, Jason Stackhouse. And it is his mind (or lack thereof) that I love, as much as his physique.

So to that end here is the collected wit and wisdom of Jason as revealed in True Blood Seasons 1 and 2.

In TB Season 1 we got to see the more (ahem) physical side of Jason, so the audience didn't really have a chance to appreciate his native wit and unique take on life.

read on

True Blood Music Video of the Day : Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk
Thanks, Theloubill