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Charlaine Harris writes about the end of the Sookie novels today on her site

.....there will be Sookie novels through 2013. I think that's as much as I can promise. Sookie has literally enriched me, and I love her, too. That's why I don't want to let her down by writing about her when the thrill is gone from it.
Charlaine Harris

The Biggest Fangs In Hollywood ... Interview With A True Blood Vampire

TRUE Blood vampire James Frain is happy to add to the body count on the hit US series.
The British actor plays Bon Temps bloodsucking baddie Franklin Mott and says: "I actually had super long fangs. I didn't realise until I saw everyone else's."
Alongside rapper Jay Sean, actor Linus Roache (son of Coronation Street actor William) and talk show host Craig Ferguson, James is in that strange set of Brits who are better known in the US than they are back home.
He landed his first film role in Richard Attenborough's Shadowlands in 1993, but he's since fared better across the pond, with roles in 24, The Closer and The Tudors.

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Book review: 'A Discovery of Witches' by Deborah Harkness A female-centric tale in a world of witches, vampires and demons.

There's something inspiring — for old-fashioned booklovers — about an early scene in Deborah Harkness' novel "A Discovery of Witches." Magical creatures gather as a woman opens a legendary, lost book.

Never mind that most of these creatures — vampires, daemons, witches — are plotting to get the book out of the hands of Diana, an American professor on a research trip in England. Menace aside, the scene is almost a homage to the printed word: There's far more magic in an old book than in an iPad no matter how good its backlighting is.

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Casting Calls for Season 4, Episodes 5 and 6

Episode 4.5
[VAMPIRE SHERIFF] Legal 18 to play 14-16. Male or Female. A vampire sheriff…CO-STAR/POSSIBLE RECURRING. (Updated 2/18/11)
[YOUNG JESUS] 9 years old, male, seen in flashback to 1985, living in the Chihuahuan desert with his mother and his terrifying shaman grandfather…NO LINES BUT REAL ACTING AND EMOTION IS REQUIRED
Episode 4.5/6:
[CHANTING MEDIEVAL WOMEN] Medieval Spanish women of all ages are chanting in Latin/Spanish…2 lines, 1 scene

Interview: Being Human's Sam Witwer - Part 1

Last week, Sam Witwer of Being Human (Syfy) was kind enough to take time out to talk to the press about his role as the vampire Aidan in the North American adaptation of the popular U.K. series. He also spoke a bit about some of his other roles, which have included Battlestar Galactica, NCIS, Smallville and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

If there’s one thing to be said about Sam Witwer (aside from his excellent collection of scifi/fantasy roles), it’s that he’s got plenty to say about his part in Syfy’s Being Human. Witwer shared some interesting insights about his character Aidan, but rest assured, he teased quite a bit but seemed to go out of his way not to spoil anything major with regards to what’s to come for the remainder of Season 1.

One of the things that really makes the British version of the series work is this great chemistry between the cast, and I was wondering how well do all of you guys get along?

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True Blood Gets a Little Hairier!

Daniel will be playing Raoul, the Shreveport packmaster. Which means he'll be above Alcide (Joe Manganiello) in terms of werewolf rank. His role is described as "tough and intense," and he'll be recurring in at least seven episodes. Raoul's first appearance will be in episode 4.05, titled "I Hate You, I Love You." Guess we'll be getting a werewolf showdown as well as a witch war this season. True Blood is back in June, so prepare fangbangers!

Charlaine Harris Sookie Author : Authors Announced for 2011 Arkansas Literary Festival

The Arkansas Literary Festival, the premier gathering of readers and writers in Arkansas, has expanded to include over 80 authors in many locations on both sides of the river in Little Rock/North Little Rock from April 7 - 13.

The Central Arkansas Library System's Main Library campus and other venues in the River Market and Argenta Arts districts are the sites for a stimulating mix of sessions, panels, special events, performances, workshops, presentations, opportunities to meet authors, book sales, and book signings. Most events are free and open to the public.

Festival authors include David Sedaris, Ree Drummond, Charlaine Harris, Mona Simpson, Isabel Wilkerson, Peter Beagle, and more. Authors attending the Festival have been honored with prizes and awards including the Pulitzer Prize, Newberry Prize, Rona Jaffe Foundation Award of $25,000, PEN Southwest Fiction Award, Rome Prize, Robert I. Freeman Award, Michener-Copernicus Award, Langum Prize for Historical Fiction, Guggenheim grant, NAACP Image Award, Heartland Prize, and Kore Press First Book Award. Three authors' books were featured on the cover of the New York Times Book Review.

Special events during the Festival include a cocktail reception with the authors, An Evening with David Sedaris, a book fiesta party for children, and cooking workshops. Panels and workshops will feature topics such local legend Charles Portis, a zombie/Austen mashup, first-time authors, poetry, gardening, songwriting, teacher training on Arkansas history, and a Literature at Lunch series.  Children's special events include a storytime on the lawn on the Governor's Mansion, performances from Shakespearean plays, a puppet show, and a concert by the Kinders.

Through the Writers In The Schools (WITS) initiative, the Festival will provide presentations by 18 authors for elementary, middle, and senior high schools and colleges in Pulaski County.

Click here for more information about the 2011 Arkansas Literary Festival.

True Blood Cast : Saturday, February 26th comic book event!

True Blood cast members Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby) are expected to attend the signing for True Blood, Volume 1: All Together Now. Saturday, Feb 26, 1:00 p.m. Barnes & Noble at The Grove, 189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles, (323) 525-0270.

o Wristbands will be distributed on Saturday, February 26th beginning at 9:00 am with a purchase of True Blood, Volume 1. Wristbands WILL NOT be replaced if lost or stolen.

· A limited number of wristbands will be reserved for Barnes & Noble members and will designate priority placement in line. Lettered, colored wristbands will be for the signing line.

· Line-up will begin at 11:30 am on Saturday, February 26th according to wristband letter. Please be advised, all in attendance for this event must be in line by 12:30 pm.

· Other memorabilia WILL NOT be allowed.

· Personalization WILL NOT be available.

· Posed photography WILL NOT be allowed.Photographs may only be taken from the signing line. All cameras and cell phones must be put away before reaching the signing table.


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True Blood 4.05, “I Hate You, I Love You

[YOUNG JESUS] ACTOR TO MATCH ATTACHED PICTURE. 9 years old, male, seen in flashback to 1985, living in the Chihuahuan desert with his mother and his terrifying shaman grandfather…NO LINES BUT REAL ACTING AND EMOTION IS REQUIRED
[CHANTING MEDIEVAL WOMEN] Medieval Spanish women of all ages are chanting in Latin/Spanish…2 lines, 1 scene

True Blood blog : An Interview with Michael McMillian

by Gianna Sobol
Gianna: Good morning, Michael!
Michael: Good morning, Gianna!
Gianna: Can you talk about your involvement in the newest True Blood comic book?
Michael: You can ask, but I have to warn you that as the co-writer of an official True Blood story, I may have to keep some secrets.
Gianna: Well what goods are you authorized to share?  We'll take what we can get!
Michael: I was just kidding.  Get ready to be "spoilerized."  I'm giving up the goods!
Gianna: Do it.
Michael: I love my fans.  Fire away.
Gianna: How did it come about that you would be writing for the comic series?
Michael: Pluck and constant pestering, really.  I heard they were making a True Blood comic last spring through Alexander Woo, one of True Blood's talented writers.  I immediately started to plot how I would go about scoring myself a story-arc on the book.  I was in the middle of writing LUCID, my series with Archaia and Zachary Quinto's Before the Door Pictures, so I was eager to keep the ball rolling with other comic projects.  Ultimately, I teamed up with my friend Marc Andreyko, a seasoned comics pro, and we pitched ideas to IDW.  I also sent Alan Ball a live panda.  It seems the bribe worked and now Marc and I are writing the comic.

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Helena Bonham Carter And Michelle Pfeiffer Join 'Dark Shadows'

Dark ShadowsAfter spending years in development, "Dark Shadows" is finally taking shape. Not only is longtime Tim Burton collaborator Johnny Depp on board for the lead role of 200-year-old vampire Barnabas Collins, but a slew of other actors – Jackie Earle Haley and Eva Green, to name a few – have also joined the fray.
Now, two more names are hopping aboard Burton's adaptation of the 1960s gothic soap, and they're familiar ones. Helena Bonham Carter, Burton's partner and a regular presence in the director's recent string of films, is confirmed for a role in "Dark Shadows."
That news shouldn't come as much of a surprise. No, it's the other name that's considerably less expected: "Batman Returns" actress Michelle Pfeiffer is reuniting with Burton for the movie as well. 

True Blood Season 4 : Someone's taking a trip to fairyland!

Krisena: True Blood? I miss that show so much!
Someone's taking a trip to fairyland! Insiders tell us the show is now shooting scenes in a stage decorated with twinkle lights and greenery that's being populated with beautiful men and women in gold body paint and robes. We're wondering if the fairy folk get as orgy-tastic as the maenad's followers once did? Meanwhile, if you have questions for True Blood executive producer Alan Ball about season four, email us at; we're hoping to speak with him at an upcoming event!