Monday, March 21, 2011

Charlaine Harris honored at PFLAG Straight for Equality Gala

Best-selling author Charlaine Harris (The SOOKIE STACKHOUSE series, basis for the HBO series TRUE BLOOD), who received the first-ever Straight for Equality in Literature award. Financial services leader MetLife received the Straight for Equality in Business award.

It's Sooki, Wait We Mean Snooki!

It's time to bring you another 'what if the Jersey Shore made it into comics' cover from our MTV Comics creators!  Here Beowulf Jones creators David Tischman and Todd Harris take a stab at what Snooki and Deena might look like coming from the pages of the True Blood comic!

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A Bone to Pick By Charlaine Harris

A Bone to PickBy Charlaine Harris, Berkley, 262 pages, $32.50

No one does eccentric southern Gothic quite like Charlaine Harris. Of course, Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires of Bon Temps, Louisiana, are now the stars of HBO’s True Blood. But Harris’s talents go far beyond fangs and fancy, and A Bone to Pick hasn’t a Goth in sight. Instead we have Aurora Teagarden, librarian of the small southern town of Lawrenceton, attending three weddings and a funeral.
The funeral is for her friend Jane Engle, whom Roe knew through their membership in a local (now disbanded) crime study club. It appears that Jane has left her very substantial estate to Roe, and it includes a house with a skull hidden in the window seat. The clues fall fast in this clever little puzzle, but it’s the strange characters who keep the story running.

6 Of Our Favorite Fake Drugs

V - True Blood
In True Blood, Vampire blood is the new crack/meth of the world. It plays a big part in the show as its acquisition is the center of several plots throughout. V represents the drug war in contemporary America. Its uses seem fun in moderation, but the prohibition of it causes much of its conflict. Actually, it seems characters used it subtly. WHAT? True Blood being subtle? No way. Anyway, the stuff is dangerous to posses, acquire, and consume, but it can lead to Lizzy Caplan naked so... WORTH IT. 

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Kwanten a low-key superhero is no doubt Aussie star Ryan Kwanten could have suited up as a superhero in one of Hollywood's comic-book blockbusters coming out this year and next. He is, after all, on top of the world as the star of the cult vampire series True Blood. And he suits the part. He's 34. He has boyish good looks and flashy blue eyes. He's rugged yet likable. And with solid small roles in his pocket, he's now on the verge of serious fame and fortune.
"There have been chances to audition for various superhero roles," Kwanten admits during a break from filming season four of True Blood. He won't say which roles, and one can only guess how he'd go in Spider-Man's spandex tights or The Hulk's stretchy purple shorts.

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C2E2 2011: TRUE BLOOD Cast Members Tease Season 4

With the sharp and explicit HBO series True Blood going into its fourth season, a trio of that show’s stars held court in the IGN Theater of the 2011 C2E2 in Chicago for a question and answer session. Sam Trammel who plays the coincidentally named “Sam,” Kristin Bauer “Pam”, and Brit Morgan “Debbie,” were hosted by IGN’s entertainment director Chris Carl who started the event by asking each actor about how they heard about True Blood and became part of the cast.
Sam had heard about the script when it was being tossed around Los Angeles during pilot season and fell in love with it. He met with the casting director, did a test and got the part. Kristin was also excited about the script and tried out for a different role than the one she eventually received. However, back then the time between audition and casting was so great that she went off to shoot a movie in the Philippines and completely forgot about True Blood when she got the news. Arriving back in LA almost right away she was shuttled off to have her teeth cast for vampire fangs. This caused Sam to laugh, and for Kristin to expose him of being a big fan of her costumes on the show, but perhaps only because she gets to wear clothes while Sam is frequently naked on screen. This caused a lot of laughter and hoots among the panel and the appreciative audience. Brit, who didn’t get cast until the third season, claimed that she was so nervous during her first audition she started to stutter, “but by some miracle” she said, she got a second chance and nailed it.

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Waiting Sucks: Jason