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Sookie Stackhouse breaks into even more markets

From Sfscope

Sookie Stackhouse books "are now selling in well over 30 languages." He reports recent sales in both new and continuing markets.

In new territories:
the first four books sold to Nha Nam in Viet Nam
the first five books sold to Lindhardt & Ringhof in Denmark "in a major five-figure deal"
the first two books sold to Forlagid in Iceland
the first two books sold to Gummerus in Finland
Dead Until Dark sold to Mettis Bukvarna in Slovenia

New sales in established markets:
books 3 and 4 sold to Baronet in the Czech Republic
books 7 and 8 sold to Leda in Romania
books 5 and 6, and the collection Touch of Dead, sold to Saraiva in Brazil
books 4 and 5 sold to Saida de Emergencia in Portugal

And, in a non-Sookie Harris sale, Santillana bought rights in Spain to the first two of the Lily Bard "Shakespeare" novels: Shakespeare's Landlord (first published by St. Martin's in 1996) and Shakespeare's Champion (1997)

To date, Ace Books has published the first nine Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire novels, and has contracted to publish books 10-13. The first nine in the series (upon which HBO's True Blood is based) are:
Dead Until Dark (first published in 2001)
Living Dead in Dallas (2002)
Club Dead (2003)
Dead to the World (2004)
Dead as a Doornail (2005)
Definitely Dead (2006)
All Together Dead (2007)
From Dead to Worse (2008)
Dead and Gone (published 5 May 2009)

Go Ask Dallas: Will Steve & Sarah Newlin return in True Blood Season 3?


The actor who plays Steve Newlin is saying we'll see he and Sarah again in True Blood. I remember him being with the guy that attacks Sookie in Club Dead but do we ever see or hear from the Newlin's again after that in the books ?

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We meet the Newlin's in bk 2 'Living Dead in Dallas' and he is the one who is in 'Club Dead' when Sookie is staked.

We don't see them again but Sookie does think of them and the Fellowship ( see quotes below). The threat and influence of the Fellowship of the Sun does reemerge in the later books but we have yet to see the Newlin's again. I bet we will !

Mike " Steve Newlin" McMillian did recently say to MTV

"I've been told he'll be back," actor Mike McMillian, who plays Reverend Steve, told MTV News of his character.

Though the actor doesn't know when he and costar Anna Camp will return, he has a few theories about how things might go down. This kind of fits the Steve ibn Club Dead storyline.

Bk 3 Club Dead

Somehow, in the melee, my eyes met those of the taller man, and we recognized each other. He was G. Steve Newlin, former leader of the Brotherhood of the Sun, a militant anti-vampire organization whose Dallas branch had more or less bit the dust after I'd paid it a visit. He was going to tell them who I was, I just knew it, but I had to pay attention to what the man with the stake was doing. I was staggering around on my heels, trying to keep my feet, when the assassin finally had a stroke of brilliance and transferred the stake from his pinned right hand to his free left. With a final punch to my back, Steve Newlin dashed for the exit, and I caught a flash of creatures bounding in pursuit. I heard lots of yowling and tweeting, and then the black-haired man threw back his left arm and plunged the stake into my waist on my right side

Book 5 Dead as a Doornail
Actually, the Fellowship had quite a bit against me. I'd been responsible for their huge Dallas church being raided and one of their main leaders going underground. The papers had been full of what the police had found in the Fellowship building in Texas. Arriving to find the members dashing in turmoil around their building, claiming vampires had attacked them, the police entered the building to search it and found a basement torture chamber, illegal arms adapted to shoot wooden stakes into vampires, and a corpse. The police failed to see a single vampire. Steve and Sarah Newlin, the leaders of the Fellowship church in Dallas, had been missing since that night. I'd seen Steve Newlin since then. He'd been at Club Dead in Jackson.
He and one of his cronies had been preparing to stake a vampire in the club when I'd prevented them. Newlin had escaped; his buddy hadn't. It appeared that the Newlins' followers had tracked me down. I hadn't foreseen such a thing, but then, I'd never foreseen anything that had happened to me in the past year. When Bill had been learning how to use his computer, he'd told me that with a little knowledge and money, anyone could be found through a computer.

Maybe the Fellowship had hired private detectives, like the couple who had been in my house yesterday. Maybe Jack and Lily Leeds had just been pretending to be hired by the Pelt family? Maybe the Newlins were their real employers? They hadn't struck me as politicized people, but the power of the color green is universal.

Bk 6 Definitely Dead
But one of Arlene's customers yelled for her, and she was definitely glad to walk away. My eyes met Sam's, and we looked equally troubled. The Fellowship of the Sun was an antivampire,antitolerance organization, and its influence was spreading. Some of the Fellowship enclaves were not militant, but many of them preached hatred and fear in its most extreme form. If the Fellowship had asecret underground hit list, I was surely on it. The Fellowship founders, Steve and Sarah Newlin, had been driven out of their most lucrative church in Dallas because I'd interfered with their plans. I'd survived a couple of assassination attempts since then, but there was always the chance the Fellowship would track me down and ambush me. They'd seen me in Dallas, they'd seen me in Jackson, and sooner or later they'd figure out who I was and where I lived.I had plenty to worry about.

Tv Squad also writes
Do True Blood's Steve and Sarah Newlin seem like Joel and Victoria Osteen?

How soon before we find out who took Bill ?

From TV Guide
How soon before we find out who took Bill on True Blood? — Dyan
"We will discover who has Bill right off the bat in Season 3, but it's going to take the people on the show a little bit longer to find out," executive producer Alan Ball tells us. Sookie will even consider the possibility that he left of his own volition. "It's not easy for her," Ball says. "She feels really bad because she's not sure whether he just left because he was upset because she didn't say yes right off the bat. But in her heart she believes he was taken and she doesn't know who took him. She's going to fight to find him."

Rutina Wesley Talks about True Blood at NYC Fashion Show

From Fashion News Live

Vampire cupcakes from TV and movies

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Having a Ball

From SX

True Blood is one of the most gay inclusive shows currently on television. Not surprising, given that its creator, Alan Ball, is an out and proud gay man.

Based on the ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ books by American novelist Charlaine Harris, writer/producer Alan Ball’s True Blood is one of the most compelling and entertaining takes on the vampire legend around. But, as he tells MCV, the television program would never have been made had he not accidentally stumbled upon the first book in Harris’s series.

“It was a total impulse buy for me, this book, and I started reading it and I could not put it down. It was like crack! It was like I was addicted to it. And somewhere around book three or four [in the series] I thought, this is so not the sort of stuff I usually read but I love this world and these characters, and I think this would make a great TV show.”

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Swing by Zero 7

Swing by Zero 7 LYRICS
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