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Fan Art II another talented fan creates a Bill doll

Wow, from Nina Mason dolls ..

I didn't realize I was going to attract the attention of Stephen Moyer fans with my little post yesterday about making a Bill Compton doll. But since it looks like I have, and since I've nearly finished him today, I thought I'd post a few preliminary pictures. Notice that he's wearing Civil War era attire. The boots are sculpted and painted, as are his face, torso and hands. His pants are the high-waisted style of the period, supported by braces that cross in the back and attach with little leather bits (from vintage kid gloves) and brass buttons. The pants themselves are a charcoal/navy cashmere with a tiny texture running through the fabric. His shirt is a three-button style, open to show his manly chest. I didn't give him a waistcoat because I didn't want to cover his braces. Although I am tempted, because I'd like to give him a pocket watch. I did give him a full-length duster because, well, let's face it, dusters are sexy.

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True Blood in Texas: Stephen Moyer Gives Us a Taste

From TV Guide

As brooding vampire Bill Compton, British actor Stephen Moyer is right at the center of the bloodthirsty buzz surrounding HBO's hit True Blood (Sundays at 10 pm/.ET). Not a bad place to be, right?

Not so fast. Moyer's character virtually disappears in the third of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels, on which the show is based. And while series creator Alan Ball is clearly creating his own path (see the non-death of Book 1 casualty Lafayette on the show), shouldn't Moyer worry a little? Nah.

"That gives Alan the opportunity to invent something," Moyer tells "Just like last season with the V trips — they had to invent that. And they're very good at it. So I'm confident that however they keep him there, they'll make Bill's story interesting."

Check out our favorite TV and movie vampires

That's not to say his arc this season hasn't given him plenty to sink his teeth into. Bill's playing daddy to a newborn bloodsucker, while also trying to keep afloat his turbulent relationship with Sookie (Anna Paquin), who is increasingly being eyed by Bill's sheriff, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). Moyer promises that the road trip to Texas will reveal much more about who Eric was (and is) and further flesh out the vampire world.

"Toward the end of the season, we're going to see the hierarchy taken almost to its peak," he says. "We're going to meet the monarchy, if you will. Last year, we met the grand judge of Louisiana, and this year we're going to meet the monarch of Texas. But he's not the monarch of America. It's kind of an almost feudal system. I love the idea of this incredibly detailed society in which manners are very important as to how you relate to people that are above you.

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True Blood stuff to buy ..

True Blood on FX: it’s brilliant; it’s filthy and Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) is a smokin’ piece of undead ass

I must admit I'm getting a big kick from the first reviews of TB as it premiers on UK television. It's like revisiting the newness all over again. From Times Online UK

If you are one of those people who are troubled by a long, hot summer at the best of times — coming down with “sexy hay- fever” on a potent combination of thigh, wine, cigarettes at dusk and the distant sound of cats on roofs — then I must thoroughly dis-recommend True Blood, Alan American Beauty/Six Feet Under Ball’s new series. Not that it’s easy to be disrupted by it, anyway. It’s premiering on the FX channel, which, for many, is the equivalent of putting it roughly 12 miles offshore, in a dinghy, surrounded by police incident tape. You’re not likely to trip over it in your day-to-day TV business.

But as it’s due to transfer to Channel 4 in October we may as well be TV pioneers and deal with it now. Everyone will be talking about it this summer, anyway. And then going for a long, cold shower, before spending an hour looking through a catalogue of concrete renders and finishes in order to calm down a bit.

There are just two key facts, really: it’s brilliant; and it’s filthy. Set in the fictional north Louisiana town of Bon Temps — all bayou, margaritas, Spanish moss and hot pants — True Blood exists in a fractionally different world from ours, where the development of synthetic blood, and the Vampire Rights Amendment, mean that vampires live openly in Scandinavia, and the US. Angelina Jolie has adopted a vampire baby.

Nonetheless, when Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) smokin’ piece of undead ass walks into Merlotte’s Bar, it’s the first vampire the backwater town has ever seen. “That is trouble, looking for a place to happen,” says Tara, one of the barmaids and, coincidentally, the “Categorically Most Enjoyably Arsey Woman” ever to have been portrayed on screen.

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True Blood Fan Art

true blood - unfinished by ~lcollins17 on deviantART

Jimmy Fallon takes on those other vampires

True Blood goes to the movies : Anna Paquin stars in 'Almost Famous'

OK, the Jimmy Fallon interview helped me get the idea for this week's " True Blood goes to the movie "
Yes, I do this every week - I suggest a movie you can watch starring one of your favorite True Blood actors and this week it's "Almost Famous'( which had both Jimmy Fallon and Anna Paquin in it).

William Miller is a 15 year old kid, hired by Rolling Stone magazine to tour with, and write about Stillwater, an up and coming rock band. This wonderfully witty coming of age film follows William as he falls face first to confront life, love, and lingo

Patrick Fugit ... William Miller

Zooey Deschanel ... Anita Miller

Michael Angarano ... Young William

Anna Paquin ... Polexia Aphrodisia

Fairuza Balk ... Sapphire

Noah Taylor ... Dick Roswell

Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Lester Bangs

Liz Stauber ... Leslie

Jimmy Fallon ... Dennis Hope

This is the Anna " let's deflower the kid scene"

What a great movie - I do these post on the weekend so they give you an idea of something you can rent while you wait from True Blood. I'm getting , Almost Famous

Anna Paquin on Jimmy Fallon

Watch here

OK, OK it's about 10 times better of an interview than the Letterman one ..did I really say that about Jimmy Fallon?
Wow, he must be getting better .. ;-)

True Blood Music Video of the Day: The Golden Age by Beck

The Golden Age by Beck LYRICS
Thanks sfrox2