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True Blood behind the scenes: Merlotte's Busboy played by Robert Amjarv

Robert some facts ( what more do you need to know except that he plays the theremin and is a stilt walker ?) .

Date of Birth: 16 June 1985, Burbank, California, USA
Birth Name : Robert Ian Amjarv
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)


About me: I'm Rob. I'm from Los Angeles and I've been a musician since I can remember. I'm pretty partial to the hard rock genre, but I enjoy elements from all others as well. Like mariachi for example; can you imagine how awesome it would be to plug in a 'Big Muff' distortion pedal to one of those trumpet players? I'm also a regular on the TV show 'True Blood.'

Progressive Alternative Hard Rock
Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Theremin, Production, Engineering, Mastering, 5.1 Surround Mixing/Mastering.

String Theory
Classical, Ambient, Rock
Sitar and Theremin

Airship Red
Guitar and Vocals

William Kirkham Band
Bass Guitar
Film and TV:

The Spotlight -Actor

True Blood -Actor

# The Spotlight (2009) .... Wolfboy
# Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) (uncredited) .... Theremin Player ... aka Walk Hard (USA: short title) ... aka Walk Hard: American Cox, the Unbearably Long, Self-Indulgent Director's Cut (USA: director's cut)

Robert Amjarv

"True Blood" (12 episodes)
1. Strange Love (7 September 2008) - Bus Boy (uncredited) 2. The First Taste (14 September 2008) - Bus Boy (uncredited) 3. Mine (21 September 2008) - Bus Boy 4. Escape from Dragon House (28 September 2008) - Bus Boy 5. Sparks Fly Out (5 October 2008) - Bus Boy (uncredited) 6. Cold Ground (12 October 2008) - Bus Boy (uncredited) 7. Burning House of Love (19 October 2008) - Bus Boy (uncredited) 8. The Fourth Man in the Fire (26 October 2008) - Bus Boy (uncredited) 9. Plaisir d'amour (2 November 2008) - Bus Boy 10. I Don't Wanna Know (9 November 2008) - Bus Boy 11. To Love Is to Bury (16 November 2008) - Bus Boy 12. You'll Be the Death of Me (23 November 2008) - Bus Boy

Who is going to see Charlaine in Oakbrook ?

I need some help - let me know if you are going .

Thanks "D"

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True Blood Returns Contest- a- Day #2 - Best of the responses

In the the 10 days leading up to the return of True Blood ( season 2 ) I did a contest- a-day and gave out 10 fabulous prizes to lucky winners .

Many of the contests questions had complicated answers and folks have always wanted to read some of the contestant answers.

So lets look back at Question # 2

Q: Name at least 3 things in Sam Merlotte's top drawer of his desk and name one CD in his CD player. ( you can tell me a little about why you think these things and I will do a post from the answers or just tell me the things )

There were many duplicates but these are some of the best !
Thanks to everyone !
Post your favorites in the comments !

What's in Sam's desk top drawer?

Bobbi Panter Stinky Dog Shampoo from Wiggle Waggle

Dawn's Pillowcase

supplies catalog

Ring of bar keys along with keys to his rent house's

Old, faded picture of the staff from before the murders

Brochure that he got three years ago from a travel agent for Mexico (a trip he wants to take but never does)

Checkbook that he constantly uses to keep his business expenses balanced.

Heart worm medication... since "Dean" is at risk in such a mosquito-ridden

place as Louisiana.

A book titled, "Shapeshifting for Dummies"

A diamond studded dog collar with the name, "Dean Da Collie" on it.

A can of Alpo dog food

A bag of Beggin' Strips ;-)

A comb


Last year's Christmas card from Sookie, kept for sentimental reasons.

Snapshot of the staff at Merlotte's

Dog biscuits (in case Sam needs a little snack, when in his other form)

Animal photographs (lion, bear, collie, etc.) just in case !

Flea medicine

An engagement ring for when he finally propose to Sookie

Pens, working and not.

A little pocket solar calculator.



A bottle opener shaped like a fish.

A picture of Sookie, Holly, and Arlene from last Halloween.

A stake (for protection)

A bank ledger

A picture of his folks

Address book

A lint brush (for those sudden changes/excess hair on clothes)

An envelope of money (just in case a friend is in need)

Cologne: for if he has to take a roll in the dirt as a dog,...

Tennis ball: for him and his 'lil dog brother' to play with

What Cd is in Sam's CD Player?

Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker

Air Supply's Greatest Hits

Running with the Pack by Bad Company

3 Dog Night

Wildflowers by Tom Petty.

Lynyrd Skynyrd's Greatest Hits

Elvis 30 #1 Hits, as it includes such great songs as Hound Dog(needs no explanation)

Jason Aldean - Wide Open

Rascal Flatts - Unstoppable

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gold and Platinum

SRV - The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Los Lonely Boys - Los Lonely Boys

The Allman Brothers Band - Gold

Who Let The Dogs Out (Dance Remix) (The Baha Men)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

Don Henley's Greatest Hits ( Last Worthless evening )

Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men

"Dark Side of Moon" by Pink Floyd.

Audio book of Marley & Me.

True Blood Twitter Trivia with Dallas

I frequently ask Sookie book and True Blood Trivia on twitter. I try to keep my twollowers in tip top S0okie/True Blood condition ...

I will try to post answers here, some past questions and answers:

In LDID when Sookie is questioning Bethany Rogers at Stan's what does B
ethany think of her Mother makes ? A coconut cake recipe here

In LDID What kind of car does Luna drive ? A Subaru outback

Eric's clothes today how did Sookie describe what Eric wearing1st time she saw him in book 1 ? A-boots, jeans, and a vest. Period

What month of the "Fangtasia Vampire Hunks " calendar is Eric featured ? A- January

What is the name of the road where Sookie lives ?
A- Hummingbird Rd

Who said "....'my bullshit meter is reading that as a false " A -Eric

When Sookie is dressing to go out with Eric at the end of book what color is her bra ? A - steel blue

In Living Dead in Dallas Sookie mentions another brand of synthetic blood not TruBlood , what is it ? A- Lifeflow

Living Dead in Dallas Sookie remembers a friend of her mothers that came see her every week what was the friend's name ? A -Aunt Patty

Happy 4th of July from Dallas and the American Vampire League

True Blood Fan Art by aecr

Sequential experiment 4 by ~
href="">aecr on deviantART

Vampire Bill Says, "Sookie."

Alex- the- girl at 'Please try again' blog writes a very nice review for 'Dead Until Dark '

Since before the days of Bella Lugosi, Vampires have been haunting the dreams of just about every young girl in existence. Infamous, sexy, haunting, and hidden, vampires have stayed in the closet of humanity for thousands of years...


Charlaine Harris has outed the closeted vampire, and thrown them into the night. Due to the development of a synthetic blood, vampires across the nation have publicly come out of the coffin, and ever since, Miss Sookie Stackhouse of Bon Temps, Louisiana has been "dying" to meet one.

In "Dead Until Dark," the first of the southern vampire mystery series written by Charlaine Harris, we find young, beautiful, blonde, but frustratingly single, Sookie Stackhoue. Why single? It appears Miss Stackhouse has a "secret" ability that allows her to hear the thoughts of those around her, and while some might consider this a gift, it makes dating near to impossible. Imagine knowing exactly what your main squeeze was thinking 24/7 including when you're both in the middle of doing the nevermind. Er, yeah, right.

Life for Miss Sookie was as boring and lonely as it could get until one dark mysterious (setting up the ambiance for you) night, when the doors to Merlotte's, a local feed and watering hole where Sookie waitresses, opens and in walks Bill. Vampire Bill. Tall, pale, handsome...the silent kind. Vampire Bill, you had me at hello, and you didn't even say hello. Mr. Bill Compten, a former confederate soldier, has come home to Bon Temps as sole (un)living inheritor of his estate. Aside from his dashing good looks, pearly white teeth, and bodacious sideburns, Miss Sookie's main attraction to Mr. Bill is his brain (snort...yeah...right). It seems that she cannot read his thoughts. Delighted at the silence, Sookie is drawn and captivated by the charming vampire, so it is no surprise when later that night Sookie risks her life to save him from certain death. Bill is later able to return the favor and thus begins the whirlwind of an affair that leads Sookie through a maze of vampire bars, exotic Vikings, Elvis, a stake supper, and a vampire hating serial killer that has Sookie's name written on the top of the "to kill" list.

Photo Gallery: TV's Most Memorable Vampires

From Eoline ( Both Eric and Bill make the photo list)

There's no denying it. Vampires are hot.

Fan fangs are sharp, and audiences are out for blood. Forget the garlic and the holy water, we relish the thought of Bill (Stephen Moyer, True Blood) or Damon (Ian Somerhalder, Vampire Diaries) taking a bite out of us. Even Buffy would put down her wooden stake for these vampire hotties.

But lest we forget, vamps have been making our blood boil for decades. (You vampire die-hards may remember Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins in the '60s classic Dark Shadows.)

Click on the thumbnails below to check out our gallery of TV's hottest vampires.

read on

*Update* Dallas's True Blood Music Video of the Day Index

215 of your favorite True Blood videos

I have posted a True Blood Video to the blog every single day since December 4th, 2008. Ever wondered how I keep the videos straight ?

How do I keep from repeating the same one ?
I use this index - maybe you've missed something that you would especially like to hear.

You can always watch all of the daily videos by clicking "music video"in the topics or go here HERE

True Blood Music Video of the Day: I'm Scared by Duffy

I'm Scared by Duffy LYRICS
Thanks dia0030