Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hollywood's Dracula War

Until 1992, this budding horror fiend's diet of Dracula films was abundant with Universal's output in the '30s and '40s and Hammer's vibrant, sexual revival in the '60s and '70s (I was never a fan of the John Badham version in '79 with Frank Langella). Then Francis Ford Coppola came along with Bram Stoker's Dracula, amplifying the sex and violence and introducing audiences to the back story of Vlad the Impaler (aka Vlad Dracul or Vlad Tepes), the man who inspired the Dracula legend.

In this bloody, creature-filled, hyper-stylized fever dream of an adaptation, Vlad is a knight in the Order of the Dragon who fights against the Turks and returns home to find that his woman has killed herself over some misinformation. He freaks out and renounces God. Stabs a cross (which bleeds). Says he'll avenge her death by defying his own, furthermore, when he returns from the grave he'll have "all the powers of darkness." Hence the whole drinking blood, crawling walls, sleeping in a coffin, shape shifting thing that follows… But prior to Coppola's version, written by James V. Hart, the Vlad/Dracula-as-we've-always-known-him connection was never fully realized except for in a 1975 documentary called In Search of Dracula in which Christopher Lee played Vlad. Yes, Lee, Hammer’s regal and deadly Dracula.

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LIVE! From the Future..interview with Dawn ( Janice Herveaux) Olivieri

LIVE! From the Future...with Stuart Paap! Interview with Dawn Olivieri

SHE ONCE DATED ALCIDE !!!!!! wtf ? TMI !!!
at 28:00
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Charlaine Harris interview on SKY TV UK

True Blood makes great TV, but it wouldn't exist without Southern belle Charlaine Harris, author of the books behind the show.

We caught up with The Southern Vampire Mysteries writer to find out what she really thinks of the show, and get the gossip on her latest novel Dead In The Family.

Charlaine was keen to tell us how proud she is of what show boss Alan Ball has done with her creation, and even admitted to being jealous of a couple of his ideas.

We also got the author's opinion on what makes vampires so damn popular these days, as well as asking for her thoughts on rival vampire saga, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.

If you want the full True Blood experience (and don't mind a few spoilers along the way), enter our competition for a chance to win one of five signed sets of Charlaine's books.

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'Vampire Diaries' new trailer: Sounds tasty....

Goodness, COME ON CW bring back Vamp Diaries already!!

Charlaine Harris is unimpressed by True Blood Season 2 Voodoo sub-plot

Charlaine Harris has admitted that she is not keen on some of True Blood's sub-plots.

Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, praised show creator Alan Ball for staying "true to the spirit of the books", but said that she was less impressed with some of the minor stories.

"There have been some sub-stories that I wasn't as nuts about as others, but there hasn't been anything I've really hated," she told Digital Spy.

"I wasn't too keen on the voodoo story, but I see now why they introduced it in the second season. Once I saw it, it all made sense."

She added: "The plot has been altered quite a bit and there's more material that I didn't write because they're having to bring in the secondary characters and buff them up.

"There are some great differences, but as Alan promised me, he is staying true to the spirit of the books - and that's what I wanted."

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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