Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vampire king spills 'True Blood' finale secrets

He's already getting Emmy buzz for his jaw-droppingly good turn as "True Blood's" new "Big Bad" Russell Edgington — the 3,000-year-old vampire king whose hobbies include fine dining, ripping out spines and vowing to eat your babies.
And now, just to make us love him more, Denis O'Hare is spilling deets on "True Blood's" season finale (hint: he'll "weep"!) and the secret you don't know about that scandalous Rolling Stone cover...


True Blood: where wages are paid in dirty vampire basement sex meredith Woerner io9

Meredith's offering ...
Everyone is talking about last night's big reveal. So what happened? Well the supernatural fairy was let out of the werekitty bag. We now all know what Sookie is (besides awful).

Let's be honest. Nothing was going to top last week's conclusion. Nothing. But this week tried with werekitties, V-trips, and lots of good Pam one-liners. But besides the great postmortem, this episode really felt like it was just trying to get us to the end. We're all still holding our breath for the big fight between the King of Mississippi and everyone else. But one thing was revealed, Sookie is a fairy. Yeah, I'm not necessarily excited about it either. But why don't we let the Pros and Cons be the REAL judge.

Pro: Sookie having the same reaction to her big "what is Sookie" reveal. How fucking lame, indeed.

Con: So since we all CLEARLY know that being a fairy is lame, does that mean we can drop the fact that she's a fairy? The answer: No.

Con: Another name for the fairy kind is "alien." Sadly, I'm guessing the rest of the cast will insist on calling fairies by their proper name "the Fae," for the rest of the season.

Con: They do.

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Vampires And Sex! HBO's 'True Blood' Explained In 60 Seconds (VIDEO)

If you don't watch "True Blood," the hit vampire series on HBO, you've at least heard about it. Since our culture is so saturated with vampire stories these days, you may still be little unclear on what exactly "True Blood" is about. Thankfully, Babelgum is here with another of their hilarious "In 60 seconds" videos, where they sum up popular TV shows in (you guessed it) 60 seconds. The "True Blood" video below is spot-on. There are vampires. They have sex. There are sexy vampires having sex. You almost don't even NEED 60 seconds for this one.

A couple of more spoiler images from the finale 2 episodes of True Blood

Denis on set we think this is the finale being shot -

RED HILL Movie Trailer With True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten

Maybe this is why Jason wants to be a policeman ? Ha

Red Hill Synopsis: When a young Melbourne police officer, Constable Shane Cooper, relocates to the small high-country town of Red Hill with his pregnant wife, he does so in the hope of starting a new family. But when news of a prison break

in Melbourne sends the local law enforcement officers into a panic, Shane’s first day on duty quickly goes from bad to worse. Enter Jimmy Conway, a convicted murderer serving life behind bars, he returns to the isolated outpost seeking revenge. Now caught in the middle of what quickly becomes a horrifying blood bath, Shane will be forced to take the law into his own hands if he is to survive..
Red Hill will be released to theaters on December 2nd 2010. Watch the trailer below.

Soldiers Zombie Hunting in Afghanistan

A peek inside any airport bookstore will tell you that Americans want to read about vampires this summer. Vampire love stories, vampire hunting manuals, vampire comedies, classic novels rewritten to include vampires -- apparently anything sporting fangs and makeup will sell.
As usual, the military is developing a similar obsession, but not vampires. With the Army, it's zombies.

Dog-eared copies of Max Brooks' "World War Z" a first person account of the Great Zombie War, and his definitive undead-fighting manual, "The Zombie Survival Guide," are found wherever soldiers relax and oil their weapons. One soldier showed me a huge, razor-sharp Nepalese Ghurka knife that weighed about seven pounds -- a lot of extra weight to carry on patrol. He explained that because killing zombies required a decapitating or skull-crushing blow, there was simply no better tool for fighting the undead in close quarters.
As uniforms and body armor become more and more covered in Velcro, Zombie Hunter patches have become hot sellers for tactical suppliers. At the German Post Exchange at Kandahar Airfield, that patch is continually sold out.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: The Last Song I'm Wasting On You

True Blood: The Last Song I'm Wasting On You;; [Bill/Sookie] (