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True Blood's Anna Paquin : Emmy Roundtable: Drama actresses

Broadcast or cable, primetime or anytime (thanks to DVRs), television is now the best place for actresses. The Hollywood Reporter's Ray Richmond and Matthew Belloni invited a diverse panel -- Rose Byrne (FX's "Damages"), January Jones (AMC's "Mad Men"), Regina King (NBC's "Southland"), Mary McDonnell (Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Gallactica"), Anna Paquin (HBO's "True Blood") and Sigourney Weaver (Lifetime's "Prayers for Bobby") -- to discuss the challenge of shooting a scene in three takes and the strangest things they've read about themselves in tabloids.

The Hollywood Reporter: You've all worked in both film and television. What's the biggest difference?

Anna Paquin: For HBO, we shoot single camera, so it doesn't feel any different to shooting a (movie). The place that I have experienced the difference is you're always with new material that you haven't had for more than a few days, and you're right at the edge of creating the character. In that sense, it's a different entry into the creative moment. There's not as much prep.

January Jones: We get the material literally a day or two before we shoot it. So, it's very spontaneous. It works, but -- unlike a film, where you have the script and you have the beginning and end and hopefully an arc -- you don't know where the character is going.

Rose Byrne: Sometimes we get (the script) on the day (of shooting). I go a bit mental, but you have to let it go.

Sigourney Weaver: (With) "Prayers for Bobby," I did have the script for a month. One thing I said was, "You know, I'd love to work chronologically," and they said "Absolutely." That was the first thing to go! By the last week, the schedule was like, my son was dead, my son was alive, my son was dead, my son was alive. (Thanks to reading it well in advance), I kind of knew where I was.

Byrne: I had to do a whole scene opposite someone in a chair, and I had a gun and I was taunting them -- and I didn't know who was in the chair when we filmed it! But actually it was quite fun because it ended up being like an acting exercise.

THR: Do you have a lot of input into your characters' dialogue?

Mary McDonnell: I had as much as they would allow me before they quieted me down!

Regina King: I started out on TV when I was a kid. So I never would have even dreamed that I could have spoken up. "I'm going to do my homework," and that was pretty much it. So this is a new experience for me. I still feel kind of like that kid: I don't want to get in trouble.

THR: Anna and Regina, you both started as child actors. What has been the key to transitioning?

Paquin: Um, luck? There really isn't some sort of grand plan. It's not like I had any idea what I was doing. Not getting really weird-looking helps.

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Charlaine Harris to make cameo in True Blood Season Two

Alan Ball said in an interview today that Charlaine Harris will appear in an episode in this season of True Blood !

Dallas celebrates the return of True Blood with a Contest # 1

Three True Blood Eric questions from the Eric show the other night (thanks tes and izzy)

Episode 4 'Escape from Dragon House'
What language is Eric speaking to Pam in the scene where he is introduced to Sookie, and what does he say ?

Episode 8 'Fourth Man in the Fire'
When Eric helped himself to use Bill's bathtub, how many times did he text Bill?

Episode 8 'Fourth Man in the Fire'
When Sookie is summoned to Fangtasia to help find out who stole money from the accounts, how much $ is missing?

Email your answers to Dallas (
Put Contest #1 in subject area !
Good Luck

Email: "Dallas" at True Blood in Dallas

Here is list of available prizes ! HERE
SOME of these prizes WILL be offered everyday - NOT all the prizes.
Each day there will be some way you can enter to win that days prize.
The entrants will be randomly numbered and the winner will be chosen by the Twitter character @JessicaHamby each evening.

Dallas Celebrates True Blood Season 2 with a prize a day !

Yes, one prize everyday until Season 2 starts June 14th !

Here is pretty much the list of available prizes !
Each day there will be some way you can enter to win that days prize.
The entrants will be randomly numbered and the winner will be chosen by the Twitter character @JessicaHamby each evening.

The winner will be offered a CHOICE OF SOME of the prizes below.


1. Autographed copy of Dead until Dark

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8. Generation Kill coffee cup

9. True Blood, Strange Love (ep 1 ) script ( it's not anything you've seen)

10. True Blood Bill and Sookie Mouse pad

11. I love Bill HBO t-shirt (ladies large)

True Blood BloodCopy: Glamour-ama

Most people think glamour (for those not familiar, it's a form of hypnosis performed by vampires, or the act of using it) is only used to manipulate humans into doing whatever we want them to do.

True, it has helped some of us get out of traffic tickets, calm a particularly threatening human, or erase the short-term memories of innocent witnesses to a particularly bloody scene, but this clip will show you that glamour can be used for good.

Remember this the next time you think of calling one of us a bloodsucker.

True Blood Video : Tara character tease

True Blood Interview with Ryan Kwanten


Returning for a highly anticipated second season, the critically acclaimed HBO television series True Blood promises twists and turns that will shock and surprise. On the fan favorite show, from creator Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) and based on the Southern Vampire books by Charlaine Harris, Academy Award winner Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress in the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps. When she meets 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), Sookie is intrigued by the fact that she can’t hear a single one of his thoughts. Australian actor Ryan Kwanten plays her misguided ladies’ man brother, Jason, whose sex-crazed ways get him into trouble more often than not.

This season, Jason gets involved with anti-vampire sect Fellowship of the Sun, which he later discovers has a really dark side. In this exclusive interview, Ryan Kwanten spoke about his character’s new storyline, along with his role as an animated character in Zack Snyder’s(Watchmen) upcoming film, Guardians of Ga’Hoole.

IESB: Without giving anything away, what can viewers expect from Season 2 of True Blood?

Ryan: The tone will still be True Blood, in its essence, but the series has expanded enormously. If we opened the door in the first season, we’ve kicked it down this year. There are more characters and more worlds. This show has moved into Dallas, so it’s cutting back and forth between Dallas and Bon Temps. And, the madness will and does ensue.

IESB: Is Season 2 a more emotional, vulnerable, soul-searching season for Jason Stackhouse?

Ryan: Absolutely! You couldn’t have put it better, actually. He’s looking for a real sense of who he is, of belonging and his purpose in the world. In Season 2, he thinks he’s found it, until cracks start appearing. But, he’s definitely trying to mend his wayward ways. Anything that he does is always out of a sense of innocence. When he hit Sookie in the first season, and a bunch of other things that he did that would not be considered right or good, just because of his innocence and his childlike nature, he can be forgiven. There’s redeeming qualities in there.

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What you might have missed from Loving True Blood in Dallas blog yesterday

"Loving True Blood in Dallas" - 16 new articles

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4. True Blood Season 2 Title Song change for Episode 4 (16)
5. True Blood Season 2 Schedule and Episode title change
6. True Blood's Stephen Moyer to be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
7. First True Blood DVD Sales numbers released
8. True Blood Bloodcopy: Vampire On Trial
9. True Blood BloodCopy: Real Vampires Don't Wear Capes
10. What you might have missed from Loving True Blood in Dallas blog yesterday?
11. True Blood premiers in UK on Friday 17th July at 10pm exclusively on FX.
12. True Blood Fangtasia Craft challenge
13. Autographed Sookie Stackhouse book to winner of True Blood contest!
14. "The Impaler." a self-described vampire and one-time fringe candidate for Minnesota governor pleads guilty to harassment
15. Wanna know how Anna maintains Sookie's perfect tan ?
16. True Blood Music Video of the Day: Kill With Me Tonight by the Devlins

True Blood: "She's Given Him Reason to Live Again"

EOnline interviews Stephen Moyer. Best Question: What about your vampire daughter, Jessica—does that continue to be a fractured fairy tale? haha

Is it possible that Twilight is only the second-most-romantic vampire saga of the moment?

Being on premium cable as they are, True Blood's Sookie and Bill certainly give virginal Edward and Bella a run for their money when it comes to blood-hot sex, but what about love?

We just spoke exclusively with True Blood's leading man, Stephen Moyer, aka Bill Compton himself, to find out what's in store for the vampires of the dirty, dirty South in season two. He told us that while there will be just as many near-pornographic sex scenes, his character is still primarily driven by an overiding morality and an abiding passion for Sookie Stackhouse.

Read on to find out what he told us about sex scenes, his "hideous" vampire daughter and falling in love with Anna Paquin, onscreen and off...

Is True Blood going to stay as explicitly sexual this season or will you dial that back a bit?

The show is ridiculously f--king sexy…I think Alan Ball and the writers do very well in pushing the envelope. I think one of the things that drives me nuts about society is that you can watch hours about terrorists but you can't look at a human nipple. What the f--k is that about? Sex is part of our lives. It's part of our existence. So I kind of embrace the fact that we hit it full on the head.

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True Blood creator Alan Ball reveals what's coming in season two

If you didn't see the first season of HBO's True Blood, you'd better pay attention if you want be able to follow the show's second season, said creator and executive producer Alan Ball in an exclusive interview with SCI FI Wire.

"Everything gets deeper," Ball said on Tuesday. "Everything gets more intense. It's a lot scarier. It's sexier. It's just really, really fun. I feel like each season is a novel, and the episodes are just chapters. Especially the way our show is. The episodes are not self-contained. You know, you gotta be involved in the story, and you gotta know what's going on."

True Blood's second season begins June 14 in its Sunday 9 p.m. ET/PT timeslot. The season is based loosely on the second book in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Series, Living Dead in Dallas, Ball said.

"Sookie [Anna Paquin] and Bill [Stephen Moyer] will go to Dallas to help find a missing vampire who is the sheriff of the Dallas area," Ball said. "And Jason [Ryan Kwanten] is going to become involved in the Fellowship of the Sun Church in a way that is really surprising. ... There's a very interesting relationship in the show between Rev. Steve Newland of the Fellowship of the Sun Church and his wife, Sarah [Anna Camp], and Jason, that just took on its own life as we were shooting, and it's hilarious. I can't get enough of the Newlands and Jason together."

And Sookie's hometown of Bon Temps will have some drama as well when Maryann Forrester, played by Michelle Forbes, "begins stirring up all kinds of trouble," Ball said. Last season Maryann appeared to offer Tara (Rutina Wesley) some goodwill and a place to stay. But "she's got an agenda, and it's not a good one," Ball said.

According to Ball, the vampire series will continue to explore the "terrors of intimacy, in that when you really, really open up and let another person into your life and your psyche, it can be terrifying—especially when that person is a vampire. ... And then there's just the whole exploration of the dark side of human nature," he said.

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"True Blood" Season 1: Why would anyone want Edward when they can have Vampire Bill from "True Blood"?

Hans at Hallucina blog gets us ready for season 2 -Ha!

He can't have mint juleps anymore, but Vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) has kept up with the finer points of being a southern gentleman. You totally get why telepatic waitress Sookie Stackhouse all but shines with orgasmic afterglow everytime Bill decides to burst out of his grave and rub his muddy self all over her breasts. It sounds yucky, but GOSH, do these two sell their sex scenes! Talking about Sookie's breasts, I don't recommend watching "Fly Away Home" ever again after being glamoured by HBO's version of Charlaine Harris' bestselling series. Here, the erotic subtext behind vampirism is taken to its obvious limits. There is no coy "Twilight" bull about: "Will he suck her or not?" He WILL suck her, and it's going to be HOT.

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Gawker : All the Summer TV You'll Need to Watch

So you guys know the Gawker stuff with BloodCopy

So Gawker writes an article about new summer shows and writes this:

True Blood; June 14th, 9pm
HBO's kitschy vampire series started off wildly uneven last season, veering from scary-sexy to scary-stupid in the middle of episodes. But it eventually found its deep-fried Southern Gothic stride, with clever storytelling and ever-deepening characters gushing out of every orifice. And, yes, Anna Paquin is ungodly annoying, thus rendering the show's central relationship something of a bore, but she's more than made up for by the dangerously sexy Ryan Kwanten, the filthy-fascinating Nelsan Ellis, and the as-yet-unexplored-but-still-intriguing lesbodrone that is Michelle Forbes. As entertaining a show as one could want during the hot 'n sticky months. [See Ed. note below]

Editor's note: True Blood, like other TV shows (even some mentioned in this very post!), is a Gawker advertiser. Their campaign, though, includes sponsored posts via, which when it was introduced generated some discussion in the media about media. So here is the boring disclosure: Those Bloodcopy posts are written by the advertising department. Editorial posts are written independent of who advertises; we might endorse, trash or simply ignore TV shows that happen to advertise. And that's why you keep a bright line separating the editorial and advertising in the first place, kids.

So writing a review where you call the lead actress ( who's an Oscar and Golden Globe winner ) annoying and the central relationship boring is supposed to show that even though HBO is advertising on Gawker ( in a BIG way ) you are really nuetral as to how you will review the show ..really is that the best way?

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Wonderwall by Oasis

Wonderwall (by Oasis) sung by Ryan Adams LYRICS

Thanks, VampyrMe