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True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten On Playing Jason Stackhouse

From People Magazine

From battling addiction to vampire blood to getting mixed up with a fanatical religious group and then sleeping with the preacher’s wife, Ryan Kwanten’s True Blood character, Jason Stackhouse, is always getting into trouble on HBO’s hit show. Luckily for the 32-year-old Australian actor, who has lived in Los Angeles for seven years, he’s nothing like his rural Louisianan alter ego. “We look the same to a certain degree,” he jokes. “But my jeans aren’t as tight.” Before True Blood’s finale on Sept. 13, which Kwanten calls “the amalgamation of pretty much the entire season,” the actor spoke with PEOPLE about his character, Louisiana cooking and how he stays so darn ripped! –Aaron Parsley

Congrats on the success of True Blood. How does it feel?
It’s is not something that you set out expecting [because of] the amount of factors that have to fall into place for a show to even be picked up … True Blood was already a pretty tasty cake before and then now it’s just a nice little cherry on top.

Do you notice a difference between when the first season aired and now?
I’ve really noticed a difference in how people are aware of the show and of me. It’s certainly a new thing to me.

Were you familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse books before you started playing her brother Jason?
It was only after I got the role that I started reading the books to catch up with it, but even then [creator] Alan Ball made us aware that it wouldn’t be following word-for-word, story-for story with the books.

How far into the books have you read?
Two-and-half books. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’m particularly the demographic. It’s just not my thing.

What do you like about Jason Stackhouse?
He’s taught me not to think so much and not over analyze because he’s the type of guy who just sort of jumps into things without really thinking about them and obviously that gets him into trouble.

How did you get the accent down?
I wish I could say it was a long process of learning and arduous kind of hours. I obviously do my research of where it’s shooting and the various types of accents within Louisiana and in discussions with the director and with Alan you hang on something. They seemed to like what I had in the beginning so I stuck with that and refined it if need be.

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'True Blood' Star Jim Parrack (A.K.A. Hoyt) Talks: Season Finale, Alexander Skarsgard's Rising Fame & 'Twilight'

From MTV

Parrack says .."Something will happen. There will be a finale."

That Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle sure has "True Blood" fans' tongues wagging, but we'd argue the season's most refreshing romance belongs to newborn bloodsucker Jessica and her sweet, mama's boy beau Hoyt. Faster than a vamp can run from Bon Temps to Dallas, actor Jim Parrack has gone from Jason's shy friend to a swoonworthy love interest. We caught up with the actor in Shreveport, Louisiana where's he's preparing to film the alien invasion flick "Battle: Los Angeles" alongside Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan. We chatted with the Texas native about shaping the character of Hoyt, the upcoming season finale and what he thinks about "Twilight."

When Jim signed on to Alan Ball's sexy saga, he had no idea Hoyt would be getting a juicier storyline come season 2. In fact, he didn't know much about his character at all. The actor's never read the "Sookie Stackhouse" novels on which the series is based, mostly to keep his character original, so when it came time to embody Hoyt, Jim wasn't sure what to do.

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Awww -all together now

The Viking and the author

from Charlaine's IMdb page -they will need to add actress !

True Blood / Sookie tweets from DragonCon

Some of these are pretty intriguing

chelliemo Debbie Pelt's body is found in the next Sookie book #dragoncon

Charlaine: Alan Ball is having fun casting Debbie Pelt for next season of True Blood. #dragoncon

Charlaine: Alcide will have a new gf in the next book, but something bad *may* happen to her. He has the worst judgement." #dragoncon

Erik could kick Edward's butt? Charlaine: *Pam* could kick Edward's butt. And shed *love it* #dragoncon

Jenniceg @truebloodhbo charlaine Harris won't say who she prefers eric or Bill #dragoncon

chelliemo What's next for charlaine harris: something completely different #Dragoncon 1 day ago from txt

chelliemo Sookie stackhouse as the poster child for healthcare reform #dragoncon

@Paradisacorbasi: Harris was asked which vamp Sookie will choose. She replied, 'You assume it's a vampire'. #dragoncon

Paradisacorbasi Has True Blood changed your life? Harris: I have a lot more money? #dragoncon

N2F79 There are tons of True Blood fans here. Bubba was walking around last night. #dragoncon

True Blood Episode 12 promo video

Corrupt by Depeche Mode

The Music of True Blood: Getting Caught Up Before Sunday's Season 2 Finale

From Houston Post

Alan Ball was known for his masterful use of music in Six Feet Under. He's lost none of his touch when it comes to his current HBO series, True Blood - which happens to be set in the Louisiana swamps, not terribly far from Houston. Though we're picking up midway through Season 2, from here on out as each new episode airs, Rocks Off will bring you a short report on the featured music.

Dear Houston (and Internet),
We've known each other for a while, and we've started to get pretty close. We think the only thing to do at this stage in our relationship is for me to make you a mix tape of the music from True Blood. We know you like vampires, and since there's no new episode this week, what with the season finale coming up next week, this felt like the perfect gift to recap everything that has come thus

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Review: Must Love Hellhounds by Charlaine Harris

Has anyone else read the new short story, 'The Britlingens Go To Hell' by Charlaine Harris this from Hilcia on Impressions blog

Batanya and Covache, two Britlingen Collective bodyguards are contracted by Crick to go to Hell. He needs to collect an object he stole from Lucifer but left there while escaping from imprisonment. Batanya is assigned this dangerous duty by her superior Tovis, who seems to be obsessed with harassing her.

In this world, witchcraft is enhanced by science and the witches facilitate transportation for the bodyguards. Batanya, Covache and Crick battle their way through the dark and dangerous tunnels of Hell and on their way meet Hell's monsters, Amelia Earhart, Narcissus and two hellhounds.

This is my first Charlaine Harris read and I'm afraid neither the story nor the writing grabbed my attention. The addition of Earhart and Narcissus to the story came out of left field for me and threw me out of the story. This novella was the weakest in the anthology for me.

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Charlaine Harris writes about filming her True Blood cameo

Charlaine has written about filming her cameo on True Blood Episode on June 20th on her web page :

From June:

lindsayb, I was there most of the afternoon, though only an hour or so was taken up with shooting my scene. I ate lunch with Alan, talked to the cast when they weren't working, had my makeup and hair done, watched the shooting on video, and toured the set of Sookie's house.
Booklover, that sounds great. Hanging with mom and grandmother sounds great, too, minda.
Charlaine Harris

I am no actress. But since I was in the scene with Sam, I just felt I was talking to him, and that made it much easier.
Charlaine Harris

The writer of the episode, Alexander Woo, actually wrote that line down so I could remember it. I have to see things before I can learn them.
On rereading my book & blog entry, I see that I used the word "wonderful"
four times! Some days, only one word will do.
Charlaine Harris


As I’ve said elsewhere on the board, last Friday I spent an afternoon on the set of “True Blood.” I enjoyed the experience, of course, and it was great seeing Alan Ball, his wonderful henchmen Christina Jokanovich and Gianna Sobol, writer Alexander Woo, director Michael Cuesta, and some of the wonderful actors who make up the cast: Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Carrie Preston, Chris Bauer, Patricia Bethune, and Todd Lowe.

However, though I already knew that there was a crew to support all the actions in the show, I hadn’t realized how many people there were. It was amazing to see everyone who works behind the scenes. There were so many of them, and they work so hard. Makeup artists, hair artists, light men, sound men, continuity people . . . the list goes on and on. Everyone knows what to do, and somehow it all gets done; taking all these people working at the same moment to get one little bit of film.

It was a very interesting afternoon, and I hope I didn’t get in the way too much. I actually spoke a line, but it may end up on the cutting room floor. I almost hope so. I’m no actress. I think the brief time I spend on the set was really illuminating, and it was certainly a fascinating afternoon. I appreciate them putting up with me.

While I was in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to see the Pompeii exhibit. It was wonderful, and I’m so glad that my trip to have some business meetings and visit the set coincided with the time of this wonderful exhibit. I highly recommend it. While I was in the museum, I also visited some of the “ancient art” galleries, and felt overwhelmed by the richness of what I saw. This is not something I get to do often, so I really had a little vacation.

Charlaine Harris

'All Hail the Viking Warrior' and 'Long Live the Queen'

Yes, Alex was on a boat with friend and also spotted with a certain monarch. I really don't do a lot of posts on my blog that are the Hollywood hype, paparazzi photos and gossipy stuff. There are millions of web sites that do that ...

But I am always interested when there is a True Blood connection.

Well, Mr Skarsgard and Miss Woods are also connected to True Blood in a very interesting way!

Should make that Sophie Eric embrace more interesting Sunday night to know this ..huh ?

'All Hail the Viking Warrior' and 'Long live the Queen' !

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From MTV : According to Perez Hilton the co-stars have been spotted together in Louisiana where Skarsgard is currently filming the remake of Straw Dogs

True Blood Fan Convention in Europe - Poland

Our friend Silva who runs the True Blood Poland site is planning a True Blood European fan get together -boy, Poland sounds great !

( Silva's videos are also featured as TB Music Video of the day- she did the Drinking Game )

She says "As True Blood European Fans we would like to organize and take part in Convention which could take place in Poland in 2010. Sign the petition and show us your support! Thank you."


'True Blood' Conspiracy Theory

I'm still having problems with folks writing True Blood spoilers that are just being events pulled from the books - this is the "throw the bookie a bone" moments from True Blood that I was talking about last week on the radio show.

It seemed like to Mark, our reviewer that there wasnt a really a point to all of the Bill /Sophie visit or in meeting Hadley. To which my answer was, that WAS the real purpose in the Bill/ Sophie visit because it set up the Bill/ Sophie betrayal storyline.

Buddy TV is working on the Hadley and Bill connection.

True Blood
sure has a lot of mysteries to unravel, whether it's about vampires, shape shifters, maenads or whatever the hell Sookie is. But there's another mystery that came to my attention as I went through your comments in my article last week. BuddyTV reader Dogdogdog particularly caught my interest when she posted, "i got a question that will make you all think some more... how did the queen know about sookie and bill never mentioned her... and bill never ask the queen how did she know about her... its a set up i think...that queen and bill is plotting something."

Watching the penultimate episode of True Blood's second season already sparked my curiosity as to why Queen Sophie-Ann knew about Sookie without Bill ever mentioning her. But realizing that other people were thinking the same thing certainly got me thinking some more. Then BuddyTV reader Maria1023 enlightened me with the possibility that this could all be part of a conspiracy: Bill and Queen Sophie-Ann are working as a team and that Bill getting close to Sookie is all part of a greater plan.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Breathe into me by Red

Breathe into me by Red LYRICS

Thanks, cindyds1