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New Sookie Short Story Aug 2nd --Home Improvement: Undead Edition

Table of Contents for Home Improvement: Undead Edition

“If I Had a Hammer” by Charlaine Harris
Yes, it is a Sookie story.

“Wizard Home Security” by Victor Gischler
At one point, I e-mailed Victor to ask about something, and he responded that Marvel was slamming him with X-Men deadlines. I have been an X-Men fan for years, and I squee-ed as loud as Havok yells when I got that note. (You have to be a fellow X-Men fan to get that reference.)

“Gray” by Patricia Briggs
Not werewolves or shapeshifters this time–vampires!

“Squatters’ Rights” by Rochelle Krich
I don’t even know how to describe this one. But it’s delightfully creepy!

“Blood on the Wall” by Heather Graham
Heather gives us nasty murders in New Orleans, cultists, and a PI with strong family feelings.

“The Mansion of Imperatives” by James Grady
Yes, this is the James Grady who wrote Six Days of the Condor. When I told my father he was going to be in the anthology, he squee-ed. In a manly way, of course.

“The Strength Inside” by Melissa Marr
Don’t you just hate home owner associations?

“Woolsley’s Kitchen Nightmare” by E. E. Knight
It’s hard work putting the perfect dining experience together.

“Through This House” by Seanan McGuire
Yes, it’s a Toby Daye story!

“The Path” by S. J. Rozan
Nobody writes about China like S.J!

“Rick the Brave” Stacia Kane
How can a guy named Terrible be such a wonderful character? And Chess is there, too.

“Full-Scale Demolition” Suzanne McLeod
Suzanne has published three of her amazing Spellcrack books in the UK, but so far only one is out in the US. You’ll want to buy it.

“It’s All in the Rendering” by Simon R. Green
Some houses have doors on both sides–and some Houses open onto more than one world.

“In Brightest Day” by Toni L.P. Kelner
In which I exploit the hitherto neglected sub-genre of zombie mysteries.

That’s all you get until August! But unlike most construction projects, this one should be on time.

Go Ask Dallas : Lafayette called Marnie " Witchie - Poo" sounds familiar , why ??

Q Dallas Lafayette said to Marnie last night "Witchie-Poo, you have royally fucked us" that sounds familiar where have I heard " Witchie - Poo" ?

A You know that name from HR Pufnstuff  - Lafayette isn't old enough to remember it but Alan Ball sure is.

H.R. Pufnstuf was a children's television series produced by Sid and Marty Krofft in the United States. It was the first Krofft live-action, life-size puppet program. The seventeen episodes were originally broadcast September 6, 1969 to September 4, 1971. The broadcasts were successful enough that NBC kept it on the Saturday morning schedule for a full three seasons, until August 1972, when it was cancelled.

One of the main charcaters was : Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo (played by Billie Hayes) who rode on a broomstick-like vehicle called the Vroom Broom.

more here
You can see her in rare form here at 8:05

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 5 by Mark Blankeship The Critical Condition

If the ghost of my grandmother told me not to fall in love with a man—even a six foot tall, Norse god of a man who was half naked, emotionally available, and lying in my bed—then I would listen to Grandmama’s ghost. And that is why, by the end of “Me and the Devil,” I was ready to snatch Sookie bald-headed. Girl, Gran told you from beyond the grave to stay away from Eric. I realize that he’s giving you sad-puppy eyes and that his ever-shirtless body only needs a dusting of powdered sugar to be the world’s best dessert, but those are diversions. I’ve spent the entire season insisting that Eric, though I love him, is ultimately a character who thrives on owning, on possessing what he wants, and even with his memory wiped, his impulsive need to havehavehave has already led to the death of your fairy godmother and a very disturbing dream in which Godric’s ghost encourages him to eat you. Eric may love your hair in the sunlight and be willing to stain your pillow with his sweet bloody years, but you need to back away. If you won’t listen to me, you should at least listen to Gran.

Or how about Tara? You know, your so-called best friend that you’ve been lying to, endangering, or ignoring for four seasons? When she confesses that she’s been lying to her Nawlins girlfriend, you breezily declare that honesty is the best policy, even though you know that Tara is terrified of the very vampire who is currently in your basement. Do you think she might have a point when she sees Eric, tells you you’re crazy, and runs away? Does it occur to you that even though you and Eric have barely kissed, you’ve already started lying to everyone and hurting people? Have you considered that most good relationships don’t involve flagrant deceit? Or that you tend to selfishly follow your hormones around at the expense of everyone else?

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True Blood: Alan Ball PSA Video (HBO) "It Gets Better" campaign

For help now or more info

Gothtopia True Blood: Selling Your Soul in a Buyer's Market by Jefwithonef Houston Press

What is a soul and, more importantly in this rough economic time, what exactly is it worth?

There's plenty going on in True Blood right now. Jason has to deal with the fact that he's been raped, and who does that make him now? Tara has been living life as a lesbian cage fighter from Atlanta; now that her New Orleans girlfriend has found out, she must choose which reality she will inhabit. Most importantly, Eric, who in his amnesia has been stripped of everything, is forced to hear repeated testimony of acts that to a stranger, as he is to himself, sound monstrous and unholy.

Only the affection and faith of Sookie, who herself is torn between her feelings for the vulnerable vampire and her remembrance of pain suffered either at his hands or because of his actions, keeps him moving forward. He spends most of the episode exploring his emptiness.

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Babyvamp Jessica blog: The Worst Spa Night Ever (Video)

True Blood Season 4 Ep 05 subtitles ! What did they say ???

True Blood S4E5 Subtitles                                                                                                   

'True Blood' recap: Mystics, mayhem and making out on the front lawn- LA Times

Holly Thou shalt not kill is one of the most widely accepted of the Ten Commandments — it's hard to find people who think murder should be sanctioned (except maybe on Showtime's "Dexter," but that's a conversation for another time). Still, it's difficult to grieve for Joe Lee Mickens, he with the penchant for unclean underwear and brutal dogfighting, who is killed by his son Tommy at the start of Sunday's episode.
Tommy strangles Joe Lee with a choke chain before bashing in his head. Unfortunately, Melinda comes between them during the scuffle  and Tommy inadvertently deals her a fatal blow as well. Panicked, he decides to head to Sam's for help, throwing the bodies in his van. The brothers opt to dump the remains in the swamp, but on their way, Andy Bellefleur (hopped up on V, naturally) pulls Sam over for speeding. Spotting blood on the door, he demands Sam open the back of the van.

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True Blood Music Episode 4.05 - Me and the Devil

“Here I Come” by Nashville Session Singers (Tara calls Naomi, who asks her an important question)

“Waitin’ on the Sky” by Steve Earle (Sookie probes Holly for information about the Wicca group)

“Meet Me in the Alleyway” by Steve Earle (Jason tells Hoyt what he went through in Hotshot)

“Me and the Devil” by Gil Scott-Heron (closing credits)


Alan Ball says 'we will lose a handful of major characters toward the end of season'

Who do you think we might lose ??

Tommy ?? and ...

Talk Blood S4 Ep Episode 5 " "Me and the Devil " the Podcast up!

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True Blood Season 4 - Preview for True Blood Episode 4.06, ‘I Wish I Was The Moon’

True Blood Season 4 - Inside the Episode: 4.05 ‘Me And The Devil’

Episode 4.05 recap “Me And The Devil” Video (HBO)

Comic-Con: Francis Ford Coppola on vampires, loss and superfandom

During Francis Ford Coppola’s unorthodox presentation at Comic-Con Saturday for his new horror film, “Twixt,” the director moderated his own panel, distributed paper masks of Edgar Allan Poe and sang along with footage. It was Coppola’s first trip to Comic-Con in nearly 20 years, to show attendees some of his movie starring Val Kilmer as a D-list writer and Elle Fanning as a ghost named V. After emerging from the San Diego Convention Center’s Hall H, the director spoke with Hero Complex’s Rebecca Keegan about the experience, his plans for “Twixt” and his own fanboy sensibilities.

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