Saturday, September 12, 2009

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Time by Sarah McLachlan

By far the best storyline of Season 2 -thanks to the TB Team for making Godric so great !

Time by Sarah McLachlan LYRICS
Thanks, Catt001

Nelsan ( Lafayette) Ellis at True Blood party in Chicago last night

Here are some great photos just sent to me by MK my friend in Rhodes ( Chicago).

She and her friends attended the True Blood party last night.
From left to right below @smeykunz, @BubbaLives, Amy and @BillohBill, MK.

They are having a house party tomorrow night for the finale !

Below right Bob proves that she DOES have friends who are Eric fans! Thanks for the snaps!

Sam Trammell: 'A main character is in big, big trouble'

It's been a crazy year both on screen and off for Sam Trammell and the cast of "True Blood." They've seen their show, which once seemed destined for cult-status, soar to unprecedented heights as every week more and more viewers discovered the most addictive show on television.

And with Sunday's finale promising death, destruction and devils, PopWrap caught up with the actor (who is nominated for Breakout Performance at the 2009 Scream Awards) to chat about what fans can expect to see go down in Bon Temps as Maryann's plan comes to fruition.

PopWrap: This season has really exceeded fans expectations -- how about yours?

Sam Trammell: When the writers told me the stories for this year -- having the whole town go crazy -- I thought people would either be totally onboard or we'd have some big problems. Thankfully fans took to it. This season felt like a show's last year -- we blew it out! I don't know how much crazier it can get, but I know the writers aren't playing it safe at all.

PW: I'd imagine with all those new viewers, more and more people are coming up to you asking what happens next.

Sam: It's funny, people will always ask and I pretend that I'm going to tell them and right before I say anything they go, "no, no, don't tell me." But it's a totally different vibe this year with people coming up and talking to me about how much they love the show, which is why we do it. It never ceases to amaze me how many different kinds of people watch the show -- young, old, black, white, it's a wide variety.

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True Blood Finale : Who will die ? You can win a Sookie box set or $30 gift card !

Great contest from Best Fantasy Books

Just answer one question to enter “Name one person that will be killed in the season finale of True Blood Season 2″

Enter here:

Sam Trammell Shares Secrets From The ‘True Blood’ Set & Season Finale

from Access Hollywood

It’s been a rough couple of months for “True Blood’s” shape-shifting bar owner Sam Merlotte, played by actor Sam Trammell.

His past has come back to haunt him in the form of Maryann, a maenad, who has almost all of Bon Temps in a hedonistic, black-eyed daze chasing after the flannel-shirted bar owner in between their own heady carnal indulgences and rampant town vandalism.

But while just a few weeks ago it seemed like Sam was a goner with Maryann’s faithful having trapped him in a jail, and later, a restaurant cooler, the Stackhouse family returned to their little Louisiana town and Jason, fresh from breaking his anti-vampire cult haze, banded together with Detective Andy Bellefleur to save their floppy-haired buddy from ultimate destruction.

As the show heads into its Season 2 finale this Sunday, Sam’s life appears to be on the line again, with Maryann hell-bent on sacrificing the town good guy.

So what’s it been like for the real-life Sam to play a character whose fate isn’t so certain?

Access Hollywood caught up with the star on the eve of Sunday’s season finale (which airs at 9 PM on HBO) to find out.

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True Blood Fan Art by J Saw

Many of these artists sell their work and or sell prints of their items, click on the link below to see their other works and how to contact them ...

Godric and Eric by ~J-saw on deviantART

'True Blood': 10 Favorite Moments from Season 2

Ken at EW does a slide show of his favorite moments HERE

HBO's vamp-tastic show wraps up its sophomore year this Sunday; our resident Bill-Sookie-Eric expert picks the bloody best

You guys tell me yours and I'll make us our own favorite moments of Season 2 slide show !

True Blood Season 3 = Club Dead

Medieval Bookworm reviews Club Dead -if you haven't read it yet, you better get going and before they start announcing the casting of Alcide Herveaux and Debbie Pelt and filming at Josephine's and you have no idea what or who they are talking about !

This is book 3 of the Southern Vampire Mysteries. For the first of the series, check out my review of Dead Until Dark.

Sookie’s vampire boyfriend Bill has a secret. He’s been spending all his time hunched over the computer and lately doesn’t even pay Sookie attention when she gets home from work. Sookie is even more confused and upset when Bill tells her that he’s going away for a while, to Seattle, which she automatically knows is a lie. When Eric approaches her a few days later and tells her that Bill’s been kidnapped, Sookie doesn’t know what to think, but she goes along to save him, teaming up with a surprisingly attractive werewolf along the way, at a creepy club the likes of which she’d happily never see again.

It seems to be about the third book of an urban fantasy series that everything clicks for me and I just want more. That is definitely the case here. All of a sudden, I really just want more Sookie. I loved her voice in this novel; it felt very distinctive and southern and perfectly pitched to what was going on. I could completely sympathize with all of her money woes, her relationship woes, and even her physical pain (luckily I’ve never been beaten up, so I can’t empathize, but I felt so sorry for her). I felt like she was my friend and I wanted to make her happier.

Something I really like about this series is that the relationships are not infalliable. I could sense in the last book that Bill and Sookie weren’t necessarily going to stay together, and while she was certainly hurting for it, I think it takes the story in a much more interesting direction if she’s not tied to one particular person (or vampire). Bill has proved the dangers of falling in love with a vampire and part of me wonders where Sookie is going to go next.

TRUE BLOOD - Bites from the Cast

From Fangoria

It’s a long night on the set of TRUE BLOOD, which marks its season finale this Sunday on HBO. This evening, a mob of angry Texas vampires is squaring off against a cult of anti-vamp Fellowship of the Sun humans in a church. Despite the conflict for the camera, the cast and crew seem like they couldn’t be happier.

It’s a personally non-violent night for psychic heroine Sookie Stackhouse. Actress Anna Paquin doesn’t mind, but says she wouldn’t be opposed to having to mix it up for the camera, either. “On this show, I get beat up all the time. I mean, I’ve always been really active and I’ve done a decent amount of that [physical action] before. Not a lot, but that’s fun to me. I love that stuff.”

Paquin is likewise pleased about TRUE BLOOD’s following. “You never really know how people are going to react, but even just from people who enjoyed the books and were fanatical about that, there was a pretty good indication that people might be pretty into the show and they were, and that was awesome.”

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'True Blood''s Kwanten to star in 'Griff'

Ryan Kwanten, star of HBO's "True Blood," will act the superhero in "Griff The Invisible," a comedy romance by first-time Australian filmmaker Leon Ford.

Kwanten and Australian actress Maeve Dermody star as Griff and Melody, two ordinary people who need to save each other from their own eccentricities, while also saving the planet.

The film is produced by Nicole O'Donohue of Green Park Pictures and executive produced by leading Oz-based producers Jan Chapman and Scott Meek.

Transmission will release the picture in Australia and New Zealand, while international sales in other territories are handled by Hong Kong- and Amsterdam-based Fortissimo Films.

Production gets underway in Sydney next month in the hands of writer-director-actor Ford, a former TV director who has won awards for shorts "Katoomba" and "The Mechanicals."

"Leon’s script is so fresh and different, it appealed to us immediately," said Fortissimo's Chris Paton.

Dermody can be seen in Rachel Ward’s "Beautiful Kate," which is screening in Toronto this week.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Pretty Good Year by Tori Amos

Pretty Good Year by Tori Amos LYRICS
Thanks, PrettyBurn83