Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July from Bon Temps

The world needs all the Sookies it can get.

Our own Team Talk Blood Radio co-host @SookeiBonTemps decide to hang up her  Sookie Stackhouse Twitter Role Playing account on Friday. Many in the True Blood Twitterverse were sad to hear the news and many had very nice things to say about all the hard work and passion she brought to Sookie/True Blood Twitter Fandom world.

This DOES not mean she's stopping everything - it's actually good news for us on Team Talk Blood Radio ! We teamed up for this season and we will stay a team for the next 9 episodes. We'll have lots more to say about this on the next show Sunday July 11th so join me and " the artist formerly known as @SookieBonTemps " next week !

Enjoy her wonderful post

The world needs all the Sookies it can get.

It’s a phrase I’ve said often, but it’s a phrase that rings true.
The world DOES need all the Sookies it can get. Why? She’s loyal. Sometimes to a fault. She takes the high road — no matter what comes at her, she does what’s right.  The people she loves in her life come first and she’ll fight to the death for them, if that’s what’s required.  She stands for courage and most of all, she stands for someone who always comes through in the end. You want a Sookie in your life.
But the time has come for me to stop being Sookie.
This is my last blogpost as @SookieBonTemps. Being @SookieBonTemps has definitely been a wild ride. From writing 140-character tweets on my life in fictional Bon Temps to dabbling roleplay to developing programs like True Blood on Twitter Thursday, Bites for Blood for the American Red Cross, it’s been a fantastic run and I couldn’t have done it without all of you.
I’d like to say thank you to the lovely characters who’ve been with me since the beginning, @LafayetteTB, @EricNorthman, @VampireBill, @MerlottesBar, @JessicaHamby, @HoytFortenberry, and all of the lovely characters and non-characters who joined the fray soon after.  Some of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in real life, others of you I plan to meet real soon.
Thanks to @TrueBloodDallas, who found this little lost lamb way back in December 2008 when there was no Bon Temps Twitterverse.  You are a wonderful partner in crime, and we do the best damn True Blood radio show out there. Not that I’m biased.
Thank you to @HBO for embracing the True Blood fandom.
And thank you, most of all to my friends and followers whose tweets truly made the experience of being @SookieBonTemps worthwhile, and more importantly, entertaining.

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