Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dead Ever After ... the response to the books and the ending of the series

I feel a little like a vampire rising from a hidey hole after a long night’s rest posting on the blog again
…but I felt like I had to say how pissed off I am at the ridiculous BULLSHIT I’ve been reading about fans threatening Charlaine Harris and threatening suicide and how poor Charlaine has had to  move from her home to be safe.

She reports being hounded online, in person and by email by 'fans ' saying they will kill her or themselves because of the way the series ended or because she ended the series .

I have posted links to a few article below if you haven’t read about this stuff.
How effing pathetic .. these are NOT the Sookie/ True Blood fans I came to know and love over the 4 years I wrote this blog, did the weekly Blogtalk radio show and met and traveled with all over the country.

We have known for years the series would end this year and we knew Charlaine had to move her creative juices on to the next project and that’s OK.

Sure it’s sad to lose our annual visits with the Bon Temps gang but it’s just time …

I think I have ALWAYS known how the series would end, I don’t know why and if you read the blog or listened to the radio show you know I said what a thought a few times and I won’t be a spoiler it here now,   but this ending always seemed right for Sookie.

I LOVED the book,  I couldn’t wait --I downloaded the eBook at midnight and dove right in. I was so glad to be with Sookie again for her last book and although the book had it's rough points there were such great flashes of Charlaine’s amazing wit and wonderful details and descriptions.

I was so glad to be once again inside Sookie’s head ( always loved the unique first person ) wonderful wisdom, loyalty and humor.

I was thinking as I was reading this last book that after 5 years of True Blood when I read a Sookie book I never NEVER picture the actors ( all excellent ) who play the characters on the HBO TV show

I see Sookie as Lesi Desimini always drew her on the amazing book covers and when I hear Sookie talk in my head I hear her as the amazing voice actor, Johanna Parker always voiced her in the audio books. ( if you haven’t listened to audio book you have a pleasant 13 book adventure ahead of you ! )

I think this may be the key to this over the top “ shipper’ response to the books ending and directions of the storylines in the books. You have to keep the TV series and the books separate in your mind and you have to realize there are lots of folks that don’t think the way you do and respect them as equal fans ! Most of all you should be eternally grateful to the amazing and wonderful Charlaine Harris for bring us these great characters, stories and for sharing them with us for all these years.

Love you all “ Dallas “  ( I still check email!)

You might want to thank each one of these people

Johanna Parker

Lisa Desimini

and of course Charlaine

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