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True Blood new t-shirts : Team Eric and Addictive Vampire books !

Team Eric :Vikings do it better
Stupid Addictive Vampire Books it's not an addiction it's an alternate reality

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Sookie Stackhouse books reissued with new covers

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Charlaine Harris Q&A and Essay about Sookie and True Blood for Borders

Charlaine's Borders Q&A and Essay
I will say that she was asked that questions about spinning off a story about a character from he Sookie books when I saw her in January in Houston and she said then that she's like to write about Stan Davis ( nerd Sheriff of Dallas , now King of Texas )

A Conversation with Charlaine Harris

Is Sookie based on someone you know/is there a real Sookie in your life?

Charlaine Harris: Sookie isn't based on any one person I know, though I think she has become very much like my daughter.
Or maybe my daughter's grown up to be like Sookie: brave and loyal, smart and kind.

Why did you choose small town Louisiana for the setting of the series?

CH: I took northern Louisiana because Anne Rice had staked out (haha) southern Louisiana. I wanted to take something distinctly unpicturesque and make it my own. And I love small towns.

How did you come up with the notion of a synthetic blood substance?

CH: I had to imagine circumstances under which vampires would announce their reality. They would have to appear unthreatening to humans, and for that to obtain, they would have to have an alternative food source.

What?s next for Sookie and the series?

CH: I have no idea.

Any thoughts of doing a spinoff series about one of the smaller characters in Sookie?s world?

CH: A lot of people have asked me that, but I haven't planned anything yet. Maybe someday I'll have an idea stemming from the Sookie books.

Essay-Sookie and Me and HBO

If you're reading the Sookie Stackhouse books, you may also have had the pleasure of watching True Blood on HBO. If you haven't seen True Blood yet, you may be in for a surprise. The show isn't a carbon copy of the books, at least if you expect True Blood to follow the plot line as I've revealed it, page by page.

In my opinion, this is a great plus. Between producer/writer Alan Ball and me, people get two good experiences?at least, that's what we're aiming for. The books are adventures, full of action and horror, romance and humor; and so is the television show. I knew that would be the case after I'd talked to Alan about the way he saw the characters I'd written. That's why I trusted him to bring them to the screen.

I knew, also, that True Blood couldn't be filmed, plot point for plot point, to match Dead Until Dark or Living Dead in Dallas. Though I hope the way I write has made for entertaining books, it wouldn't make entertaining television.

The books are all told from Sookie's point of view. That won't work for television. Anna Paquin (who is a great Sookie Stackhouse) would be exhausted if everything on the screen happened the way it does in the books. And Alan's imagination has supplied lots of different, visual ways to cue viewers to the revelations of the book.

So read the books, watch the show, and enjoy both experiences for the entertainment they provide in very different ways. That's what I'm doing.

Charlaine Harris

What is the favorite dog in Bon Temps ? The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Terry bought a very expensive Catahoula hunting dog about every four years.
He wasn't turning in the old models for new ones. Something always seemed to happen to Terry's dogs, though he took great care of them. After he'd had the first hound about three years, a truck had hit him. Someone had fed poisoned meat to the second. The third one, the one he'd named Molly, had gotten snake-bit, and the bite had turned septic. For months now, Terry had been on the list for one in the next litter born at the kennel in Clarice that bred Catahoulas.'

The idea that Native Americans bred their dogs with or from red wolves is not supported by recent DNA work. Several recent studies have looked at the remains of prehistoric dogs from American archaeological sites and each has indicated that the genetics of prehistoric American dogs are similar to European and Asian domestic dogs rather than wild New World canids. In fact, these studies indicate that Native Americans brought several lines (breeds) of already domesticated dogs with them on their journeys from Asia to North America.
There is a plethora of published sources detailing the domestic dogs found in prehistoric archaeological sites. Clearly, the red wolf was not the only canid located in the Mississippi River Valley before the arrival of Europeans. There were also foxes and grey wolves as well as various domesticated Native American breeds.
In the 1800s, French settlers arrived in Louisiana with their Beauceron.
They told of strange looking dogs with haunting glass eyes that were used by the Indians to hunt game in the swamp.[9] It is thought the Beauceron and Red Wolf/war dog were interbred to produce the Catahoula. The word 'Catahoula' is actually a combination of two Choctaw words 'okhata', meaning lake, and 'hullo', meaning beloved... or a French transformation of the Choctaw Indian word for their own nation, 'Couthaougoula' pronounced 'Coot-ha-oo-goo-la'.(Don Abney) Jim Bowie and brother, Rezin Bowie, who spent much of their youth in Catahoula Parish are reported to have owned a pair of Catahoulas. It was said that they would sleep with a Catahoula at their feet.During the early 1900s, Teddy Roosevelt used the Catahoula when hunting. Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long had an interest in the breed and collected them. This interest was recognized by an annual competition known as Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials. In 1979, Governor Edwin Edwards signed a bill making the Catahoula the official state dog of Louisiana in recognition of their importance in the history of the region.

20% off on all DVD today at HBO

20% off on all DVD today at HBO

The Red Unicorn quizz answer !

The question was when did Sookie come in contact with this ?

Yes, this is the red unicorn that was stamped into the wax seal on the envelope from Niall in Bk8, the envelope contained the address for Remy Savoy ( and Hunter)

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What Sookie shouldn't say on a first date ( part1)

This is from Charlaine Harris website and from a poster called AtlantaSassyBelle. Ha!

"What NOT to tell someone on your first date ", by Sookie Stackhouse.

1) I'm telepathic and I can also read some supes minds (and maybe some vamps now).
2) My brother is part Were-Panther.
3) I've had vamp blood from multiple sources.
4) I slept with Bill and Eric (both vampires, whee!)and a Were Tiger named pressure on you for comparison or anything...
5) I'm part Fairy. :::bats eyelashes::: No really! I suggested this nice restaurant because this is where Eric brought me to meet my Great Grandfather for the first time. He's a Fairy PRINCE! Apparently he's very high up there and quite powerful and protective. I could like, snap my fingers...and poof, there's Pappy! Everyone seems a little scared of him and my own cousins call him "My Lord". I just think its great to have him around. I can't WAIT to introduce you to him. Do you like hunting? He says he's a really great hunter but I'm not sure what kind of game he likes to hunt...but he says that he has this thing called The Great Hunt so I'm SURE its SO much fun!!!
6) I had a funny uncle (so lets talk therapy bills) but my ex Vampire boyfriend Bill killed him for me. :::smiles prettily:::
7) My grandmother was brutally murdered by the man who wanted to kill me for sleeping with the first guy I ever dated who happened to be a vampire who was sent to Bon Temps to seduce me because the Queen of Louisiana heard about me from my now deceased deceased (twice) estranged cousin Hadley who was also her lover.
8 )My best friend was part of a sex club. A few of them died in the woods when a Maened killed them. Oh, and that Maened tortured me too. Wanna see my scars?
9)My boss is a shape shifter. A true shifter. He can be anything he wants.
Its really cool! The last time he turned into a LION and killed a bunch of folks. He's very protective...and he's got this HUGE thing for me and sometimes I wonder if there might be something more there, ya know??
10) My former best friend is now a member of the Fellowship of the Sun. I think she might be part of a plot to kill me now...or at least really make my life miserable.
11) I've seen the man from Memphis and he likes to eat dogs and cats.
12) I'm a friend of the Shreveport pack. Again. Well, after their enemies tried to kill me. And then I helped their Pack Leader figure out he was being duped after a lot of people got killed. There was this whole Were War and it was CRAZY! And now my friend Alcide, who I think still sorta wants to, uhh, well... Anyway, he's Pack Leader now.
13) Some of the Mississippi Weres want to kill me and continue to try to make my life miserable. They constantly send spies and I had to have the last one hexed by witches. Did I mention they are also my roommates? The witches, I mean. Anyhoodle...the spy is now no longer under the psycho from Mississippi's influence so she SHOULD be safe... But if my former sister-in-law starts to act funny again and spend lots more money we may have to take further steps... Well, I don't know how obligated I am to that cheating Were Panther hooker...she cheated on my brother while she was pregnant with his child! My brother :::rolls her eyes::: arranged for me to "accidentally" find them at the same time her Uncle did (he also wanted to date me, its very flattering!). Since SHE cheated, I had to break her Uncle Calvin's hand in some weird Were Panther ritual. It was awful. I'm really mad at my brother right now and I'm not sure if I'm going to speak to him for a while. So if he comes over, I need YOU to tell him to go away. He only gets furry a few nights of the month so it SHOULD be fine.

True Blood Music Video of the Day:Taking Over Me by Evanescence

Taking Over Me by Evanescence by LYRICS

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