Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You may have read the Sookie books but have you read the short stories ?

You will NOT believe what you don't know if you haven't read the secret sookie short stories....

True Blood 3 ep 1 “Bad Blood” Music

  • Powersolo, “Good Behaviour”
  • Acumen Nation, “Pistol Whip Me (Back Into Your Arms)”
  • Hank Williams III, “Crazed Country Rebel”
  • John Lincoln Wright, “On the Horizon”
  • Stoll Vaughan, “Between You and Me”
  • Sean Patrick McGraw, “A Drink With Hank”
  • Horrorfall, “Necroplasm Fix”
  • Agona Hardison, “Here In This Nowhere Town”
  • Steve McComb, “No One But the Dawg”
  • Billy Squier, “Everybody Wants You”
  • Beck, “Bad Blood”
You can buy them from the HBO site HERE

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MTV makes 'True Blood' Star Marshall Allman A Hump Day Hottie

On a show that's full of guys that make ladies swoon, shape-shifter Marshall Allman is definitely adding a little bit more heat to the already scorching fire on "True Blood." And so in honor of the show's big return last Sunday night, we've decided to make Mr. Allman this week's Hump Day Hottie.

Press play on the video below to see more of Marshall, and then keep reading for more details about him!

True Blood: True Blood: Season 3 - Jason Stackhouse So Far..

True Blood: True Blood: Season 3 - Sam Merlotte So Far...

True Blood on the set filming of Season 3 finale

see them here :

True Blood Anna Paquin Hates Drinking (Sugar-Free) Vampire Blood

Nude scenes? That’s a breeze, says True Blood star Anna Paquin. But having to drink vampire blood — well, that just sucks.
“I get a kick out it, but the actual blood makes me want to gag!” Paquin tells Self in its July issue on newsstands Tuesday. “It’s kind of a sweet corn syrup, I think, with an aftertaste that’s less than pleasant after the 10th take,” she adds of filming scene for the popular HBO series. “In season one, they asked me if I wanted sugar or sugar-free. I was like, ‘Sugar-free blood? Sounds great!’”

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True Blood's James Frain: Who Is Franklin Mott Working For?

True Blood has returned with a sexy new vampire — Franklin Mott (James Frain), who's certainly stirring up plenty of mystery and intrigue as he tries to uncover Bill Compton's secrets. So why is he in town digging around and who is he working for? caught up with Frain (who says dressing up as a vampire is "like Halloween for two months")to get the scoop. Had you read any of the novels before taking the role?
No, I didn't know about the novels, I just know about the show. I got a broad sense of how it compares, but I think it's different. They expanded Franklin's storyline out for sure.

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True Blood lovers Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer get flirty on set of hit vampire show

They say never mix business with pleasure, but Anna Paquin and Bill Moyer were doing just that on the set of sexy vampire show True Blood yesterday.
The couple, who got engaged last summer, looked happy and relaxed in shorts and T-shirts as they laughed and joked together while filming the series finale.
Paquin, 28, and Moyer, 40, who hails from Brentwood, Essex, play lovers Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton – a vampire – in the hit HBO show. It kicked off its third season in the U.S. last week.  

** Yes.I know that's not Anna but that's the photo the newspaper used, you can see the same "soookie " stunt woman in the finale photos.

“Blood Work!” 3.1: Some Weres Over the Rainbow

The wait is ovah!
Yes, our Blood Work! vlog is back to cover all the ins and outs (and ins-and-outs) of the third season of True Blood. Back are popular features like “We Wanna Do Bad Things With You” and “Whatever, Sookie!” and we’re introducing a few new ones. Plus, we of course deliver all the mistreatment of cats, senseless asides and well-choreographed slap-fighting that you have come to know and love.
Enjoy it all, after the jump. And don’t forget to leave your questions for the new Wolf Bag feature in the comments!

True Blood: True Blood: Season 3 - Bill Compton So Far

True Blood: True Blood: Season 3 - Tara Thornton So Far.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: True Blood -Walk this way