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Alana Ball on Season 3 from TV Squad

I'm always prepared to be shocked and awed every episode, and I am. Can you tell us anything about season three?

Well, the book is out there, so I'm not giving anything away when I say that we'll meet the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington. And we'll encounter werewolves for the first time in the flesh; we've heard about them, but we'll meet them. I'm very excited about the character of Debbie Pelt. She's bad news.

Since I haven't read the books, who is that?

Debbie Pelt is the ex-girlfriend of a guy who's helping Sookie try to find Bill, and she is just hard ass, white trash bitch on wheels. She's so much fun. But there are other great characters, too. Everybody is struggling with identity in season three – What am I? Who am I? What is my life? Is it what I want it to be? How do I make it what I want it to be? What are my real values? And some people are like, "Am I human? I always thought I was, but maybe I was wrong." In one particular case, its like, "Yes, honey, you were wrong."

Is that Sookie? Is she part faerie? Can you tell me that?

I can tell you that Sookie is not 100 percent human. She is now aware of that.

After the white-light thing with Maryann.

Yes. She doesn't know what she is, but she knows that it's not totally human.

And people just love the story line with Sam and Andy and Jason. They're like, "Oh, they need their own spin- off show. Just put them on the road." Are Sam and Andy related at all?

They are not related; however, Andy is related to somebody in the show. He doesn't know it, but he'll be shocked when he finds out who it is.

Andy seems to be immune to Maryann's spells. Can you tell us why?

I would say he's been immune up until this point.

Ok. And Godric, is he really dead?

He is really dead.

That was such a tender scene at the end of "I Will Rise Up" between Godric and Eric and Sookie.

Yes, I loved that scene. However, Godric and Eric have a thousand years of flashback territory to be mined.

People haven't really been liking the Maryann storyline. What's your reaction to that?

I'm baffled because I think she's a fantastic character and a fantastic actress. I also know a lot of people who really love her. I think people are impatient, you know what I mean? When her story pays off, it is really, really gratifying.

Will she be in season three?

Maryann is not going to be in season three.

Alan Ball of True Blood: The TV Squad Interview - full transcript

Here's the full transcript of the interview I conducted with True Blood creator Alan Ball (comments can be left under the edited version):

I asked my TV Squad readers what they wanted me to ask you, and one of their main questions involves the books. Some feel the show doesn't follow the books closely enough. Your thoughts on that?

I think a book and a television show are two different mediums. If I were to follow the books, it would be all about Sookie, because Sookie narrates the story, and the other characters would rarely even show up. Jason would come into the bar and hug her in an attempt to make people think he loves his sister so he can pick somebody up. Tara wouldn't even have existed until this season, and she'd be white. Lafayette would be dead.

So all I can say to those people is, it's based on the books, but it's not a literal adaptation of the books. I'm doing what I think is the best way to turn that story into a television show. Also, if I just stuck to the books, there would be no surprises. You could go pick up the books anywhere and know exactly what was coming. So personally, I don't see any benefit of making a carbon copy of the books for TV.

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Ryan Kwanten takes fame with ‘a grain of salt’


‘True Blood’ star says, ‘I have a long way to go with my acting’
HBO’s “True Blood” went from cult favorite to bona fide hit in its second season and one of the reasons had nothing to do with vampires.

Australian actor Ryan Kwanten has become one of the breakout stars on the series, playing Sookie Stackhouse’s brother Jason, a muscled-up Southern boy known more for his bedroom acrobatics than his cerebral skills.

In the last few episodes leading up to Sunday’s season finale, Jason’s gone from vampire hater to breaking out his brawn for good.

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Rutina Wesley hopes her 'True Blood' role is a stepping stone for other black actresses

From Los Angeles Times

HBO's "True Blood" has had more than its share of frightening moments this season, but the fan frenzy surrounding the cast of the vampire drama can also be a bit scary, as Rutina Wesley has discovered.

For instance, there was the devotee at the cast's Comic-Con autograph session who wanted to "bite" Wesley, who plays the sharp-tongued bartender Tara Thornton, in the neck for a picture. Or the fan from Louisville, Ky., who almost collapsed into a quivering heap when she finally encountered Wesley at the San Diego event.

Then there are all the "True Blood" fans who spot her in markets or on the street who call her Tara ("People think I'm her") and the Web message boards that she can't keep away from despite warnings: "My husband yells at me to stop reading them. It drives me crazy. People can be really mean -- they say the most vicious things."

But despite those unsettling vibes from "True Blood" loyalists, the classically trained Wesley, who studied at Juilliard, is on "top of the world," simultaneously enjoying artistic satisfaction and popularity.

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'True Blood''s Pam, Kristin Bauer, talks meeting her maker (and Alexander Skarsgard)

From EW

SPOILER ALERT! Pam will not get to avenge those great Betsey Johnson pumps she ruined tracking the creature that turned out to be meanad Maryann in Sunday night’s season finale of True Blood (HBO, 9 p.m. ET). Pam won’t even be in the episode because apparently, vampires don’t know how to close a bar for the night. It’s a wrong that can only be righted by Kristin Bauer, the scene-stealer who plays the loyal business partner, henchman, and hair stylist to Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric, receiving serious screen time in Season 3 — and, of course, doing a marathon interview with EW in which she answers most of the 96 questions our glamoured PopWatch readers recently submitted for her. Here, Bauer — who TV devotees might also remember as Man Hands on Seinfeld, the woman still nursing her 8-year-old at work on Desperate Housewives, the woman who sued her plastic surgeon for injecting his own ass fat into her lips on Boston Legal, Ray’s first kiss on Everybody Loves Raymond, and Jack’s ex-wife Allie on Just Shoot Me! — shares the stories of how Pam met Eric, how she met Skarsgard, and much, much more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It’s not fair that we won’t see Pam in the finale!
KRISTIN BAUER: It’s not fair! I’ve been asking fans to tell me what happens in the next books because I’ve been holding off on reading them ’cause I’m a fan of the show, too, and it’s more exciting if the scripts come and I don’t know what happens. I keep asking them, “What does Pam do next year?” I have no idea what Alan Ball is gonna do. None of us do. I talked to Alexander this week: “Do you have any idea about Season 3?” He said, “Nothing.”

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Alexander Skarsgard Is a Neck Man: Why the 'True Blood' hunk has TV's hottest set of fangs.

From Newsweek

The only Swedish import that ever stole my heart was IKEA. OK, maybe a Volvo. But then along came Alexander Skarsgard, the vampire bad boy with a true (though a non-beating) heart in HBO's True Blood. Skarsgard plays Eric Northman, the 1,000-year-old Viking sheriff of the undead, but he might as well be named Vampire McSteamy. Do we blame Anna Paquin for secretly fantasizing about him when the sun goes down? That smoldering face. That surfer-boy hair. Those chiseled cheekbones.

There are thousands, maybe millions, of women out there who are smitten with Alex (as I like to call him). He also charms the pants off men, like his costar Nelsan Ellis. "He's very humble, extremely talented, and so freaking Mount Olympus good-looking that sometimes I just want to be him," says Ellis, who plays another True Blood fan favorite, Lafayette, a gay, cross-dressing, short-order cook. "But, I want to say, 'Brother, please don't stand next to me.' " In that case, Alex, could you stand next to me instead?

Skargard's take on Eric is a little bit Gordon Gekko from Wall Street (he's so mean) mixed with a little Mr. Darcy (he's so misunderstood). His character lurked in the shadows in season one—"I was a glorified extra," he says—but he's quickly become a pivotal part of the show. Eric is the hunk trying to woo away Sookie (Paquin) from her vampiric main squeeze (Stephen Moyer), in a love triangle inspired by the Charlaine Harris books, that could get extra heated in the show's season finale this weekend. As True Blood has become HBO's biggest hit since The Sopranos, averaging about 5 million viewers a week, Skarsgard is the vampire of the hour. Paquin might have won the Golden Globe, but Skarsgard won over the blogosphere. "The real truth is, I was in Europe when season two started, and I had no idea how big the thing had gotten," Skarsgard says. "I landed in L.A., went to Comic-Con and it was absolutely crazy.

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Go Ask Dallas: In that creepy kitchen sink what's the man in the sink holding ?

Hey Dallas,

I love my "daily Dallas"! Okay here is a question.

In the last episode when Sookie walked into her kitchen after that uncomfortable scene with Jane Bodehouse, there was a man in her sink and he was playing with something..not sure what but i had some weird ideas. What the hell was that?

thanks Dallas!

Hey flgirl,

I have to credit this answer to my friend and Blogtalk radio co- host the Twitter Sookie, @SookieBonTemps. On last week's show, she said that the man in the sink is playing with entrails and that they hanen't been able to tell if it's supposed to be human or animal. Yuck, but it was the best scary scene in all Season 2!

See for yourself....

True Blood stars and the movies: True Blood’s Sam Trammell Cast in The Details

I'm glad Screen Crave remembered to note that Sam Trammell was nominated for a Tony for 'Ahh Wilderness' ( that's a big thing!)

Yes to Alien vs. Predator: Requiem and if you'd like to know 40 other movies that True Blood stars have been in check out True Blood Goes to the Movies Here

Stars of the HBO series True Blood have been getting a lot of work recently. First Deborah Ann Woll, then Stephen Moyer, and now Sam Trammell has got a film gig. If you’re not an avid viewer of the show, Trammell’s character is a shape shifting bar owner. It sounds weird off the cuff, but in their world it’s normal. According to Empire, his next role will have him starring opposite Laura Linney, Tobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks in the indie comedy The Details.

The story for The Details centers on modern relationships and “a couple’s disagreement over how to handle a raccoon infestation.” It is entirely too easy to make a joke about Sam transforming into an animal to help them out with this situation. Originally James McAvoy and Anna Friel were in talks to star in the film, but both actors dropped out. Trammell has apparently filled in for McAvoy’s role.

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Sam and Alien here

True Blood S2 Episode 11 Subtitles "Frenzy"

True Blood Season 2 Ep 11 Subtitles

Sam Trammell will be at EyeCon in Orlando Nov 13-15th

EyeCon is a fan-friendly multi-genre celebrity autograph convention for science fiction, horror, television and movie fans!

There will be Celebrity Autograph sessions, Celebrity Photo Op sessions, a Celebrity Banquet, a Cocktail Party with the stars, Panels, Games, Guitar Hero, Celebrity Breakfast auctions and so much more!
There will always be something to do during the busy, fun-packed weekend!

Sam Trammell who plays the shapeshifter "Sam Merlotte", has been confirmed to appear at EyeCon! Nov 13-15th

Vampire Eric, Steve, Sam And Charlaine Harris Say Bye-Bye True Blood

From Meredith at i09

We've been holding onto these interviews we snagged for the momentous True Blood finale. Find out why Steve and Jason were so handsy, Eric raises an eye and talks wigs and Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris blushes about sex.

Enjoy seeing Vampire Eric as a REAL PERSON? I know, so jarring. But take a little time out with the creators before we cross the river of bloody vampire tears into this weekend and watch our final True Blood for months.

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Go Ask Dallas .. ask away !

This is my favorite column to write for the blog !

I haven't had a "Go Ask Dallas " question in a while.

Does anyone have a burning question about TB or the Sookie books that I could try to solve ?

Post question to comments or email me: Email: "Dallas" @ True Blood in Dallas

True Blood Goes to the Movies: Bernard and Doris starring Chris "Andy Bellefluer" Bauer

Tobacco heiress and horticulturist Doris Duke hires Bernard Lafferty, an Irish butler (and former household staff to Liz Taylor and to Peggy Lee) to manage her New Jersey home. As time passes they grow close and he begins to travel with her. His role in her life expands and their relationship becomes emotionally close if somewhat dysfunctional. Her lawyers question his motives, but he is loyal and refuses their payoff. In her long absences he is given control over her estates. His alcoholism returns, hindering his performance and she sends him to rehab at her own expense. Alone, she has a stroke and he returns to nurse her. She dies and names him executor of her personal estate; he is subject to many accusations. He dies three years later, leaving all he has to the Doris Duke foundation.


Susan Sarandon ... Doris Duke
Ralph Fiennes ... Bernard Lafferty
Peter Asher ... First Butler
Don Harvey ... Security Guard
Chris Bauer ... Chef
Monique Gabriela Curnen ... Paloma Marilyn Torres ... Nancy
Nick Rolfe ... Ben James Rebhorn ... Waldo Taft

Exclusive: Charlaine Harris Talks ‘True Blood’


Charlaine Harris who? You may not think you know her, but if it wasn’t for Charlaine Harris and her creation of Sookie Stackhouse, we wouldn’t have HBO’s True Blood. Charlaine sat down with us at Dragon*Con in Atlanta,GA this past weekend to answer a few questions that we were dying to know.

“Well of course, Sookie is my favorite,” Charlaine told us when we asked her favorite character, but she quickly added, “I like writing all of them because they’re all part of me.”

When asked who her favorite character was other than Sookie, she replied gleefully that it was Amelia Broadway and Vampire Pam played by Kristin Bauer. Amelia Broadway is a novice witch in the Sookie Stackhouse novels that has yet to be introduced on True Blood. So when can viewers see this character on True Blood? Well, that’s not a definite yet.

As Charlaine explained, HBO’s Alan Ball is initially aiming to shoot one Sookie Stackhouse novel per HBO Season. “That was the basic plan,” she said. “But he has said that eventually the show will take on a life of its own.” Alan Ball explained to her that because Sookie wouldn’t be able to carry the entire series on her own, other characters would have to become more developed. Hence Lafayette not being killed in season one, even though he was killed in the first novel Dead Until Dark. This also explains why the character Jessica Hamby played by Deborah Ann Woll was created and why Tara Thorton played by Rutina Wesley has become a main character in the True Blood series.

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Stuff to buy: 'Touch of Dead' the Sookie Stackhouse short story collection

Pre-Order today ! Amazon ship date is Oct 6th

I still have people ask me if this is Sookie #10 and they don't understand how important the Secret Sookie Stackhouse Short Stories really are ..

What I always says is' You won't believe what you don't know about the Sookie Stackhouse universe if you haven't read the short stories.'

Stories include "Fairy Dust," "One Word Answer," "Dracula Night," "Lucky," and "Giftwrap."

If you want to know about the other short stories and why they ARE NOT in this anthology go HERE

Sookie time line -when you should read which short story HERE

Read about why the short stories are so important HERE

Buy it here ...

True Blood Recipe: Hor d'oeuvre Cracker Tree with meat or brie

True Blood Finale Parties

O.K. how about making a Cracker Meat Tree and and covering the crackers with various kind of shaved meats ?

Or you could make Sookie's favorite Hor d'oeuvre: Crackers with warm brie and apricot jam mixed with hot peppers.

from Book 8 : from Dead to Worse

I served the wine and added it to the tray with our hors d’oeuvres: crackers, a warm Brie spread, and apricot jam mixed with hot peppers. We had some cute little knives that looked good with the tray, and Amelia had gotten cocktail napkins for the drinks.

Post what you are serving for your TB Finale dinner.
True Blood Trivia : Who does Sookie serve the crackers to ?

True Blood S2 Episode 10 Subtitles "New world in my View "

True Blood Season 2 Ep 10 Subtitles

'True Blood' star signs for 'Details'

True Blood star Sam Trammell has signed up to star alongside Tobey Maguire in The Details, reports Variety.

Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney and Ray Liotta have previously been confirmed for the dark comedy.

Jacob Estes is directing the project, which will follow a couple (Maguire and Banks) who find raccoons living in their back garden. Disagreements about how to tackle the problem set off an escalating chain of events that leads to murder by bow and arrow.

Maguire replaced James McAvoy in the project, which has already begun shooting in Seattle.

Trammell's big screen credits include Undermind, Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem and Autumn in New York.

True Blood’s Sam Trammell Talks Shape-Shifting Nude Scenes

People Magazine

As True Blood’s Sam Merlotte, the shape-shifting owner of Bon Temps’s favorite bar, Sam Trammell has seen some pretty shady characters walk through the door. First, there were the vampires. Now, even his regular customers are out of control. Of course, they’re under the power of angry maenad Maryann, who’s out to sacrifice him. With the finale of season 2 of True Blood airing Sunday on HBO, Trammell spoke to PEOPLE about working with Anna Paquin, his frequent nude scenes and what’s in store for the final episode. “There’s somebody that’s in major, big, big trouble,” he says. –Aaron Parsley

What does Maryann have against your character?
She needs Sam [Merlotte] for her own personal spiritual satisfaction. There’s also a resentment that she has towards him and this idea that she actually had me at one point and I got away from her and I stole some stuff from her. I’m an annoyance to her and I’m something she can’t control.

How has life changed since True Blood took off?
Towards the end of the first season, I definitely started getting recognized a little bit here and there … but this season it’s every single day and it’s really cool. People are just really passionate. They’re like, “I love the show,” or “I love your character.” It feels so good.

Were you familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse books?
I was not familiar with them at all … I’d heard about this vampire show and it was set in Louisiana and I just thought that’d be perfect for me because I’m originally from Louisiana. And certainly know that rural world pretty well having lived also in West Virginia.

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Women hold the power on ‘True Blood,’ ‘Hung’

from Boston Globe

Summer TV has been quite the trip, largely thanks to a particular maenad and her shivery, incantatory fits. Featured in the second season of HBO’s “True Blood,’’ Maryann Forrester has brought all kinds of wicked primal energy to the screen. Her name may put you in mind of “Gilligan’s Island’’ and a pair of pigtails, but she is more of a maniacal Mary Poppins, dropped into the town of Bon Temps to make life a very jolly holiday indeed.

Played with awesome hauteur by Michelle Forbes, who deserves lots of awards love for this role, Maryann is the queen of every scene she’s in. Whether she’s feeding heart pot pie to her minions or casually shrugging off the death of her manservant, she is creepy, campy, forceful, and irresistible. Alongside the Michigan women of “Hung,’’ who have found liberation with a male escort named Ray, Maryann has helped create a group portrait of women accessing power by shredding inhibition. It’s HBO Animus.

As “True Blood’’ and “Hung’’ wrap for the season on Sunday night, at 9 and 10, respectively, they provide a provocative yin to the sexist yang that is “Entourage.’’

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: In The Closet by Michael Jackson

Clutch your pearls, ladies !

In The Closet by Michael Jackson LYRICS

Thanks, TwilighWhore