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Eric, bite me! Entrevista com o Alexander

from Thursday, 25 September 2008

Alexander Skarsgard In “True Blood” Currently making a name for himself inHollywood, 32-year-old Alexander Skarsgard went straight from a leading role in the HBO war mini-series Generation Kill to a regular role in the cable network’s latest hit drama seriesTrue Blood, in which he plays the mysterious vampire Eric. Mostly unknown to American audiences, Skarsgard, who quit acting for eight years before renewing his love for the craft, was five times voted the sexiest man in Sweden, and is one of their most beloved stage and screen actors.

Skarsgard recently spoke to MediaBlvdMagazine about working with Academy Award-winner Anna Paquin and playing such a fun character.

MediaBlvd Magazine> Had you been familiar with Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire books that True Blood is adapted from, or did you catch up after you were cast?

Alexander Skarsgard> No, I wasn’t familiar with them. I read them when I got the part.

MediaBlvd> How does your character, Eric, end up in this Southern town?

Alexander> For business, basically. He opened this nightclub, Fangtasia, and he makes a lot of money because human tourists come there to see vampires. They go there and buy drinks, and he sits on his throne and they take pictures of him, and he makes a lot of money.

MediaBlvd> What is your look going to be for Eric, and how is it wearing the fangs?

Alexander> It was amazing! I did this right after I did Generation Kill, which was very dirty and sweaty, so it was amazing to do something so flamboyant and extravagant as Eric. He’s the complete polar opposite of my character in that, Brad Colbert. He wears sleek European suits and expensive shirts. I have a long blonde wig, and I’m obviously pale. And, he loves to be the center of attention. He’s got his nightclub, and he roams around there like a king. It’s very different.

MediaBlvd> What’s it like to play a character that’s so old? Do you create a backstory for that, or do you just try to play him in the present?

Alexander> He’s been around for a millennium, so there’s much to do. I play a lot with the thought of a guy who’s seen everything. He’s been around for 1,000 years, so he’s seen everything, and he doesn’t waste his time. He doesn’t play any games. He’s very straight-forward. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, basically. So, I just try to have fun with that directness to him. He’s very grounded and very confident, and he knows what he wants, all the time, and he doesn’t waste his time. Falling in love with humans, and all that kind of stuff — some of the other vampires do that — is just a waste of time to him.

MediaBlvd> What has it been like to work with Anna Paquin?

Alexander> She’s amazing! We’ve had so much fun. Most of my stuff is with her and Steve Moyer, who plays Bill, the other vampire. Eric is Bill’s boss, so he brings them there, all the time. And, I work a lot with Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam, Eric’s right-arm and sidekick. Eric turned Pam and made her a vampire, 200 years ago, so she’s always by his side. We’re having so much fun. We really are. And, Anna is very humble, down-to-earth, fun to work with and a very generous actor.

MediaBlvd> What is Alan Ball like?

Alexander> Oh, he’s great. He’s very much hands-on. He’s there all the time, and he’s got this great enthusiasm. He’s very excited about the project. Even if he doesn’t direct the episode, he’s often on set. He’s very hands-on. That generates a great vibe on set, when you know the creator is not just walking around, trying to make money. He’s really there because he loves the project. He’s crazy about this, and he loves every single detail of it. He’ll come up and talk about just some little thing that he’s been thinking about. He really lives for this project right now.

2009 Edgar Nominees announced today for best Mysteries

Best Novel Nominees

* Missing by Karin Alvtegen (Felony & Mayhem Press)
* Blue Heaven by C.J. Box (St. Martin s Minotaur)
* Sins of the Assassin by Robert Ferrigno (Simon & Schuster - Scribner)
* The Price of Blood by Declan Hughes (HarperCollins William Morrow)
* The Night Following by Morag Joss (Random House Delacorte Press)
* Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz (Simon & Schuster)

see all nominees here

In the past Charlaine Harris has been nominated for a Dily and the Agatha Best Novel award, in 2002 she was nominated and won the Anthony Award for Dead Until Dark.

Excellent book site :

Stephen Moyer's Brentwood Theatre Press release: Congratulating Anna and fundraiser

We received a very nice press release from lovely folks at Stephen Moyer's Brentwood Theater in England, congratulating Anna on winning the Golden Globe and reminding everyone that their fundraiser is still on going...

Brentwood THEATRE
Patron Stephen Moyer

Press Release – for immediate release:
Brentwood Theatre congratulates ANNA PAQUIN - best known for winning an Oscar at the age of 11 for her role in THE PIANO and fo r playing Rogue in X-MEN – on her winning the 2009 Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Drama, HBO’s TRUE BLOOD. Ms. Paquin
plays Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic Louisiana waitress who falls for a vampire with a conscience.

And playing that vampire is Essex’s own STEPHEN MOYER, Patron of Brentwood Theatre!
Attending the ceremony with Ms. Paquin, Stephen commented, “I am so pleased
for Anna. This series has been so well received in America, and it is great that the critics recognise its impact. Last week, we started filming Season Two, which takes us through until

I am hoping to return to Brentwood in April when TRUE BLOOD launches in the UK on The FX Channel.” TRUE BLOOD is a rather raunchy, utterly captivating story of vampires freely “living” among humans, thanks to the discovery of synthetic blood. Alan Ball – writer and creator of HBO’s acclaimed SIX FEET UNDER and Academy Award winning AMERICAN BEAUTY – dramatically adapted the popular Southern Vampire books written by Charlaine Harris, whose heroine’s supernatural abilities make her a target by all manner of night creatures.
Through Steve's Patronage of Brentwood Theatre, TRUE BLOOD fans have donated nearly four thousand pounds in two months - including a generous donation from author Charlaine
Harris. These kind gifts to “STEPHEN’s FUND” will be invested in the completion of the community facilities at the Theatre. The final fitting-out, including a new multi-purpose
community room, should be completed by Easter.

Before hitting the big-time, Steve was directed by Gaynor Wilson, who now runs youth group BOSSY, the first group to perform after the rebuilding with “FAME” -- which Stephen came along to see in November.

When asked about his protégé’s success, Gaynor said, “BOSSY are delighted for Steve on the success of TRUE BLOOD and send all of their good wishes for Season Two. The students can't wait to see it! Also, many congratulations to Steve’s co-star Anna Paquin on winning the Golden Globe!”

"The fantastic responses from their American fans and supporters is quite overwhelming. 'Stephen's Fund' will make such a difference to companies like BOSSY, who will be putting the new community room to such good use during production week for 'Ain't Life Good!' at the end of April… which we hope with any luck will coincide with Steve's return for the UK's 'True Blood' launch, so that he can see the show.”

BOSSY is the youth acting section of the Brentwood Operatic Society, comprised of boys and girls between the ages of 11-16 years who audition for participation. They are among forty-plus non-professional organizations that call Brentwood Theatre home. Naming a brick and/or obtaining a signed certificate from Stephen are still options! For more information, please contact or Jean, Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator for Brentwood Theatre, at

Brentwood THEATRE Publicity Office & Registered Address
15 Shenfield Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AG
01277 230833
Patron Stephen Moyer
Brentwood Theatre Trust President: The Lord Petre Chairman: Audrey Longman
Company No. 1669034 Registered Charity No. 285716 VAT Registration No. 626910929

Press Release BrentwoodTheatre Congrats AnnaPaquin GG Win Jan09

Anna Paquin interview at Golden Globes

Really great 4 minute interview of Anna Paquin at the Golden Globes - this is where some of the quotes we've read come from ...

True Blood behind the scenes: Young Sookie and her parents flashback scene from Episode 2

This is the flashback scene from Episode 2
Sookie and Bill are walking in the cemetery and talking

Bill: Humans are usually more squeamish about vampires than you are.
Sookie: Who am I to be squeamish about something out of the ordinary?

We are transported back to her childhood memories of her parents .

On the left ( above and below ) you will see photographs shared by the property owner in Louisiana of the area being set up for the shoot on the right are stills from the episode.
Below you will find a video clip for this scene.
*Remember you can click on the images and they will open larger in their own window.

I don’t know about Twilight but…

Sandy over at Insane world blog writes:

I have read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. DH bought the set for me for Christmas and I devoured them one right after another finishing the 7th book just after New Years. We were first turned on to Sookie’s story by HBO’s series True Blood…based on the books obviously. The first season was basically the first book.

The series (and first book) introduces you to Sookie and her unusual gift of telepathy. She struggles through her entire life and ends up isolating herself a bit to get away from the thoughts in people’s heads. The tiny town she lives in believes she is just crazy or weird though there are a few who know of her “gift”. Then she meets Bill…a Civil War vampire that has come back to settle down in Bon Temps. He used to live there before he was turned and now has come back to claim the family house and property.

Did I mention she can’t read his mind?

In other words, Sookie gets romantically involved with Bill and so starts her adventures with Vampire society. There are those that are “racist” against vampires and so she has to deal with the stigma of having a vamp boyfriend as well as dealing with other vampires who are eager to use her “gift” for their benefit.

While the first season was very close to the book, they did change some things around and it has made me curious as to what they will change later on in the story when they make them for TV. I felt the book was a much better than the series even though I read it after the fact.

The one issue I had with the books, though, was that the last book or two seemed a bit strained…like Harris was put on this timeline for X amount of books and she was struggling for story. There is one book that didn’t come with the set that I have that I wanted to get and when I looked at reviews for it others said the same of THAT book…so I kinda wonder if the story is starting to peeter out and she isn’t sure where to go with it.

Other than that the books are amazing. They are written in first person (very few authors do that) so you only get Sookie’s point of view and her feelings and perceptions. You aren’t omnipotent in this story like you are in other books so I like that…you get a thrill of surprise and suspense trying to find out what is going on in her life and what is going on with those around her.

So, so I intend on reading Twilight? Not sure unless I can find someone who can lend it to me. From what little I read of the stories so far from reviews and synopsis (of the movie and the books) I am not sure I would really enjoy it. My sister LOVES it…but that doesn’t mean anything. Anyone that knows me knows I can have a peculiar taste and opinion and am not prone to like things that are mainstream.

However, I would definatly recommend the Sookie books if you are in for a good Vampire story or if you were disheartened with Twilight (I know a few people that are). The only problem now is I have read all the books and I have to find something new to read!

Things you shouldn’t say to a vampire

You look like death warmed over.

Let's do lunch.

Come on in and make yourself at home

I have Hepatitis D

I'd rather be dead than go out with you.

Have a nice day!

Did anyone ever tell you that you're a pain in the neck?

Fashion faux pas in Sookieville : Sookie's nightwear

This is not what Sookie is wearing in the book!
Anyone know what she's wearing according to Charlaine ?

From Book 1

I crawled into bed in my favorite Mickey Mouse sleep T-shirt, which came almost to my knees. I turned on my side, like I always do, and I relished the silence of the room. Almost everyone's brain is turned off in the wee hours of the night, and the vibrations are gone, the intrusions do not have to be repelled. With such peace, I only had time to think of the vampire's dark eyes, and then I fell into the deep sleep of exhaustion.

YouTube fights copyright battle with silence

If the video you're trying to watch on YouTube isn't playing any sound, chances are it isn't your speakers that are busted - it's more likely that copyright laws were broken.

In the latest chapter of YouTube's ongoing dispute with Warner Music Group over rights to its songs, the online video sharing site is allowing users to mute videos they've uploaded that violate copyright laws. Previously, the Google-owned company either yanked the videos or forced users to swap the soundtrack with its "pre-cleared music."

In response to media inquiries about the change, a YouTube spokesman pointed to a statement released Wednesday afternoon through its blog.

"We want you to have options when uploading videos with music in them. And if your video is subject to a copyright claim, you should have some choices too," said the statement signed, "the YouTube team."

For the second season of "True Blood," MastersFX will continue to create the original characters and special makeup effects featured in the show

Creature & prosthetics makeup FX artist Dan Rebert and the team at Todd Masters' MastersFX -- considered by many film and TV producers to be Hollywood's leading "Creature and Monster Makers" -- have been signed to continue their work on HBO's "True Blood" for that hit TV series' second season.

In the afterlife of MastersFX's Emmy Award winning work during the entire run of an earlier HBO original series, "Six Feet Under," the company rejoined that show's creator / executive producer, Alan Ball, by producing creature and prosthetic FX for the first season of Ball's popular new series "True Blood." For the second season of "True Blood," MastersFX will continue to create the original characters and special makeup effects featured in the show.

Regarding MastersFX's work on the series, Rebert says," 'True Blood' is by far my favorite television project. I love the fact that the show's mythology goes much deeper than just the relationships between humans and vampires. In the world of 'True Blood,' many races of magical creatures exist right under our noses. It is dark fantasy mixed with drama and humor … what's not to love?"

"We are very fortunate to have the same core crew of artists for the show's second season," Rebert adds about his MastersFX team. "These guys have been with us for years and are the finest craftsmen I've ever worked with. We all look forward to the challenges ahead of us on a darker and scarier 'True Blood' season two."

The first season of "True Blood" premiered on HBO in September 2008. The series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris and has been adapted for television by Alan Ball. The series is produced by HBO in association with Ball's own production company, Your Face Goes Here Entertainment. The show details the fictional co-existence of vampires and humans in a small Louisiana town after Japanese-made synthetic blood – "Tru Blood" – becomes available for purchase. Anna Paquin stars as Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress at a diner who falls in love with one of the vampires, Bill Compton, portrayed by Stephen Moyer.

In other MastersFX company news:

-- MastersFX provided prosthetic FX for the feature film "Marley and Me" which has currently earned over $125-million at the box office.

-- MastersFX recently provided creature FX and makeup FX to Twentieth Century Fox's hit film "The Day the Earth Stood Still," the contemporary reinvention of Fox' 1951 classic, starring Keanu Reeves as "Klaatu." The film earned $ 31-million during its opening weekend.

-- For the original SCI FI series "Sanctuary," MastersFX continues to be responsible for creating each episode's "monster du jour."

-- The third season of the Emmy Award nominated series "Dexter" once again features the body parts and gruesome makeup effects that are designed, created and produced by MastersFX.

-- For the SCI FI Channel's series "Eureka," MastersFX continues to contribute various makeup FX, including the creation of the character "Snakeman Bob."

-- For the Summer 2009 feature film "Haunting in Connecticut," for Gold Circle Films and Lionsgate, MastersFX is contributing all of the character and make-up effects—along with a variety of "ghostly images."

-- And, MastersFX also continues to provide make-up special effects to the "Stargate Atlantis" television series airing on the SCI FI Channel, and produced by MGM Studios.

Founded in 1987 by Emmy Award winner Todd Masters, MastersFX is a full-service Character Effects company headquartered in Arleta, CA, with an additional studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The company has designed, created and produced prosthetics, animatronics, and character effects for hundreds of motion pictures, television programs, and commercials.

Among the company's credits are contributions to "Star Trek: First Contact," "Tales from the Crypt," "Nightmare on Elm Street 5," "The Horse Whisperer," "Slither," "Snakes on a Plane," "Six Feet Under," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Look Who's Talking," "Mortal Kombat," "Carnivale," and many more.

MastersFX won an Emmy Award in 2003 for its contributions to HBO's "Six Feet Under," and is also the winner of a 2006 "Saturn Award" for its work on the feature film "Slither." MastersFX's Arelta, CA office can be contacted by phone at 818/834-3000. The web address is

If you don't like it you can just bite me ! ( 8)

Yep, this another Bill / Sookie Bite

This would be the bite she ( somehow recieved ) from the graveyard ummm, let's say "romp "

This is the bite marks from one of the characters in True Blood.

Do you know who this is ?

Do you know who the vampire was that did the biting ?

Post answer in comments !

you can always kind of tell what Alex is thinking ...

The books also always includes the word 'dead' in the title...

I had always heard that Charlaine worked the title of each book into the text of that book.
These are the ones I found, what I've missed ?

Pg 109 book 1
And I knew that now, while I lay here awake-listening to the birds chirping their morning sounds and the trucks beginning to rumble down the road while all over Bon Temps people were getting up and putting on the coffee and fetching their papers and planning their day-that the creature I loved was lying somewhere in a hole underground, to all intents and purposes dead until dark.

Pg 37 book 3
"The vamp that owns it calls it Josephine's," he said, just as quietly. "But Weres call it Club Dead." I thought about laughing, but the inner door opened just then. The doorman was a goblin.

Pg 35 book4
"Um-hum," he whispered. I was on my back, so comfortable I could not contemplate moving. He was on his side facing me, and he put an arm across my waist. But he didn't move another inch, and he relaxed completely. After a moment's tension, I did, too, and then I was dead to the world.

Pg 66 book 5
Andy beckoned to the woman in hospital scrubs who'd been waiting by her car-which made maybe five cars in my front yard, plus the fire truck. This new arrival glanced at me curiously as she walked past to the huddled form in the bushes. Pulling a stethoscope from a pocket, she knelt by the man and listened to various parts of his body. "Yep, dead as a doornail," she called.

Pg 92 book 6
"I thought at first," Amelia burbled on, "that it might be like when someone dies and their death notice is in the paper.... Why don't you try sending in a few lines about Hadley? But you know how vamps gossip, so I guess a few people heard she was definitely dead, dead for the second time. Especially after Waldo vanished from the court. Everyone knows he didn't care for Hadley. And then, too, vamps don't have funerals.

Pg ? bk 9
"But my grandmother had been dead for over a year now, and I’d never be able to ask her about it. Her husband had passed away years before. Niall had told me that my biological grandfather Fintan, too, was dead and gone." ( thanks Objectdesire)

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode