Tuesday, March 2, 2010

‘True Blood’ Vampires Would Kick The Cullens’ Butts!

Lindsey asks Stephen Moyer, Kellan Lutz and Paul Wesley, which vampire cast would win in a battle for blood? Who do you think?

It’s time to spill some blood! We caught up with three vampires – one from each cast — Stephen Moyer, Kellan Lutz, and Paul Wesley — at Cosmopolitan magazine’s “Fun Fearless Male Awards” at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in NYC on Mar. 1 and they admitted there might be some ass kicking involved if the three casts were ever to fight. And who would win? True Blood’s Stephen Moyer thinks, “We could take both of them [Twilight and Vampire Diaries] down at the same time!”

Stephen, who plays Bill Compton, continued, “We are much older than those whipper snappers [and] just me and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard )” would tear the other two casts apart in a matter of seconds!

Twilight’s Kellan Lutz agreed that True Blood would carry the deadliest stake: “I think True Blood would kick all our asses. Eric on True Blood) would kick all our asses. He’s a bad ass on the show.” But, he continued, “Really, who knows. We all have different strengths and powers.” For the Cullen clan, “you have to rip us apart. That can be tough if you [don't have] super human strength to do that.”

Vampire Diaries‘ Paul Wesley stood by himself when asked which cast would win. “I would win any fight, any vampire fight,” he said. But, for him, the battle lies within the scenes of his own show. He admitted he’s thirsty for Damon’s (played by Ian Somerhalder) blood. “I would kick Damon’s ass! I’m convinced of that and I plan on kicking his ass in future episodes,” he shared with us.

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