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This Blood’s For You!

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Friday, November 21, 2008
Myra Norris ( wife of Mayor Norris)- Ambrosia Salad

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
List of pies from Big Patty’s Pie shop
Frozen Hawaiian Pie
Spunky Hollow Honey Pineapple Pie
Fried Apple Pie
Chocolate Pecan Praline Pie
Chess Pie
7 Layer Jell-O Pie
Peanut Butter Pie
Big Patty's Texas Special Sawdust Pie

Maxine Fortenberry's Red Velvet cake

Lafayette Reynold's 'Bad Juju' Cornbread

Gran's (Adele Stackhouse's) Pecan Pie

Monday, October 27, 2008
Descendents of the Glorious Dead: Tipsy Cake

Lettie Mae Thornton's Hoe Cakes

True Blood Blood Copy :You Are Invited! Sort of.

Send Andrew a photo !

Ever dream of rubbing shoulders with New York's media elite, both human and vampire? Then participate in our reader contest, where ten lucky winners will be put on the glow-in-the-dark guest list for tomorrow night's celebration bash for the brand-new Bloodcopy/Gawker union.

To enter, email me at with a picture of yourself standing in front of (or inside of) a place that you know is a vampire hangout, along with a couple of sentences about what gave it away. For example: did you see a man in a three-piece suit order a "Bloody Mary" at the W Hotel around 3 AM? Spot a kid in a trucker hat flick out his fangs whilst skateboarding through a pre-dawn Tompkins Square Park?

Responses are due by noon tomorrow. I'll be going through them, picking my favorites, then choosing ten at random. Good luck...


True Blood Blood Copy : Die Laughing

This video, of a hardworking, up-and-coming vampire comedian has given me a case of the mal humor. Let's talk about bad moods for a second. We vampires do love a mood. In fact, I'd say a lot of us are just straight up moody.

Have you seen one around an empty case of TruBlood? Not cute.

Hecklers, though an occupational hazard, can put even the most experienced comedian in a bad mood. A particularly nasty heckler might even make a former-sitcom-star-turned stand-up, say, lash out at the audience while being recorded on some frat boy's camera phone.

But heckling a vampire is a dangerous endeavor. Nothing puts vampire comedians in a worse mood than hecklers. We are in a delicate situation, people, and don't take kindly to outright slurs in a public setting (or a private one, for that matter). Provoking a vampire who is just trying to do his thing, then filming his reaction, then throwing the video up on the Internet is like teasing a puppy with a cracker then eating yourself. Well, not exactly. But it's mean.

Be kind. Or else.


Charlaine Harris on Jeff Farias Radio Show

** Charlaine does say she is more than a 1/3 of the way done with Sookie 10 and the book will be out in May of 2010.

Charlaine Harris did a little interview with progressive talker, Jeff Farias

"The Jeff Farias Show 5/26/09"

Charlaine Harris - has been a published novelist for over twenty-five years. A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field. Now she lives in southern Arkansas with her husband, her three children, three dogs, and a duck. The duck stays outside. Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college (Rhodes, in Memphis) Charlaine was writing poetry and plays. After holding down some low-level jobs, she had the opportunity to stay home and write, and the resulting two stand-alones were published by Houghton Mifflin.

After a child-producing sabbatical, Charlaine latched on to the trend of writing mystery series, and soon had her own traditional books about a Georgia librarian, Aurora Teagarden. Her first Teagarden, REAL MURDERS, garnered an Agatha nomination. Soon Charlaine was looking for another challenge, and the result was the much darker Lily Bard series. The books, set in Shakespeare, Arkansas, feature a heroine who has survived a terrible attack and is learning to live with its consequences. When Charlaine began to realize that neither of those series was ever going to set the literary world on fire, she regrouped and decided to write the book she’d always wanted to write. Not a traditional mystery, nor yet pure science fiction or romance, DEAD UNTIL DARK broke genre boundaries to appeal to a wide audience of people who just enjoy a good adventure.

Each subsequent book about Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic Louisiana barmaid and friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures, has drawn more readers. The southern vampire books are published in Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Spain, France, and Russia. In addition to Sookie, Charlaine has another heroine with a strange ability. Harper Connelly, lightning-struck and strange, can find corpses . . . and that’s how she makes her living. In addition to her work as a writer, Charlaine is the past senior warden of St. James Episcopal Church, a board member of Mystery Writers of America, a past board member of Sisters in Crime, a member of the American Crime Writers League, and past president of the Arkansas Mystery Writers Alliance. She spends her “spare” time reading, watching her daughter play sports, traveling, and going to the movies.” ***
Listen to CH at 1:05

True Blood Season 2 Cliffhangers: Will Hoyt and Jessica hook up ?

I'm going to look at some of the loose ends from last season and see if we have seen any answers to these questions in the promo video.

Will Hoyt and Jessica hook up ?

We see a moment between Sookie and Hoyt in the "two weeks later " part of S1Ep 12 where Hoyt says he'd like to meet " a nice vampire girl" and asks Sookie if Bill knows a vampire girl his age that he could date ?

Watch here 6:20

from HBO Episode #15: “Scratches”

Debut: SUNDAY, JUNE 28 (9:00-10:00 p.m.) A bored Jessica heads over to Merlotte’s, where a smitten Hoyt (Jim Parrack) falls under her spell.

Stills taken from season 2 ..

Vampires beware t-shirt

Charlaine Harris will participate in Letter Blocks blog on Barnes &

Letter Blocks, the B&N Jr. Blog specifically geared towards parents with young readers. Our hope, to paraphrase B.F. Skinner, is to not only foster great books, but to foster the love of reading.

To kick start the blog, we're incredibly excited to announce -- as part of our Summer Reading Program -- three months of guest bloggers who will be reflecting on their favorite children's books and how they influenced them and their kids. Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series, will post the inaugural entry later this week. Thereafter, every Monday and most Thursdays through August, you'll read entries from authors like Charlaine Harris, Ridley Pearson, and Christine Feehan to celebrity personalities like Julianne Moore, Michael Ian Black, and William Shatner.

Read on here :
Barnes and Noble Letter Blocks

True Blood Opening sequence

A film student uses the True Blood opening for inspiration for a school project.

Inside the mind of a vampire lover

The director of The Hobbit, Guillermo del Toro, settles down at his favourite Wellington cafe to talk to Tom Cardy about bringing his debut novel to life.

When Guillermo del Toro was 13, he wrote a short story about a girl who lives near a graveyard. Lightning wakes her one night. She looks out of her bedroom window and sees an animated corpse on the street staring back at her.

The girl goes missing and is later found inside a coffin in the cemetery, the corpse's arms wrapped around her.

In del Toro's debut novel The Strain, released next week, there's a scene where the young son of one of the protagonists wakes up and peeks out of his bedroom window. He sees a corpse-like naked man stumbling down the street. The man stops and stares up at the boy. Their eyes lock.

It's just one of many chilling scenes in The Strain, co-written with mystery thriller writer Chuck Hogan, that have their roots in del Toro's imagination and life. The idea for the short story - "my creative writing teacher hated it" - came from staring out of the window of his own bedroom at night. The street was empty, so his imagination took over.

Read on

Loving True Blood in Dallas book suggestion: Bloody Good by Georgia Evans

From No more grumpy bookseller blog

In the midst of all of the urban fantasy and paranormal romance releases, I never fail to be surprised at just how different each one is from the next. This weekend, I had the immense pleasure of reading Georgia Evans's debut, Bloody Good, -- it was utterly fabulous!

Bloody Good (June 1st) kicks off Evans's (aka Rosemary Laurey) Brytewood trilogy. It's WWII and the tiny village of Brytewood is in for a big surprise when German forces drop four vampires into the nearby countryside. Their goal, with the help of hidden spies, is to blend in and infiltrate, thereby gaining the advantage in the war. When Dr. Alice Doyle discovers a man impaled in a tree, she rushes him back to her clinic to patch him up. The man seems in dire condition, but when no one is looking, he gets up and walks away! Then some local livestock turn up listless and drained of blood. When a local farmer pops up dead, also drained, Alice and her friends decide something fishy must be going on. Course it's a little easier to believe that a vamp might be in their midst considering how many of the villagers, Alice included, have a touch of "other" in their blood.

Read on

Pre-order book release June 2 !

‘True Blood’ Author Charlaine Harris: My Vampires Are Also a Metaphor for Racial Integration

When Charlaine Harris discusses racial integration in our nation’s public school system, she knows whence she speaks.

Because during the late ‘60s, at the height of that social experiment, the gothic scribe was a high school student in the tiny town of Tunica, Miss.

“It was a very turbulent and unpleasant time,” Charlaine (above) tells us of her bussed-in classmate days.

Now she reveals on Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour that the integration she witnessed serves as a metaphor for the vampires in her bestselling Southern Vampire Mystery series, which is the basis for the hit HBO series True Blood.

“The scenario of the vampire trying to assimilate into the community you’ve said in other interviews that, in writing it, you thought of gays and the struggle that they’re going through,” inquires host Dr. Blogstein during the 25- minute interview.

“But, growing up in the South, how much did the Civil Rights movement and the way blacks are treated work its way into the scenario?” he continues.

“To an incredible extent. Because my high school class was the first integrated class in history, in my county,” Charlaine responds.

“It was a very difficult, scary time. I grew up in Mississippi and it was full of change and full of uncertainty. And yet, long overdue.

“We weren’t sure if there would be violence. We weren’t sure that everything would go peacefully,” continues Charlaine, before telling listeners that she was a senior when the integration got under way.

“They allowed two black kids to it must’ve been horrible for them come over and attended school their senior year at our school,” adds Charlaine, whose latest Southern Vampire novel (featuring, as always, heroine Sookie Stackhouse) is titled Dead and Gone.

“And, honestly, I don’t know how they lived through it. Not that any body threatened them that I knew of but it must’ve been so incredibly tense.”

The 57-year-old mom also discusses how she came to master erotic moments in her work.

“The first time I tried it a full sex scene was in the first Sookie book, about nine years ago. And I rewrote it several times because I wanted to catch her awkwardness. This was her first sexual experience and yet I wanted it to be the complete sexual experience,” Charlaine explains.

“I didn’t want to resort to the stereotypical romance novel euphemisms, like ‘pulsating rod’ and stuff like that. And yet I didn’t want to be crude. So it took a lot of thought and it took me a long time.”

To hear Charlaine’s full interview, click here. ( Dr Blogstein)

Celebrity parties, paparazzi and the Hamptons

You guys usually hate any gossipy, paparazzi celebrity stuff I post. It's a good thing too, because I don't care too much for that stuff either and usually just end up poking fun at it.

I know these actors are professionally in the public eye and they certainly lend their celebrity to many commercial publicity events like, new clothing lines and restaurant launch that Anna attended this past weekend.

If you want to get an idea of partying in the Hamptons with celebrities and the very rich..

Poke around here ( click on recent event galleries for ton of photos)

True Blood Music Video of the Day : Sheriff Eric fun mix

Sheriff Eric is gonna come for YOU ( various fun mix)

Thanks Tru3Silva