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Another kind of fanfic ? : Being a Skarsgard , My life, my story

Yet more unusual fanfic ...this blog is written as if it's written by Alex Skarsgard himself...
sometimes, I think this all is just getting too weird...

Stephen Moyer

We all know how it sounds like he says “Suck-ay” when he's talking to or about Anna's character “Sookie”. I think it should be pronounced “Sue-key”, or rhyme with cookie. This was a big problem when we start shooting the first episodes, and Alan Ball was furious because Stephen couldn't pronounce her name right. He even hired a speech therapist to help him. Okay Stephen, say “Cookie” – “Cookie”. Good, now say “Sookie” - “Suck-ay”. It was truly hilarious. Alan ended up using him cause we couldn't find another actor fast enough...

So, at Dolce the other day, Stephen comes up to me and says “Sue-key, I knew how to say her name the whole time”. Then he just walked away. I think he was kinda drunk cause he never speaks to me on the set.


True true blood: As pop culture sucks on myths, some real Kansas City vampires tell their stories

More real vampires this time interviewed in the Kansas City Pitch -they even have a MeetUp group

I'm sitting in the Winstead's by the Plaza waiting for a group of people I've never met. It's the monthly meeting of Gathering Dusk, a Midwest meet-up club that's primarily for people who identify themselves as vampires.

I realize, when they arrive, that I wouldn't give half of them a second glance if I saw them on the street; the other half look as I'd expect a vampire to look in Kansas City in 2008: lots of black clothing and eyeliner and lipstick. For most, it's a good look.

The oldest is Sylvere, 38, who's dressed for comfort tonight rather than in gothic style. She has gone by the name Sylvere since high school, when she picked up the nickname because her fashion tastes favored silver tones. She wasn't immediately agreeable to a story on local vampires. "I won't be set up as the local freak of the week, if that's your angle," she had written me. "I have my family's welfare to consider."

Read on HERE

Alexand Skarsgard new interview

Do you really care what he's talking about or care that you don't understand a word...??

Ha-ha I didn't think so ...

Maybe one of our Swedish speaking readers will translate a little synopsis of the conversation and post it in the comments area for us ..


Following True Blood characters on Twitter

If you are a fan of HBO’s series True Blood like I am, you probably have been missing the show since the first season ended in November.

Well, I’ve been following the True Blood characters on Twitter — including Bill the vampire, Sookie, Sam, Eric, Tara, LaFayette, Arlene and even new vampire Jessica.

Please note these are not the real actors and are not affiliated with HBO in any way, but a group who has chosen to act in character so we, the fans, "feel" like we are right there in Bon Temps, Louisana, waiting to be served a good meal at Merlotte’s.

On Twitter, you can only have messages that are 140 characters or less, so the notes between the characters are pretty short.

In fact, most of the messages revolve around Merlotte’s as if you were right there in the restaurant watching all of the characters interact.

Sookie is taking drink orders, LaFayette is making "no AIDS’ burgers. Sam is worried, as usual about Sookie. Bill is his normal polite self. The Eric on Twitter heavily flirts with Sookie. It’s almost like fan fiction.

If you have a Twitter acccount, you can interact with the characters as they will "talk back to you" a little.

My handle on Twitter is Newtotvblogger if you want to follow me as well.


'The First Taste', the title song for True Blood Season One Episode Two

II recently did a Season 2 Spoiler show for my Blogtalk radio show, where we looked at what we might know about the upcoming episode by examining the title song for that episode.

I can't tell you how many emails I received from folks saying they felt so stupid for not realizing that the True Blood episodes were named for songs. It's OK but I thought it might be a good idea to look back at the song, the artist and the lyrics for each of last season's episode title songs.

So let's look back to Episode Two: Season One: The First Taste Aired: 9/14/2008

First Taste is by Fiona Apple from her album Tidal.

Fiona Apple (born Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart on September 13, 1977) is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter. She gained popularity through her 1996 album Tidal, especially with the single "Criminal", and because of the music video made for it. Her music is rooted equally in early jazz, pop, and alt-rock and is fundamentally based on very personal poetic verses backed up with progressive production often featuring instruments such as the french horn, optigan or even a full orchestra. Apple is a vegan and a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


I lie in an early bed, thinking late thoughts
Waiting for the black to replace my blue
I do not struggle in your web because it was my aim to get caught
But daddy longlegs, I feel that I'm finally growing weary
Of waiting to be consumed by you

Give me the first taste, let it begin heaven cannot wait
Darling, just start the chase - Ill let you win but you must
Make the endeavor

Oh, your love give me a heart contusion
Adagio breezes fill my skin with sudden red
Your hungry flirt borders intrusion
I'm building memories on things we have not said
Full is not heavy as empty, not nearly my love, not nearly my love, not Nearly

Give me the first taste, let it begin heaven cannot wait
Darling, just start the chase - Ill let you win, but you must
Make the endeavor

True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse Fan Art : Alice Wack

The very talented Alice Wack kindly shared her Sookie & Eric cartoon with us.

I'm assuming this is New Year's Day ( in book 4) and the fun is just about to begin....

If you need fantastic graphic art , fine art or graphic design and you want all this from a real Louisiana girl -contact Alice.

You will simply be amazed at her work: http://www.alicey.com/

Please, please Alice do some more Sookie cartoons !

Contact Alice : awack1@lsu.edu

* Note- Sookie's Word of the Day calendar ! haha

Home and Away's Ryan Kwanten finds success in True Blood

FANS of Home and Away will remember him as happy-go-lucky character VJ, but Hollywood is recognising Australian talent Ryan Kwanten in a different light thanks to his sex-charged role in new drama True Blood.

The 32-year-old has finally made it abroad after slogging it out in Los Angeles for the past seven years.

Portraying compulsive, sex-obsessed redneck Jason Stackhouse in True Blood, a thrilling vampire drama from Six Feet Under creator Allan Ball, this Sydney-raised actor sure does it well.
True Blood couldn't be further from the golden sands of Summer Bay or that of his turn as Australian surfer Jay Robertson in the US sitcom Summerland . . . and that's the way Kwanten likes it.

Screen vampires in pictures

Back home for a brief visit recently, as well as to voice a character in the new animated flick Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Kwanten explains why Hollywood is a battlefield.

Q Does being back in Sydney make you miss living here more?
A The beauty of Sydney is it doesn't change. I know I can come back and it still feels like the place I grew up in. America is definitely my second home but as the saying goes 'home is where the heart is'.

Q Have you found it easy to find work in Hollywood?
A The work has been pretty constant and that is what has really kept me there. Fortunately I have met some friends who luckily are not part of the industry and they have kept me there. They couldn't really give a s--t about what I do.

Q Was it hard to find good mates?
A It took me a good six months minimum where I could firmly say 'Yes, I trust you and I want to be your friend'. Just as my best mates are back here, who are all getting married and having children.

Q Do you sometimes wish you had their life?
A I still feel 15. I guess I act like I am 15 sometimes and all my friends that I went to school with have got babies or babies on the way. You know time marches on. You grow with it.

Q True Blood is going into second season filming when you get back. Are you surprised?
A I am amazed because not only is the competition ridiculous over there but the amount of factors that have to fall into play for you to get a pilot and then for the pilot to get picked up and then for that series to go to a second series is enormous.

Q What is the character of Jason like?
A Unlike me he just tends to fly by the seat of his pants and I tend to be far too cerebral and over-analyse things. It's been nice to throw out the textbook and what I thought I knew about acting and life and just go 'OK, this is what I am going to do and just do it'.

Q Did you find opening up to that side has influenced you in everyday life?
A It is very liberating and I felt, without sounding too 'actory', that I opened up parts of myself that I never knew existed. Just in terms of letting things go and not letting every little thing get to me. There is no reason to be a perfectionist about some of the silly things in life. Even in terms of if something has happened in your life not worrying about it because you can't change that. Life is too short to worry about stuff.

Q Actors say the first few years in Hollywood are the toughest. How do you feel now?
A I can honestly say now that I deserve the success without sounding too much like a swell head. There were times for the first six months I bought a push bike because that's all I could afford and I was riding for two or three hours from auditions with all the changes of clothes in my backpack. I look back and I don't feel like an overnight success. It really feels like I have worked for it and fortunately I haven't had to have another job so that's been good.

True Blood, Tuesday, Showcase (pay-TV), 8.30pm


True Blood Music Video of the Day : One, two, thre, four

One, two three four by Feist [LYRICS]

( special thanks to my friend, SparkleyEdward for this great video)