Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking for something to watch now True Blood is over for the season ? Vampire Diaries starts tomorrow night !

Looking for something to watch now True Blood is over for the season ? Bedlam - Starts October 1st on BBC America

Bedlam is a ghostly series set around Bedlam Heights -- a hip, newly renovated apartment building. Those who live there think they have the best address in the world, but little do they know their new home has a harrowing past.

The conversion of Bedlam Heights from a former insane asylum has awakened the ghosts of its dark and violent past. These spirits wish to reclaim what's theirs and seek revenge on those who have wronged them.

Kate (Charlotte Salt, The Tudors), a direct descendant of the people who ran the former asylum for generations, lives and works in Bedlam Heights. Her father, Warren (Hugo Speer, Skins), still owns the old family property, and Kate is helping him fill the remaining vacant apartments. She shares her apartment with roommates Ryan (Will Young, Skins) and Molly (Ashley Madekwe, Secret Diary of a Call Girl), but only with the unexpected arrival of Kate's adopted cousin, Jed (Theo James, Downton Abbey) -- a troubled man with a history of mental illness who sees ghosts and visions of the past -- are they able to uncover the terrifying secrets of Bedlam Heights. The hauntings that follow prove that sometimes when you scratch away the surface, things aren't always what they seem.

Written and created by Neil Jones (Blue Murder), David Allison (Boy Meets Girl) and Chris Parker (EastEnders).

Bedlam Premieres Saturday, October 1st at 10pm/9c -- watch the exclusive season trailer!

Don't miss lead actor Theo James (Jed) and creator David Allison at the Bedlam screening and Q&A at Comic-Con in San Diego. Plus, follow @Anglophenia to relive all the action and get our recaps here 

Looking for something to watch now True Blood is over for the season ? American Horror Story only on FX - Family Portrait

What else are you watching ???
October 5th on FX !

From Bon Temps to Shreveport, Skarsgård's latest bad-guy role is in Straw Dogs

am Peckinpah's Straw Dogs was one of several films released in 1971 (A Clockwork Orange was another) that kicked off a long and loud debate about onscreen violence. The film included a highly disturbing rape scene and ended with an extended and unsparing sequence of bloodshed.
Rod Lurie's remake changes the scene from rural England to the American South, but the gist of the film is the same: A timid husband is forced to use extreme violence to defend his wife and his house against a group of menacing thugs.
The new film stars James Marsden and Kate Bosworth, in roles played by Dustin Hoffman and Susan George in the original. The chief villain in the remake is Alexander Skarsgård, best known as the vampire sheriff in HBO's True Blood
He registered in a small comic role as one of the male models in Zoolander and more recently turned up as the boyfriend in a Lady Gaga music video.

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'Blood' star Alexander Skarsgard shows true range in films

NEW YORK – Alexander Skarsgard isn't the first acting hunk to be compared to Brad Pitt.
Like Paul Newman crossed with Brad Pitt: That's how Alexander Skarsgard was described by Rod Lurie, who directed the Swedish actor in 'Straw Dogs,' out Friday.

But the Swede might be one of the few who's up to the task. Known as True Blood's icy-hot Viking vampire, he is preparing to take a bite out of the box office with an impressive slew of flicks.

First up is Friday's remake of Straw Dogs, which transplants the chilling 1971 Dustin Hoffman-led story into the sweaty, close-knit Deep South. Skarsgard, 35, plays local football hero Charlie, whose lust for actress ex-girlfriend Amy (Kate Bosworth) turns violent once she returns home with writer husband David (James Marsden).

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Joe Manganiello & Kristin Bauer Talk True Blood on CNN

This is a fun interview

Season 5 Tara tidbit

We will see that as the hiatus progresses( is it June 2012 , yet ?) the Tara cliffhanger is the only one anyone is interested in , the wolf and Sam,  eh!  We all know the very next scene is Bill and Eric standing in Sookie's kitchen,  as we know they are just across the cemetery at Bill's ..I think maybe Tara's fate has something to do with Bill because I'm still a little intrigued with Bill saving Tara early in the season ( Ep 8) and when she asked why ? He said "you know" .... I think we'll find out what she knows or what that meant.

Also remember Lafayette is just upstairs, so he will also be in the kitchen with one or more vampires.

Question: OK Mikey (is it alright if I call you that?), now that True Blood has come to an end, please give us some dirt — even the tiniest amount — about next season! —Paige
Season 5 will pick up right where Season 4 left off — with Tara’s brains splattered all over Sookie’s kitchen floor. And to answer your first question, it’s most definitely not alright, Paige.