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True Blood goes to the movies: Anna Paquin stars in 'Margaret': post-production in a courtroom

"You Can Count on Me" was the kind of Hollywood arrival that every aspiring filmmaker dreams about.

Kenneth Lonergan's 2000 directorial debut about two siblings' splintered relationship was a solid art-house hit, the film helped launch the career of costar Mark Ruffalo and was nominated for two Academy Awards -- lead actress for Laura Linney and original screenplay for Lonergan.

It was hardly surprising, then, that in early 2005 Fox Searchlight and financier Gary Gilbert ("Garden State") were eager to back Lonergan's second turn behind the camera, deciding to co-finance his complex account of a young girl's grappling with guilt and adolescence, "Margaret."

But although "You Can Count on Me" seemed blessed at almost every turn, "Margaret" has turned into a nightmarish production that has devolved into a bitter court fight. Despite "Margaret's" initial promise, it is now uncertain when Lonergan's movie, which was filmed more than three years ago, will ever make it to theaters.

Movie studio shelves are filled with troubled projects that have been put on hold for any number of reasons, but rarely do they involve someone of Lonergan's standing working with such quality actors ("Margaret's" cast includes Ruffalo, Matt Damon and Anna Paquin) and an all-star producing team of Oscar winners -- Scott Rudin ( "No Country for Old Men") and the late Sydney Pollack ("Out of Africa").

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Pre-order 'Dead and Gone' Audio Book

Dead and Gone (The Southern Vampire mystery series) (Audio CD)
by Charlaine Harris (Author), Johanna Parker (Narrator)

You can pre-order your copy of 'Dead and Gone' as an audio book
Release date is May 19th 2009

Sookie books in Spanish New True Blood tie-in covers !

There are new True Blood tie-in covers to the Spanish language translations of the Sookie books

1.- Muerto hasta el anochecer
2.- Viviendo muerto en Dallas
3.- Club Muerto
4.- Muerto para el mundo

5.- Absolutamente muerto
6.- Definitivamente muerto
7.- Todos juntos muertos

You can see a sample here


True Blood: Evan Rachel Wood to Play Vampire Queen

I know, I know there are mistakes : the start date is June 14th and this guy writes for TVGuide, this is either a changed storyline for TB or another mistake about who sends Bill and Sookie to Dallas, and the Queen does not appear ( in person) in the Sookie Stackhouse books until after Book 5 ( short story: One Word Answer ) and she isn't even mentioned until Book 3 or by name until Book 6.


Evan Rachel Wood will play a vampire queen on the second season of HBO's True Blood, has confirmed.

Wood will play the Queen of Louisiana, a 400-year-old vampire who rules over the undead world residing in the Bayou State. In the Sookie Stackhouse novels on which the series is loosely based, the Queen is a pivotal character in Books 2 and 3, as it's on her authority that Bill and Sookie leave Bontemps for a secret mission to Texas. Wood has signed on for two episodes, but she is likely to recur throughout the series.

The actress' last television role was as a bulimic lesbian teen on ABC's Once and Again, which left the air in 2002. She recently appeared in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler opposite Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke.

True Blood's second season debuts on June 16.

Vampire Health a Magazine for Healthy Vampires

bsilvia at talks about creating the Vampire Health magazine ..I really love them.

And now something completely different!

Following the rumors on more and more people claiming to be Vampires, I decided to start a magazine “Vampire’s health”, or at least design a cover page in case anyone ever decides to make a magazine for that particular “type” of people.

So, since I took the time and effort to make this cool cover page, thought I might as well show you how it’s done :) so if you are into or plan to become a professional graphic designer this will be funny and cool way for you to learn how to make a cover for the magazine.


This is a part one of the tutorial named: “How to make a cover page layout for the Vampire’s Health magazine” Examine the cover page very closely before proceeding with the tutorial.

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I've posted about them before

True Blood / Sookie Fan Art: Elyon64

True Blood by ~Elyon64 on deviantART

TwitterFic production of 'When Life Imitates Television'

In case you missed the TwitterFic production Thursday night of Terri Botta’s fanfiction When Life Imitates Television that was performed by the True Blood Twitter character.

Twitterfic has put up a transcript

Terri Botta on Fanfic

Sookie - @SookieBonTemps

Eric - @EricNorthman

Stephen Moyer - @VampireBill

Anna Paquin - @JessicaHamby

Alex Skarsgard - @SheiroQ

Alan Ball - @VictorMadden

True Blood Casting

True Blood (Drama/Supernatural). Sookie, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people's minds, falls for a mysterious "out-of-the coffin" vampire. From the creator of the hit cable series Six Feet Under, Alan Ball. Casting: Junie Lowry Johnson, c/o The Lot, 1041 N. Formosa Ave., Formosa Bldg., Rm. 94, L.A., CA 90046.

'Twilight' draws vampire fans to a convention in Dallas

Dallas ???

Calling all Twilight fans to the premiere, albeit unofficial, conference on the Stephenie Meyer novels.

TwiCon 2009 will be held at a Dallas hotel July 30-Aug. 2 and will feature a Twilight movie screening, live Twilight-inspired band performances, a Volturi Masque Ball, cast members from the movie, panels, workshops and more. No word on whether all events will be held at night.

For more information, go to

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace LYRICS

Thanks PiscesCurse