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True Blood is taking care of business…VAMPIRE BUSINESS by Meredith Woerner of

The wonderful Meredith....

Let's get right on down to vampire business, shall we? Last night's True Blood had a lot of good...and a lot of bad. I'm specifically talking about the manner in which my 4-year sex fantasy on Eric Northman was crushed with soft woodland cuddling.
But let's break it down, Pro/Con style.
Con: Eric tells Sookie she's "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Remember when Eric used to say snarky things like "She was superb!" after tricking Sookie to suck all of the silver out of his chest? I miss that Eric.

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Baby Mikey's spirit - who is she ???

OK -you guys tell me what the deal is with this ??

Who is she ??

Live Chat on HBO Connect with Sam Trammell- archived

True Blood Ep6 : Felix the Armadillo makes an appearance and relieves himself !

During the chat today with Sam Trammell he confirmed what Meredith and I had a good laugh about last night on Talk Blood Radio.

Yep-- Felix was peeing all over Todd " Terry " ..hahhh

UGotMyOnlyHeart "Is Felix The Armadillo as cute in person as on screen?"
Sam Trammell "Uhhhhh I don't know if you could tell but he was, let us say, relieving himself all over Todd the whole time."

Music True Blood: Neko Case and Southern Gothic by Jefwithonef from Houston Press

It seems so rare that in the world of True Blood we get to feel what the series so often teases that it will give us, namely love. Now, we know as sure as God made trees tall and Yetis reek that everything everyone in the show loves will be taken away, raped, beaten, and murdered simply because that's how modern TV works. There's no happy ending on the horizon for the people of Bon Temps.

Still... for this one brief episode it was possible to believe in the awesome power of love, mercy, and forgiveness. Sure, we saw two different people get possessed by powerful spirits who are surely going to wreak all kinds of havoc between now and the finale, and the last we see of Tara and her ambiguously Asian girlfriend is a rotting Pam rushing at them with a whole lot of murder on her mind. However, these are the sideshows.

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True Blood Season 4 - Inside the Episode: 4.06 ‘I Wish I Was the Moon"

Babyvamp Jessica vlog : Born Again

'True Blood': The Weird Normal of Jason Stackhouse

I sure liked this ...

In Bon Temps and beyond, characters are busy taking false identities, shifting were-style, skinwalking, inviting spirits to possess them, and sometimes being possessed without inviting anyone to do so—it seems like no one can remain the same person for more than a matter of minutes. No one, that is, except Jason, universal everyman and foil for all the supernaturals who are getting crammed ever tighter into the small space of Bon Temps. Jason is one of the main anchors still tying Bon Temps to normal: even though he has been kidnapped by were-panthers, joined and then been hunted by vampire-hating cults, developed and overcome an addiction to V, and wandered into any number of other insane situations, he maintains an amazing naivete and small-town aura. He's got some sort of normality Teflon—all the weirdness just rolls right off him.

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The Truth About “True Blood’s” Marshmallow-Eating Gators

I'm so glad National Geographic reads my blog ;-) ( Go ask Dallas here )

Do alligators really eat marshmallows? We had to find out after watching True Blood.
For the uninitiated, True Blood is an HBO television series wherein vampires coexist with humans in a town called Bon Temps, La. In Sunday’s episode, Tommy kills his parents and, with the help of his brother Sam, disposes of them in the river. When the bodies float, Sam summons alligators by employing the one thing that they are evidently unable to resist—marshmallows.
Curious, we rang up Captain Jack Sessions of Honey Island Swamp Tours in Slidell, La., whose website mentions tour guides using marshmallows to reward alligators that come close. We also spoke to Michael Delany, a research biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Gainesville, Fla.
Captain Jack, we were watching True Blood and one of the characters baited up alligators with marshmallows. Do alligators like marshmallows?

Sessions: Yeah they do. No doubt about that. That’s a true story there. I go out and call them, bup bup bup bup bup bup–a mating call, you know. And sometimes, when they start coming, you toss them a marshmallow. Then they hang around and we give them a hot dog or two on a stick.

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"True Blood" recap 4x6: Into the woods- Salon

This week, "True Blood" uses Sookie and Eric's sensual Aryan lovemaking to bookend the episode, which can only mean one thing: It's all going to be downhill from here, folks. That's the problem with finally getting what you (you = Sookie, Eric, the audience) want, right? Everything is great in the beginning, but suddenly you notice how your perfect scenario can't live up to your expectations.

Look: I am all for New Eric. But New Eric is also kind of a little bitch, right? Like right in the middle of his first hookup session with the love of his (admittedly short-term) life, Eric has to fight off Bill when King Pouty-Face runs in to fangblock him. And since Eric is the older, stronger of the two vamps, he almost kills Bill (part one) until Sookie tells him not to, because that's his king. Immediatly, Eric bends his knee and is all, "Your highness!"

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Meredith's Comic Con 2011 - what to watch for !

I asked Meredith last night on Talk Blood Radio what 2 things (not TB related) that she learned about at Comic Con this year that she would suggest that Talk Blood listeners watch for during the next year ?

She unequivocally said 2 things, the movies: Knights of Badassdom ( with Ryan "Jason" Kwanten) and Attack the Block.

Why Knights of Badassdom is the ultimate adventure movie from
We recently talked to Knights of Badassdom director Joe Lynch, who showed us new footage from his LARPing-meets-demons movie. He explained why this movie avoids CGI, what genre this is, and why this is the most authentic LARPing movie ever.

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Why Attack the Block Really is The Wire With Aliens from
It's hard to define the brilliant British alien-chase movie Attack The Block in one line, but we've been calling it The Wire with aliens for some time now. And it turns out the film's star agrees with us.

In our exclusive interview with star John Boyega (who wonderfully captures the threatening corner kid, Moses), the actor delves into how he mined the beloved and bleak series The Wire for inspiration. Plus he shares his ideas for Attack the Block 2. Minor spoilers ahead.

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True Blood Season 4 Ep 06 subtitles ! What did they say last night ???

Talk Blood S4 Ep 6subtitle

Talk Blood S4 Ep Episode 6 " I Wish I Was the Moon" the Podcast up!

Season 4   Episode 6  " I Wish I Was the Moon"
My co-hosts were Andy Swist and Brian Juergens from Camp Blood and Meredith Woerner from

This episode was dedicate to Charlaine Harris and will be catching up on all the CH news with Charlaine Harris web site Community Board Moderator, MCDallas !'

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True Blood Music Episode 4.06 - I Wish I Was The Moon

“Las Olas Del Mar” by El Son Que Faltaba (Jesus’ grandfather tells Jesus and Lafayette to bring him a sacrifice)

“What’d I Do” by Lance Miller (“Sam” fires Sookie)

“Brand New Man” by Brooks & Dunn (“Sam” talks to Maxine Fortenberry about Tommy)

“Hide Me” by Hayes Caryll (Alcide argues with Debbie about joining Marcus’ pack)

“The Soul of a Man Never Dies” by John Hatton (Tara takes Naomi to Merlotte’s; Jessica races to Jason’s side)

“Mexico” by The Spares (Pam attacks Tara and Naomi)

“I Wish I Was the Moon” by Neko Case (Sookie and Eric reunite in the woods/closing credits)

*this is song but not by same band

*this is song but not by same band

*Remember the HBO Connect : Sam Trammell Today 2pm est

True Blood Episode 4.07 Preview ( Video)

'True Blood' Recap: Vampires, Witches, Werewolves - And Skincrawlers

The full moon adds another supernatural to the Bon Temps mix as Sookie and Eric get steamy

The full moon has all sorts of tricks up its sleeves in "I Wish I Was the Moon," an episode that means unpredictable behaviors for all of the Bon Temps-area supernaturals. But the common thread appears to be honesty — some species are practicing it; others are strictly avoiding it. As everyone shifts (or not, as the case turns out), the atmosphere raises the question: Is honesty really the best policy?
Bill's hatred of Eric hasn't been deterred by Eric's amnesia; if anything, the spell has given the king more fuel to get rid of his least-loved sheriff. When the episode kicks off, Bill speeds over to Sookie's, interrupting her and Eric's steamy session. It's not a good look for anyone — especially Eric, who has no idea who Bill is. After a near-fatal battle (Eric's strength is still firmly intact), Bill exerts his kingly power and takes Eric into custody. Sookie protests all the way, throwing Bill's theories back in his face: "You have a hell of a nerve lecturing me on lying." But it's too late. Bill tells her it's "strictly business. Vampire business," and that she will be arrested if she sets foot on his property again. Then Bill promptly fills in an impressed Nan and requests permission to impose the true death on Eric under the theory that he's more dangerous now as a potential weapon to the witches ("I suppose you're really broken up about it," she comments).

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