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Blood Copy : Mysteries Abound

We are revisiting the Blood Copy videos which were part of the HBO true Blood viral marketing campaign that helped introduce the True Blood television series in the summer of 2008. We will be doing a radio show on this topic soon.
Previously we have see the mysterious packages were being received, the gatekeeper awakened on a mysterious website, .... HERE

The blog and videos not only were a marketing ploy but they also served as a prologue to the series ...

Here is the blog entry for that time period

From Blood Copy - first posts Friday May 22 nd 2008

Wow, where to start? Lots of activity today. I think we’re well on the way of getting to the bottom of this thing

First, there’s JC Hutchins, he posted an excellent video of one of the mysterious letters.

Then the guys over at Cactus Pix posted that they had got one as well. Other ones that came in to help included Dread Central, Death Walks the Streets and Vic at Screen Rants. (Hey if I left you out, blame Roger)

A then a lot of hot, sweaty, puzzle solving action happened over at the Unforums

Jedediah figured out the red seal sigils were letters and uncoded them. Then sapagoo put it all together and got the URL,

So here we sit, 21 minutes to go. Who…or what is going to be on the screen?

More news as it comes in!

Party Down with True Blood's Lizzy Caplan

there is more with Amy ...

IGN: I wanted to ask you about True Blood. Writing for a TV site, it quickly becomes obvious how passionate some of the fans of that show are.

Caplan: Totally.

IGN: Have you had any rabid True Blood fans come up to you?

Caplan: Yeah, I've gotten more of that for True Blood than anything else I've ever done, combined. Which is great, because there's something about sci-fi fans and fantasy fans… Because I experienced it a little bit from doing Cloverfield too. They're just generally kinder and more accepting and nicer and really love what you're doing. As opposed to trying to pick you apart for it. And True Blood, I'm definitely a fan of that show, so the fact that people like it is really cool.

IGN: Did you know when you got the part what her ultimate fate was going to be?

Caplan: I did. I knew the whole thing from the get go. But I didn't know it was going to be such a fun thing to shoot, so it ended up being sad having to leave.

IGN: Unlike some other shows, when someone dies on a show like True Blood, it seems there is always a window for them to be seen again, whether via flashbacks, dreams or a supernatural way. Is that something you'd be up for?

Caplan: Alan [Ball] had sort of mentioned something. I never hold my breath for that type of thing. I would go back in a second. But it's funny, because my character – it seemed like a lot of fans really detested that character, because she was so hateful and sociopathic, so I don't know how eager people are to have her come back. [Laughs]

IGN: But if the opportunity was there…

Caplan: I'll do it! It was a blast.

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Vampire Health Magazine

I have no idea who is making these ..if you know let me know and i will credit. Ha!

Women and Their Love for Vampires

February 28, 2009 by Sarah Wood

No More Vampires Hunting Women - Women Are Now Hunting Vampires!
Each year we see new trends appear that people can't get enough of . One year it was "Pink is the new black!" , another year "less is more". The last couple of years it has been "Fanged and Fantastic!" Why the attraction to Vampires all the sudden? These other worldly beings just so
happen to know what makes a woman tick.

Surveying the latest on air content of vampires, there is one common thread throughout them all. These vampires love intently and are fiercely protective. They all have obscene amounts of money accruing from years of investments and inventions. How could a woman not fall in love with a man who loved her with more passion than she had ever experienced? What woman would turn away protection that was at her finger tips through just one thought?

Bill Compton was my introduction into the world of vampires.

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Video dedication to Loving True Blood in Dallas !

Thanks so much to Sparkley Edward for dedicating one of her wonderful videos to Loving True Blood in Dallas blog..

Wow and this is an amazing one...

Now, please someone make me a Bill /Sookie video so I don't get accused of playing favors....Thanks again Yumi!

Things I've learned while watching True Blood (8)

I learned that Miss Jeanette gives mumbo jumbo a bad name.

I learned that Hoyt Fortenberry can stand up to his mother even if what he says doesn't make much sense.

I learned that naked Sam looks pretty good from the back.

Nesting vampires have plastic on their sofas.

Vampires can be pretty handy in renovating old houses

I learned that Bon Temps is the only place on earth where you can drive around in a 1976 AMC Gremlin and still not be embarrassed to show your face in public.

I learned that shapeshifters don't have a newsletter.

Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea V : Wicca and Wiccans

"Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea " that's a very familiar exclamation to readers of the Sookie Stackhouse books and I decided to take a closer look at churches, religion, the Bible and prayer in the Sookie books.

*Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea Part I : Sookie and faith

*Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea Part II: The Bible

*Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea Part III: Prayer

*Jesus Christ, Shepherd of Judea Part IV: Eric and Religion

We have a number of references in the books to Wicca and Wiccans.

Dead to the World, Bk4
"Oh, gosh, no, not me. I'm a Catholic. But I have some friends who are Wiccan. Some of them are witches."
"Oh, really?" I didn't think I'd ever heard the word Wiccan before, though maybe I'd read it in a mystery or romance novel. "I'm sorry, I don't know what that means," I said, my voice humble.
"Holly can explain it better than I can," Tara said.
"Holly. The Holly who works with me?"
"Sure. Or you could go to Danielle, though she's not going to be as willing to talk. Holly and Danielle are in the same coven."
I was so shocked by now I might as well get even more stunned. "Coven," I repeated.
"You know, a group of pagans who worship together."
"I thought a coven had to be witches?"

Our little town of Bon Temps had stretched its gates open wide enough to tolerate vampires, and gay people didn't have a very hard time of it anymore (kind of depending on how they expressed their sexual preference). However, I thought the gates might snap shut for Wiccans.

"You're a witch?" I said, embarrassed at using such a dramatic word.
"I'm more of a Wiccan."
"Would you mind explaining the difference?" I met her eyes briefly, and then decided to focus on the dried flowers in the basket on top of the television. Holly thought I could read her mind only if I was looking into her eyes. (Like physical touching, eye contact does make the reading easier, but it certainly isn't necessary.) "I guess not." Her voice was slow, as if she were thinking as she spoke.
"You're not one to spread gossip."
"Whatever you tell me, I won't share with anyone." I met her eyes again, briefly.
"Okay," she said. "Well, if you're a witch, of course, you practice magic rituals."
She was using "you" in the general sense, I thought, because saying "I"
would mean too bold a confession.
"You draw from a power that most people never tap into. Being a witch isn't being wicked, or at least it isn't supposed to be. If you're a Wiccan, you follow a religion, a pagan religion. We follow the ways of the Mother, and we have our own calendar of holy days. You can be both a Wiccan and a witch; or more one, or more the other. It's very individualized. I practice a little witchcraft, but I'm more interested in the Wiccan life. We believe that your actions are okay if you don't hurt anyone else."
Oddly, my first feeling was one of embarrassment, when I heard Holly tell me that she was a non-Christian. I'd never met anyone who didn't at least pretend to be a Christian or who didn't give lip service to the basic Christian precepts. I was pretty sure there was a synagogue in Shreveport, but I'd never even met a Jew, to the best of my knowledge. I was certainly on a learning curve.

Definitely Dead Bk 6
"And I'll need real witches," Amelia said. "Quality workers, not some hedgerow Wiccan." Amelia went off on Wiccans for a good long while. She despised Wiccans (unfairly) as tree-hugging wannabes-that came out of Amelia's thoughts clearly enough. I regretted Amelia's prejudice, as I'd met some impressive Wiccans.

All Together Dead , Bk 7
But after I'd introduced the two and they'd had some conversations, Amelia had told me glumly that she and Holly were very different sorts of witches. Amelia herself was (she considered) a true witch, while Holly was a Wiccan. Amelia had a thinly veiled contempt for the Wiccan faith. Once or twice, Amelia had met with Holly's coven, partly to keep her hand in.and partly because Amelia yearned for the company of other practitioners.

Bon Temps : Who lives here ?

Home is where the heart is...who lives these places ?

and here -Email me with your guess Email: True Blood in Dallas

True Blood Season 2 Ep 3 'Scratch My Back ' on IMDb

True Blood Season 2 on IMDb

So far this is what they have on this True Blood Season Two: Episode Three "Scratch My Back "

I was tickled pink to read in a recent interview with Alan Ball that they are on purpose planting misinformation about True Blood Season 2.

I think that is terrific and it will keep us all on our toes and NONE of us will ever for sure know until we are seeing that episode with our own eyes ...

This is what I have on Episode three who knows if any of it is correct or maybe just part of it is correct! Either way it sure is fun.

"True Blood" Scratch My Back (2009)

Directed by Scott Winant
(Scott also directed these episodes of True Blood in Season OneI Don't Wanna Know (2008) and The First Taste (2008) )

Written by Raelle Tucker
(Raelle was also the writer of these episodes of True Blood in Season One - You'll Be the Death of Me (2008) TV episode and Cold Ground (2008) TV episode )

Writing credits Alan Ball (creator)
Charlaine Harris (novels)

Episode Cast (in credits order)

Stephen Moyer ... Bill Compton
Sam Trammell ... Sam Merlotte
Ryan Kwanten ... Jason Stackhouse
Rutina Wesley ... Tara Thornton

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Court Dickert ... Mall Shopper
Ashley Jones ... Daphne
Anna Paquin ... Sookie Stackhouse

Episode Crew
Produced by Alan Ball .... executive producer
Special Effects by Michael Gaspar .... special effects supervisor
Jessica Harbeck .... stunt creature: Minaed
Heidi Pascoe .... stunt double: Anna Paquin
Ann Scott .... stunt double

Camera and Electrical Department
Simon Jayes .... camera operator: "a" camera
Simon Jayes .... steadicam operator

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Lorie Shew .... costumer

Transportation Department
Rich Bennetti .... transportation captain
Paul Tumber .... transportation

Other crew
Marc Garcia .... key medic

Series Cast

Brendan Patrick Connor ... Man with Beer
Ken Kobus ... Man at Bar
David Lewis ... Teenage Boy
Jessica Stroup ... Sorority Girl

Series Crew

Writing credits(in alphabetical order)
Alan Ball creator

Production Management
Bill Johnson .... production manager (2007)

Visual Effects by
Kristen Branan .... head of production: Zoic Studios (2007)
Steven Meyer .... compositing supervisor (2007-2009)

Casting Department
Anne Massey .... casting: New Orleans (2007)

Music Department
Alyson Vidoli .... music coordinator (2007)

Transportation Department
Beverly Reeves .... driver (2007) (uncredited)

True Blood Goes to the Movies: Uprising starring Stephen Moyer


3hrs 30min
Genre: War
Release: 2001
Director:Jon Avnet

Leelee Sobieski Tosia Altman
Hank Azaria Mordechai Anielewicz
David Schwimmer Yitzhak Zuckerman
Jon Voight General Stroop
Donald Sutherland Adam Czneriakow
Cary Elwes Fritz Hippler
Stephen Moyer Kazik, Simha 'Kazik' Rotem
Sadie Frost Zivia
Radha Mitchell Mira

Uprising is based on the true story of the Jewish Fighting Organization, a courageous band of youthful Polish guerrillas and freedom fighters who refused to knuckle under to the Nazis during World War II. Led by schoolteacher Mordechai Anielewicz (Hank Azaria), the organization comes into being as the Warsaw Jewish ghetto is being systemically decimated and shipped off to the Treblinka death camp by the German occupational forces. From April 19 to May 16, 1943, Anielewicz' followers staged a valiant uprising, which -- though ultimately unsuccessful in stopping the Nazi "final solution" juggernaut -- inflicted an enormous amount of damage upon the enemy and enabled hundreds of Polish Jews to escape the gas ovens and crematoriums. Much of the story is based upon the eyewitness testimony of surviving freedom fighter Simha "Kazik" Rotem, portrayed in the film by Stephen Moyer. Director Jon Avnet brilliantly combines newly filmed scenes with digitally refashioned archival footage of the actual uprising. Filmed in Bratisla, Slovakia, and boasting an all-star cast, Uprising was shown in two-hour installments on November 4 and 5, 2001, over the NBC network. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Thinking of you by ATC

Thinking of you by ATC LYRICS