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@SookieBonTemps tells us what we'd 'really' find in Sookies 's purse

our friend the Twitter Sookie, @SookieBonTemps has really worked on my question (originally posed by Charlaine) 'What would we find in Sookies 's purse?'
This is great answer...

Loving True Blood in Dallas posed this question on her blog last week. Dallas got an interesting array of answers from both blog readers and tweeters ranging from a condom (God knows why, since Sookie isn’t currently sleeping with anyone who’s going to get her pregnant) to lipgloss.

The question was asked in response to a comment Charlaine Harris made about going through the age-old exercise of thinking about what’s in a character’s purse, on her bookshelf, in her nightstand drawer, etc. in order to get a more intimate sense of who that person was.

Here’s what I think is in Sookie’s purse:

1) Picture of her and Jason with Gran. It’s a childhood photo, not a recent one, that she keeps in her wallet. I’m guessing that the wallet is leather, but it’s not an expensive one. The wallet is probably three or four years old with faded corners and it’s probably been scratched more than a few times by Sookie’s car keys. She’s had this wallet since she replaced the last one.

The photo is kept in one of those little plastic photosleeves that wallets come with — at this point the plastic is probably a little yellowed. The picture itself is probably faded and dog-eared at the edges because she looks at it from time to time and it’s survived being transferred from wallet to wallet.

2) Old address book. While she’s gotten around to getting a cellphone, she still carries her address book out of habit. After all, Sookie probably inputted in new numbers into the phone when they were being told to her, but the older numbers are still in the book. If you flip through the pages, addresses are crossed or whited out and re-written.

The address book may be old, but it’s not full — she’s kept in close contact with only a few people her entire life and she probably has their information committed to memory.

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True Blood BloodCopy: Reader-Submitted Vampire Erotica

In our mailbag a couple of days ago we received a link to a short film made by a Bloodcopy reader Ben Coello. So we watched it, and we think you should too.

Coello, a human, describes Want as "a dark and erotic short film about a pair of vampire lovers struggling to survive in an unfriendly world." Based on a short comic of the same name by Wendy Snow-Lang, it's a sexy, blue-lit, vampire love story starring Ewa Da Cruz—a woman who is so stunningly gorgeous that she could make any vampire-hater want to be turned.

Of course a few major details were missed, like the fact that real vampires wouldn't (couldn't) ever tool around in their cars in broad daylight, but it's worth a look.

Watch the entire film here. It borders on NSFW, so wait until dark. Or at least until you get home from work.

Thanks, Ben...


True Blood's Anna Paquin Talks X-Men Future

Rogue chats with IGN about a return to the franchise.

June 2, 2009 - IGN chatted with True Blood star Anna Paquin this morning, during which time we had the chance to ask her about the possibility of returning to the X-Men franchise. The Oscar-winning actress played Rogue in the first three X-Men films.

When it was announced that Josh Schwartz was writing X-Men: First Class, Variety said that the movie would likely "enlist such characters as Iceman, Rogue, Angel, Colossus, Jubilee and Shadowcat."

So would Paquin be up for playing Rogue again? "Absolutely. Yeah," she told us. "I would hope I could do a little bit more action next time, though. I kind of find it ironic that I did three big action films and did, actually, no action whatsoever. I mean I got some really amazing emotional story moments, but I didn't really get to do the physical stuff."

She continued, "You know, as much as I loved doing those films I was kind of like, 'OK, so when do I get to beat someone up? When do I get to steal some powers?' You know Sookie [Paquin's True Blood character] gets to do more action than Rogue ever did. So I'm just putting that out there. More action please, for next time."


True Blood Season 2 Possible Title Song: Ep. 4 ' Shake and Fingerpop'

We have noticed that according to the HBO schedule Season 2 episode 4 (16) isn't any longer being called 'Let's Take a Trip together' it's now called 'Shake and Fingerpop'

So we'll look at what that means to what we think our episode title song will be ..

So far for Season 2 we have :
Episode 2.01 - Nothing but the Blood
Episode 2.02 - Keep this Party Going
Episode 2.03 - Changed to Scratches from Scratch My Back
Episode 2.04 - Changed to Shake and Fingerpop from Let's Take a Trip Together
Episode 2.05 - Never let me go
Episode 2.06 - Friend is a Four Letter Word
Episode 2.07 - Release me
Episode 2.08 - Timebomb
Episode 2.09 - I will rise up
Episode 2.10 - New World In My View

All we know about Season 2 spoilers, casting calls etc. can be found here
All Season 2 videos ( including my great slide shows) here

We know that Alan Ball and the amazing Gary Calamar put great effort into musically curating True Blood !

Episode 2.04 title was called 'Let's Take a Trip Together' and now it's called 'Shake And Fingerpop' that has to be the song by Junior Walker.

Junior Walker was born in Blytheville, Arkansas and grew up in South Bend, Indiana. His saxophone style was the anchor for the band's overall sound.
The other original members of the group were drummer Tony Washington, guitarist Willie Woods, and keyboardist Vic Thomas.
His career started when he developed his own band at the age of 14, in the mid 1950s as the 'Jumping Jacks'. His longtime friend Billy Nix (drummer) started his own group the 'Rhythm Rockers.' Periodically Nix would sit in on Jumping Jack's shows, and Walker would sit in on the Rhythm Rockers shows.

"Shake And Fingerpop" was released in 1965


Said put on your wig, woman
We're goin out to shake and fingerpop! Hey, baby!
I said put on your wig, woman
Goin out to shake and fingerpop! Hey, girl!

Were gonna get out on the floor, now
Dance like we never did before, right on, sugar!

I said, look at the people, find a place in line Doin the barracuda, the jerk and the twine Kick off your shoes baby and get in the groove Cause when you hear the music, you feet has got to move

I said, put on your wig, woman
Goin out to shake and fingerpop, thats what I said We gonna get out on the floor now Dance like we never did before, hey, hey!

I said, do the boomerang, the twine and the jerk They're jammin up the band now, so everybody work!

True Blood Season 2 Schedule and Episode title change

The 4th episode previously known as' Let's Take a Trip Together' is now called 'Shake and Fingerpop', which means I need to do a new title song I guess ;-)

Here is the nifty printable HBO schedule for June.

hbo_june09_ce hbo_june09_ce True Blood in Dallas

True Blood's Stephen Moyer to be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Stephen Moyer to be a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon June 10 2009

Set your TIVOs!


**Wednesday, June 10 – Show 0063 – Guests include John Krasinski, Stephen Moyer, Kudo Tsunoda, and musical guest Manchester Orchestra

First True Blood DVD Sales numbers released

TB DVD Sales info just released:
The DVD True Blood The Complete First Season has entered the DVD sales charts with a bang. In it’s first week after the release (May 19 - May 24) the DVD has been sold 515,877 times generating a cash flow of $17,018,782.

True Blood Bloodcopy: Vampire On Trial

Get this: A vampire is being prosecuted for a murder committed over 100 years ago. Law enforcement cobbled together some evidence etched in stone or something and formally arrested him just the other day.

Nice going. I'm sure the great-great-great-great grandchildren of the victim will finally feel some relief. (Shake of head implying this is ridiculous.)

Riddle me this: How are they going to assemble a jury of this vampire's peers? What if he's convicted? What are they going to do, lock him in a cell with silver bars for the rest of eternity? Vampires can't "live out" their sentences, folks, and there are ways of getting around silver bars.

Vampires have their owns system of justice. We prosecute and punish according to our own laws. Human courts shouldn't be able to try vampires and even if they do sentence this guy, I guarantee you he will be out in no time. He's got friends on the outside who will see to it.


True Blood BloodCopy: Real Vampires Don't Wear Capes

Looking like a vampire is, according to the LA Times, so hot right now.

Problem is, modern vampires look pretty much like anyone else. That's to say, we don't wear bat capes, top hats, or skull jewelry. Well some of us might, but it's not a requirement or anything.

Here's a few places you can outfit yourself. (Sites not sanctioned by actual vampires.)

The Lil Baby Vampire Pacifier might be the freakiest of all of the vampire "fashions." If you want to start your kid off right-and by right I mean on the path to being made a vampire-head to vampirefangs.com, fork over the $10 and call it a day. Or a night.

We don't wear vials of blood around our necks. But if for some reason you want to, they are available for around 20 bucks at vampirewear.com.

Carpetina Renaissance
For all of your cape and cloak needs.

What you might have missed from Loving True Blood in Dallas blog yesterday?

What you might have missed from Loving True Blood in Dallas blog yesterday.

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True Blood premiers in UK on Friday 17th July at 10pm exclusively on FX.

Local waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), knows how it feels to be an outcast. “Cursed” with the ability to listen in on people’s thoughts, she’s also open-minded about the integration of vampires - particularly when it comes to Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), a handsome 173-year-old living up the road. But as Sookie is drawn into a series of mysteries surrounding Bill’s arrival in Bon Temps, that tolerance will be put to the test.

True Blood is a supernatural drama based on the Sookie Stackhouse Mystery novels by author Charlaine Harris. It takes place in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, in the not too distant future, where vampires and humans uneasily coexist.

The show is dark, gritty, and very twisted! The UK premiere starts on Friday 17th July at 10pm exclusively on FX.


True Blood Fangtasia Craft challenge

This is the one group of True Blood fans that I've wanted to do a Blogtalk show on and haven't yet...
the True Blood Crafters ..

The craft challenge was:
Craft Portion: Create a project that screams “Fangtasia,“!
Comment Portion: Would you go there? What would you expect to see there? Let your imagination run wild! This is Fangtasia we are talking about here!

See more here

If you are part of a True Blood craft group I'd like to hear from you

Autographed Sookie Stackhouse book to winner of True Blood contest!

Congrats to Bluebugcutie for guessing the correct answers and she wins a autographed Sookie book! Answers:

LCW 8M2 = Jason

756 PBV = Tara
574 MXS = Sookie
938 RDX = Lafayette
Fangs 1 = Malcolm,
480 DBT = Sam

"The Impaler." a self-described vampire and one-time fringe candidate for Minnesota governor pleads guilty to harassment

He ran for governor on the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans party ( not kidding )

A last-minute guilty plea averted a trial for a self-described vampire and one-time fringe candidate for Minnesota governor.

Jonathon Sharkey, 45, pleaded guilty to two counts of gross-misdemeanor harassment in Olmsted District Court on Monday. Two other misdemeanor charges were dropped under an agreement with prosecutors. Sharkey's trial was to have begun on Wednesday.

His sentence, 180 days in jail, is considered satisfied Sharkey stayed in jail while awaiting trial but he will remain in custody pending extradition to Indiana, where he faces two felony charges.

Sharkey is being held under the n

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Wanna know how Anna maintains Sookie's perfect tan ?

Orange County Tan Mobile Airbrush Tanning

Anna Paquin requested South Seas ® for her golden glow during the True Blood Series. She was bronzed weekly by a South Seas Spray Technician. She loved not only her bronze look, but all the of scrubs, lotions, and after care products.

Orange County Tan is a mobile airbush tanning company located in San Clemente, California that exclusively uses the South Seas ® product line.

Orange County Tan is a mobile service that travels to any location that is convenient to its clientele. Most services are provided in the privacy of the customers own home.

The South Seas Product® is found in over 1200 salons, spas and resorts across US, Europe and Mexico. Voted “Best of the Best” by Allure two years in a row. See articles in Self, Les Nouvelles, and Spa Asia. You can also find the product in Shape, First and Sophisticated Hairstyles.

All the products used are paraben free and most are all natural; Airbrush Tanning is making waves in all of the top resorts. Fans known to use the airbrush tanning technique are Mariah Carey, J Lo, Jennifer Aniston and many others in Hollywood.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Kill With Me Tonight by the Devlins

Kill With Me Tonight by the Devlins LYRICS

Thanks, GhaniHwi