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Questions and Answers with Charlaine from Houston Library Appearance

The videos are now posted here. The photos are in a little slide show below. Sorry about the video quality but it was cramped quarters and remember to turn up the sound!

The first question asked was from the lovely Object Desire and she asked, Did you ever anticipate that people would spend this much time trying to figure out what you're gonna do next?

I think of myself as a very straight forward person. I don't think of myself as devious. And I'm really bewildered the absorption in my hidden motives I mean it is entertaining to me; don't get me wrong, sometimes I think "Gosh, I wish I had thought of that: that's so much smarter than the actual plot.

Question about Eric getting his memories back that he's acting a bit different towards Sookie. Is he gonna keep that up or is he gonna go back to old Eric?

He's gonna keep it up! At least, in the next book. Eric & Sookie's relationship will be fraught with meaning.

Question about the accents. Do you think they're pretty accurate?
She was surprised at first. And then I thought well they're all trying really hard. You know after you watch an episode you get used to it and it's ok after that. The guy, who plays Sam, Sam Trammel, is from Louisiana. The guy who plays Lafayette is from Alabama. So there are some true born southerners in the cast.

I was wondering how you came up with the series for Sookie. How did you come with writing it?

She says she wanted to write a series about a girl who was dating a vampire.And that was my initial concept. So I developed her character based on that one fact about her. I figured she had to have some kind of disability or she wouldn't want to date a vampire. So after some thinking - which actually pretty tasteless about what kind of disability she would have I mean I'm talking wooden leg here I finally decided that telepathy would work.

Changes in story for True Blood
she is a little mystified at some of them but she knows that a purpose will be revealed

Anne Rice had southern Louisiana vampires and they were all full of angst and the can't have sex - so she went with Northern Louisiana vamps and sex.

Alan told her that there would be changes dues to his want to appeal to a broader demographic.

She asked him about Sookie's white dress and wanted to know when she bought it?
* he said he didn't know, that the writer just wanted to write a story with a woman in a white dress running through a graveyard

What are her favorite Sookie characters?
. Sookie, because she has fun with her and because she knows her so well and she knows what she'll do d do in almost any situations. Writing fun its got to be Pam because she's so fun and because she will usually do something really outrageous.

CH says she's really not that devious.

Question about dangling plot lines
. She says sometimes she has just forgotten them . When fans ask about particular ones she makes a post -it note and sticks it the wall and if she can she answers it in the next book

Will be ever see Bubba
Alan say he can't tell her , maybe he's still thinking . She says sh'd have Bruce Campbell play him

Options and how Sookie became True Blood
. She had three offers and when one of them was Alan Ball she knew she'd be foolish to not go with him. She also thought he could handle the quirkiness of the combination of blood, sex and humor because of how he handled 6 feet under . And he sent her lots of pink roses

What character from the Sookie books would she spin off to create a new series of books?
. Stan Davis , sheriff of area 6 in Dallas . Or if she wanted to write gay porn it would be the King of Mississippi

Who does she prefer Eric or Bill?
. She says they both have strong points . Doesn't favor either one

What is the favorite book that she's written?
. Shakespeare Champion

Changes in Sookie between TB and the books
.CH says the TB Sookie looses her temper faster . CH really likes Anna Paquin and what she's done with Sookie

Changes to Bill
. An audience member wanted Ball to allow Bill eot levitate and she didn't know why they didn't let him

How many Sookie books will she write?
. She has contract for 10 Books ( or one more after Dead to Worse ) -(the audience gasps ) . She is sure her publisher will write her a new contract ( much applause) for more books

Is the amount of gratuitous Jason sex part of the demographic that Ball is looking for ?
. Yes, she thinks so

If anyone would like to have a copy of a photo without a watermarks contact me and I'll be happy to share, also remember to leave a comment to be eligible for the drawing we will have for an autographed book!

True Blood: More Expectations for Season 2

There's so much to look forward to when True Blood returns for its sophomore season. The first season ended with so many mysteries and cliffhangers, leaving me even more curious and wanting more. But before I can sink my teeth into new episodes, I still have to endure nearly five months of waiting. Luckily, I've stumbled upon an article that hints on what season 2 has to offer.

With several actors already on board for season 2, it's inevitable that a lot of hook-ups are in the works. Series creator Alan Ball hinted that there's going to be “new romances for Tara, Jason and Sara, while Bill and Sookie have a lot of issues to sort out, including having made a new teenage vampire that's living in their house.”

Tara's story is quite predictable. The minute Eggs was introduced to the picture, it became apparent that sparks were about to fly between these two sooner or later. Jason, on the other hand, has always been the gullible playboy so it's hard not to picture him without a love interest. As for Sara, she's a character who shows up in one of the books so it will be interesting to see what's in the cards for her.

I'm not a fan of TV romance especially when it becomes too cheesy. Somehow, I find myself drawn to relationships between vampires and humans. Perhaps it's because these forbidden and confusing loves are even more complicated than the whole blood-sucking issue. Then there's that desire and lust that runs through their veins, and fortunately, True Blood tackles these cravings head-on.

It's also a good thing that season 2 won't just be all about new romances. Ball reveals, “There's a new creature in town that is unlike any other. Nobody knows what this creature is, I'm not sure if it will be entirely explained in the show.” One thing's for sure, though, it's not a werewolf. One might think that Ball is referring to the mysterious “social worker” Maryann, who, according to the books, is a maenad, a character in Greek mythology who worships the god of wine. But there's also some speculation that it might be Terry, who seems to be starting up a relationship with Arlene if the season finale was any indication. There seems to be more to Terry's character than meets the eye and there were a lot of indications throughout the season. There's an episode in which Sookie says to Terry that he shouldn't worry about any nasty surprises or something like that and Terry kind of blushes and looks down and says, "Well that's because you don't know me that well." I think Terry has a dark secret which might explain why he didn't care about Sam running naked in the woods. Towards the end of the season, he also mentioned that everyone should listen to him because he knows things.

If these predictions are wrong, I'd still like to see more of Terry in the coming episodes. I think the writers could do a lot of running jokes with this eccentric character who doesn't seem to have a prejudiced bone in his body.

The next season on True Blood is slated to air in May

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Seether by Varuca Salt

GOLDEN GLOBES : How to forecast the winners

the Los Angeles Times has a real shout out to TB and Anna for winning the Golden Globes

This year: HBO's new "True Blood" and "In Treatment" have the best shots for best drama series. Since no new, wacky comedy is nominated, it may be time for voters to play catch-up with " 30 Rock," which hasn't yet won.

The actors: In the acting races, hip veterans in new shows look good: Gabriel Byrne ("In Treatment"), Debra Messing ("The Starter Wife") and Anna Paquin ("True Blood").,0,7442533.htmlstory

A plea to Charlaine : Please don't kill .....

This was a member of the audience at the Houston Public library last night that gathered to hear Charlaine Harris speak ....( i believe she was also a charlatan (ch fan club member )I'm sorry I forgot to get her name ..

THERE WAS NO discussion of THIS !
Object Desire said for me to be careful to NOT start a rumor with this !

I'll just let you ruminate on this .....

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers

Question: We all know that Lafayette was the best character in Season One of True Blood. How can we make sure Alan Ball brings him back next season? -- Brody
Well, as Ball himself recently reminded me, "Lafayette did die in the books." But, he adds, "That doesn't mean he won't be back. Anything's possible."

Question: What's the deal with Michelle Forbes' character on True Blood? Is she Tara's Demon? How does Sam know her? -- Marcy
The mystery surrounding who (or what) Maryann is will play out front and center in season 2 -- and you may not find many clues in the books. "She's definitely a new kind of supernatural creature in Bon Temps," teases Ball. And as new as "it" is, it's also old. "Ancient. Ancient," Ball stresses. In other words, not a Cylon. BTW, production on True Blood's second season begins this week!

Charlaine speaks : breaking news from Houston

Good Morning all

We have big news from our Houston trip yesterday to hear Charlaine Harris ….
We really think some of her answers to the questions she was asked were “news worthy”

I have the entire event on video tape and I also have wonderful photographs.

We didn’t get home until 1:00 am and poor ObjectDesire had to head right out to work at 6 am.
She will be writing one of her FANTASTIC travelogues, this was a very funny trip and it will probably be reflected in her writing. ( I think I will be the butt of the joke) We will have to wait a couple of days for that ….

I will be getting up some photos and sneaks of some of CH more interesting answers soon on the blog.
By later this afternoon I will have the full 25 minutes of video up streaming (and running in a loop) life on the blog.. (It streams right on the blog- right column)

This was Charlaine’s only public appearance in promotion of the release of the first ever hardcover version of Living Dead in Dallas (which is BEAUTIFUL) …and she will have limited appearances after Book 9 in May.


I have autographed books to give away, the first book will be given away to someone who posts a comment to one of the ‘Charlaine in Houston’ posts on the blog.

You must post a comment ( only one) using your HBO wiki name, blog name or other internet name ( DO NOT post your full real name , or your email address ) I will post the winner’s name next week to the blog. We will come up with some other contest later …

Thanks , “Dallas”