Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Make a Jason Stackhouse Halloween Costume

What ?? Heineken ?? You'd get your ass kicked if you showed up with that ...Budweiser probabl.

Halloween’s just around the corner, but you still don’t have a True Blood-inspired costume!
Don’t panic, we have the perfect lazy-person solution: Style yourself like Jason Stackhouse!

All you need is a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a Bon Temps football shirt! Add a football, a Sloppy Joe and a six-pack of brewskis and you’re good to go, bro.

Alexander Skarsgård: The 'Melancholia' Star on Why He's Excited to Get Back to 'True Blood'

Alexander Skarsgård is exhausted. The night before our meeting at New York’s Crosby Street Hotel, he attended a screening for his latest film, Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, which led into a late-night after-party at the Jane. “I’m so hungover,” he says, slouching so deep into a plush armchair that’s almost lying on his back. It’s been a while since the 35-year-old Swedish actor has been allowed to let loose. Since wrapping production on the fourth season of True Blood this summer, he’s filmed two back-to-back movies: What Maisie Knew, a relationship drama costarring Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan, and Disconnect, an ensemble tech-thriller in which he plays Paula Patton’s roving husband.
In the next two days, he’ll fly to Stockholm for a week of rest, and then to Louisiana to start production on The East with Brit Marling, Ellen Page, and Patricia Clarkson. When that wraps, he’ll head straight back into the sexy, sordid world of exsanguination as Eric Northman, television’s most magnetic vampire.

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